16 ene. 2016

The new powerful LED Fresnels by FLUOTEC are now available all over the world

The new powerful LED Fresnels by FLUOTEC are now available all over the world:

AuraLux and VegaLux: The newpowerful StudioLED Fresnels by FLUOTEC

Advancements on research and engineering allowed this new generation of LED Fresnel’s by FLUOTEC to be brighter and more efficient than the previous models. The new NEBULA (TM) Diffusion Chamber Technology mixes the light in such a way that the focusable beam gives a beautiful light…

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10 ene. 2016

AuraLux and VegaLux: StudioLED Fresnels by FLUOTEC

FLUOTEC presents its new line STUDIOLED Fresnel, a family of Fresnel luminaires with LED technology that gives you a soft and uniform lighting that allows clear and sharp shadows. With the STUDIOLED Fresnel Series FLUOTEC changed and improved the inefficient incandescent tungsten technology to the more efficient LED light technology, it does not change the way of lighting or the basic operating principles that are applied in conventional Fresnels with tungsten lamps.
FLUOTEC presenta su nueva linea STUDIOLED Fresnel, una familia de luminarias tipo FRESNEL con tecnología LED que nos otorga una iluminación suave y uniforme que permite tener sombras claras y definidas. Con los STUDIOLED Fresnel Series cambiamos la tecnología para obtener luz de forma más eficiente, no cambia la forma de iluminar ni los principios básicos de funcionamiento que se aplican en los fresneles convencionales con lámparas de tungsteno.