31 may. 2005

KODAK: Cinematography Calculate the film you need for your project!

KODAK: Cinematography: "Calculate the film you need for your project! "

Kodak confirm SLR/n and SLR/c discontinued: Digital Photography Review

Kodak confirm SLR/n and SLR/c discontinued: Digital Photography Review: "Kodak confirm SLR/n and SLR/c discontinued"

AgfaPhoto files for insolvency: Digital Photography Review

AgfaPhoto files for insolvency: Digital Photography Review: "Agfa-Gevaert on the insolvency filing of AgfaPhoto GmbH
Mortsel/Belgium, May 27, 2005 � Agfa-Gevaert announced today that it was informed of the insolvency filing by AgfaPhoto GmbH. Agfa-Gevaert is fully prepared to co-operate with the insolvency receiver once appointed and all parties concerned.
Effective November 2, 2004, Agfa-Gevaert sold its consumer imaging business to a group of investors in a management buy out/in. Since then the consumer imaging business has been operated through a group of companies under the name of AgfaPhoto. The AgfaPhoto group is a private group of companies owned by management, NannO Beteiligungsholding and a small number of financial investors.
Agfa-Gevaert provides AgfaPhoto group companies with distribution, order fulfillment, after sales and other services until the end of 2005.
In addition, at the time of the management buy out/in on November 2, 2004, Agfa-Gevaert granted a secured vendor loan for the full purchase price. Based on Agfa Gevaert's audited financial statement, the purchase price was set at 112 million Euros, which is still subject to an audit of the closing financials by the purchaser. The vendor loan is fully secured by a lease portfolio held by AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, the parent company of the AgfaPhoto group. AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH is not implicated in the insolvency filing of AgfaPhoto GmbH. Agfa-Gevaert therefore does not expect the insolvency filing by AgfaPhoto to have a material effect on Agfa-Gevaert.
Agfa-Gevaert regrets this development for AgfaPhoto GmbH but is hopeful, that in the interest of preserving the employment and the business operations of AgfaPhoto group, the current difficulties can be overcome and that AgfaPhoto GmbH recovers quickly."

AGFAPhoto en quiebra sigue cobrando victimas el boom de la fotografía digital entre conocidas marcas de la fotografía tradicional

Noticias R�pidas: "AgfaPhoto -v�ctima del 'boom' digital- se declara en quiebra

El boom digital sigue cobrando victimas entre conocidas marcas de la fotografía tradicional: En Alemania, despues de Leica, la sociedad AgfaPhoto, heredera de uno de los pioneros de fabricantes de películas en color, anunció que se declaraba en quiebra.

Agfa-Gevaert tuvo que ceder en noviembre de 2004 su tradicional actividad, la producción de rollos de películas y equipos de laboratorio, a un grupo de inversores por 175,5 millones de euros.

El grupo estaba afectado por un descenso en sus ventas, debido a la irrupción de la fotografía digital, en detrimento de la tradicional.

Otro histórico del sector, el prestigioso fabricante alemán de aparatos de foto Leica Camera, se enfrenta a una difiil situació económica

Leica Camera tuvo unas pédidas netas de 12,8 millones de euros en el ejercicio 2004-2005."

23 may. 2005

The State of Editing HDV

HDV@Work#2: "Read More The State of Editing HDV
Steve Mullen

As you made your away around the nonlinear editor booths at NAB, it´s very likely you were presented with marketing messages that promoted each company's ideal way of editing HDV.
The four techniques include draft, proxy, native, and digital intermediate. Let´s work our way through all these options. The use of FireWire and MiniDV tape makes it easy for folks to think of HDV as simply high-definition DV. There are, however, significant differences that make HDV editing very different from DV editing. There are three crucial differences. First, HDV uses inter-frame compression, while DV does not. Second, HDV audio is MPEG-1 Layer 2, not PCM. And third, the number of pixels is either 2.7X (1280x720) or 4.5X (1440x1080) the number of pixels employed by DV.
All these differences lead to the need for a huge amount of computation to accomplish editing. This need can be satisfied in several ways. One alternative breaks the task into less computationally intensive steps, which is the approach used by the draft, proxy, and digital intermediate solutions. "

17 may. 2005


SAN DIEGO, May 16, 2005 Sony today announced the world's smallest and lightest high definition consumer camcorder with full HD resolution based on HDV 1080i.
The ultra-compact HDR-HC1 Handycam camcorder fits comfortably in your hand, while delivering high-definition picture quality and lighting detail on both video and digital still images.
This camcorder's introduction is in response to the growing demand for HDTV. With more broadcasters transmitting high-definition content, the demand for HD has been steadily increasing. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Association estimates that nearly 15 million HDTV sets will be in US households by the end of 2005.
'As HDTV becomes more pervasive in American households, it is a natural progression to want to create personal content in high definition,' said Linda Vuolo, director for camcorder products at Sony Electronics. 'This introduction is a key step in bringing high-definition video recording to a broad cross-section of consumers. For about $2,000, there is now an easy-to-use solution.' "


New Model Features First Professional HD Application of Sony's CMOS-based Enhanced Imaging Processor Technology
PARK RIDGE, N.J., May 17, 2005 - Sony is expanding its lineup of HDV� products for professionals with the new HVR-A1U model, based on a 1/3-inch, 3-megapixel Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) imager.
Sony has improved upon the key attributes of traditional CMOS sensors with proprietary technology, and this innovative CMOS device is also accompanied by Sony's Enhanced Imaging Processor (EIP).
The EIP enables the high-speed processing required for capturing high-definition video images, and allows an HDV camcorder to record and playback high-quality still images. The first professional high-definition application of this enhanced imaging technology is in the HVR-A1U model. EIP technology is also at the core of a new consumer product counterpart, the Sony HDR-HC1 Handycam.
'The combination of a 3-megapixel CMOS sensor with our Enhanced Imaging Processor enables a camcorder to capture and process high-definition video and still images with unprecedented levels of gradation and detailed image reproduction,' said Bob Ott, vice president of professional video and audio products for Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Production Systems Division. 'Building on our long history of imager and camera development, we're now offering our customers yet another option to choose from among the many diverse HD acquisition tools in the Sony product family.'

JVC 3CCD PROHD Camcomcorder GY-HDV100U High Definition Camcorder 24p

JVC Professional List Price page: "


Suggested list price* for this model: $6,295.00

Price includes Fujinon 16:1 ProHD lens

* United States manufacturer's suggested list (subject to change without notice)"

Sony announced the HVR-A1U uses a 3-megapixel CMOS imager for High Definition

Government Video Online: AV Systems - New projectors offer features, smaller price tag: "Today, Sony announced the HVR-A1U, a new addition to its HDV camcorder family. Considered a sister camcorder to the HVR-Z1U that was announced late last year, the A1 is a smaller, more affordable model. Expected to ship this fall, the 1080i camcorder will have a list price less than $3,500.

Sony's new HVR-A1U uses a 3-megapixel CMOS imager.

While the Z1 resembles Sony´s PD170 workhorse, the new A1 looks similar to the PDX10. On the inside, however, the new camcorder uses a 1/3-inch, 3-megapixel CMOS imager and Sony´s 14-bit Enhanced Imaging Processor. CMOS technology helps eliminate image smear, runs at lower voltage, and consumes less power than conventional CCD-based processors. The EIP enables the high-speed processing required for capturing HD video images.
The A1 offers many of the same features as the HVR-Z1U, such as balanced audio, XLR inputs, Zeiss lens, and SMPTE time code. However, its smaller footprint makes this camcorder ideal for applications where space is at a premium or extreme mobility is required. In addition, the A1 allows users to take stills and save them on Memory Stick while recording video. (A consumer product counterpart, the Sony HDR-HC1 Handycam, could be available by late summer, but doesn´t have XLR inputs or time code.)
The native 16:9 camcorder can record and playback HDV, DVCAM, and DV content, with the ability to downconvert footage into SD (squeeze, crop, or letterbox). The camera doesn´t record in 24p but offers a 'CineFrame' recording mode. A 2.7-inch widescreen Hybrid LCD monitor and color/black-and-white selectable viewfinder are also included, both with center, safety, and 4:3 markers available. The camcorder will also features a new 'tele mac"

15 may. 2005

CMOS Sensors Eclipse CCD as Main Imaging Device

NE Asia Online 2005 May : CMOS Sensors Eclipse CCD as Main Imaging Device: "CMOS Sensors Eclipse CCD as Main Imaging Device

The capabilities of CMOS sensors are rapidly improving; they are quickly emerging as the most likely image pickup device to replace the CCD.
The interline-transfer (IT) charge-coupled device (CCD) imager, which has ruled supreme for so long, is at last giving way to a successful new challenger: the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) imager. Sony Corp of Japan, which has consistently been in the forefront of image sensor technology development, including the IT CCD and other imagers, is now seriously pushing its CMOS designs. A host of applications that have always used CCD imagers in the past are now switching over to CMOS."

13 may. 2005

Widescreen DV Website widescreen dv tell-all

bensyverson.com's widescreen dv tell-all
Informacion de Video Formato 16:9 y 2.35:1

Holographic Optical Recording Technology

Live from NAB: "Maxell Previews Holographic Optical Recording Technology
By Staff
May 10, 2005, 18:28

Maxell Corp. of America's Professional Media Products Division showcased its work in holographic optical recording technology at NAB. Developed in a joint venture by Maxell and InPhase Technologies, holographic recording technology utilizes a laser beam to form and store data in a number of 3D hologram images of data pages into the same location. Each location can hold hundreds of pages of data, and an entire 5-1/4-inch optical disc can store millions of pages. Each piece of optical media, which costs up to five times less than videotape, is capable of custom encryption.

The first generation of holographic media, with 30GB storage capacity and 160Mb/s transfer rate, is scheduled for release in late 2006."

12 may. 2005

Proyecto 48

TNT Latin America

TNT financia tu creatividad y te da la posibilidad de filmar

Llega a la Ciudad de México la tercera temporada del programa producido y
realizado por Cuatro Cabezas para TNT (Turner Network Televisión).

El programa se emite para 40 países a lo largo del continente pero se
realiza solo en 6: México, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia y Venezuela.

"Proyecto 48" es un espacio creado para descubrir y dar a conocer a jóvenes
realizadores, estudiantes de cine y a todos aquellos que se atrevan a
realizar un cortometraje en sólo 48 horas. Realizarlo, editarlo y entregarlo
cuando el tiempo termina.

Los ganadores tendrán que realizar el corto filmando en 16 mm y con un
presupuesto cercano a los 20 000 dólares. Para poder realizarlo tendrán que
liderar a un equipo técnico y artístico de profesionales del cine que se
pondrán a su entera disposición en cuanto el tiempo empiece a correr.

Para anotarte ingresá a www.tntla.com o enviá tus
datos (Nombre y Apellido, teléfonos y curriculums) y los de tu equipo a

La inscripción cierra el 15 de junio.
Durante la segunda quincena de junio se realizarán las primeras entrevistas.

11 may. 2005

Sentido Com�n - Negocios, Econom�a, Mercados

Sentido Com�n - Negocios, Econom�a, Mercados: "

Washington, 10 de mayo (Dow Jones/Bloomberg News) � Univision Communications revel� que su socio mexicano, Grupo Televisa, present� una demanda contra la televisora de habla hispana m�s grande de Estados Unidos por un supuesto incumplimiento al acuerdo de licencias que tienen las dos empresas. "

9 may. 2005

Nikon D50 announced

Nikon D50 announced - Engadget - www.engadget.com /: "April 20 2005 Nikon today introduced their D50 six megapixel CCD digital SLR, positioned as essentially a cheaper and easier to use alternative to the D70. Digital Photography Review has posted their preview of the D50 based on a pre-production version of the camera, and detailed the notable differences between it and the D70: the D50 has improved auto focus (especially for motion tracking), a new auto AF mode (switching between single and continuous AF, depending on the subject), a lower resolution but newer generation metering sensor (and larger spot metering circle), sports a 1/4000 sex max shutter speed, 2.5 fps continuous shooting, better viewfinder eyecup, LCD monitor increase to 2.0-inches, takes SD cards instead of CF, is slightly smaller and lighter than the D70, and has had several features removed or simplified to make the camera overall easier to use. The D50 will be available in silver and black bodies, and bundled as a kit with the new AF-S DX 18-55 mm lens, also announced today. It should hit the market in June; the kit will retail for $899."

Muere vicepresidente de MVS :: M�xico :: esmas

Muere vicepresidente de MVS :: M�xico :: esmas: "CIUDAD DE MEXICO, MExico, mayo 8, 2005.- El empresario Adrian Vargas Guajardo, vicepresidente corporativo del Grupo MVS Comunicaciones, fallecio este sabado en un accidente vehicular, ocurrido en Valle de Bravo, estado de Mexico

Nikon D50 and exclusive preview: Digital Photography Review

Nikon D50 and exclusive preview: Digital Photography Review: "Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of a new entry level interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera designed to make it easier than ever to enjoy the thrill of outstanding digital SLR picture quality easily and instantly. Combining the outstanding response of Nikon's patented digital and photographic performance with optical performance available only from renowned Nikkor interchangeable lenses and expanded shooting options only available in a quality digital SLR camera, the new Nikon D50 makes exceptional digital SLR photography a reality for everyone."

Canon EOS 20D 10D Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Fotografia Digital Mexico

Canon EOS 20D 10D Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Fotografia Digital Mexico: "La Canon EOS 350D es actualmente la mejor c�mara digital 8 Mega p�xeles al mejor precio incluye lente
La primera impresion que me he llevado al desempacarla ha sido excelente, tiene una ergonomia fantastica, es muy ligera y rapidisima. La calidad de las fotos es impresionante.
Tipo reflex, objetivos intercambiables
Sensor CMOS de 8.00 MP efectivos
Tamaño sensor 22.20 x 14.80 mm
Montura Canon EF-S -
Factor de multiplicacion 1.60x
Pantalla TFT de 1.80 pulgadas
Tipo de cámara reflex digital de objetivos intercambiables
Fecha de presentacion febrero, 2005

Sensor de imagen Tipo CMOS Dimensiones 22.20 x 14.80 mm
Filtro de color RGB
Espacio de color sRGB, Adobe RGB
Resolucion Total 8.20 MP Efectiva 8.00 MP

Montura Canon EF-S
Factor de multiplicacion 1.60 x
Enfoque Automatico s1 Manual si
Luz de ayuda al autofoco s1

Modos Auto si Manual si Prioridad obturacion si Prioridad abertura si Programa si Escenas si 4
Velocidad de obturacion Maxima 1/4000 s Minima 30 s Modo B si
Sensibilidad ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
Medicion Ponderada al centro si Puntual, si Matricial si Otros no
Compensacion de exposicion -2.00 a 2.00 EV, en pasos 1/2 1/3 EV
Balance de blancos Auto si Preconfigurados si 7 modos , Manual si Otros ajuste fino

Disparo simple Archivos JPEG, RAW Resoluciones (en pixeles )
3456 x 2304
2496 x 1664
1728 x 1152
Disparo en rafaga
JPEG, 14 imagenes, a 3 fps, 3456 x 2304
RAW, 5 imagenes"

Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT TIPA Award best Digital Entry Level SLR

TIPA | Technical Image Press Association: "Best D-SLR Entry Level : Canon EOS 350D

With its CMOS 8.2 MP sensor and Digic II image-processor, the Canon EOS 350D is the most compact and powerful digital SLR camera on the market, and comes with a very attractive price-tag. While being easy to use, it also incorporates the latest technology employed by high-end models in the Canon professional range. It can be used either on its fully automatic setting, or with complete manual control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings, thus allowing newcomers to develop their photographic skills. The EOS 350D is compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses, giving an unparalleled choice of optics for the discerning user"

Camaras digitales: Canon EOS 350D - General

Camaras digitales: Canon EOS 350D - General: "inmejorable relacion calidad-precio, excelente calidad de imagen, ruido muy escaso, rafaga casi ilimitada, agilidad general..."

TIPA | Technical Image Press Association

TIPA | Technical Image Press Association: "The Best Photo Products in Europe, 2005"

Fotografia digital: Canon EOS 350D: llega la heredera de la EOS 300D

Fotografia digital: Canon EOS 350D: llega la heredera de la EOS 300D: "La EOS 300D, que pasara a la historia como la primera maquina SLR digital accesible al gran publico, esta ya obsoleta. Canon ha vuelto a mover ficha hoy con la puesta en escena de su sustituta, la EOS 350D.

3 may. 2005

Televisa Networks

México: Fernando Muñiz Director en Televisa Networks
Fernando Muñiz Betancourt ha sido nombrado Director of International Afiliate Sales de
Televisa Networks, reportando a. Bruce Boren, Director General de Televisa Networks.

Muñiz Betancourt fue Vicepresidente Regional y Gerente General de México y Centroamérica de
HBO y durante tres años fue director de programación y contenido de SKY.

En 1997 colaboró con Cisneros Television Group en la ciudad de Miami, Florida, para posteriormente
desempeñarse como Director Senior de Ventas de la misma compañía, encargándose del cono
norte del continente americano.

En 1993 ingresó a HBO en Centroamérica para ocuparse de la gerencia de ventas en esa región.

Noticias -La revoluciónn del cine digital

Noticias -La revolución del cine digital: "La revolución del cine digital

En los próximos 5 años veremos el comienzo de una revolución sobre la manera en que se distribuyen las películas según el informe 'Digital Cinema' de SRI Consulting.
Aunque la transición tardará muchos añoos en completarse, para el año 2005 las películas codificadas como datos digitales, bien sean grabados en un disco óptico y distribuidas físicamente, o bien sean transmitidas vía satélite, reemplazarán a los clásicos rollos de película como el método preferido para la distribución de películas a las salas de cine."