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A Bikini Life

A Bikini Life: "A Bikini Life
Beautiful,yummy women in gorgeous tight bikinis. I love em. A lot.
Sunday, August 20, 2006 Kei Akiyama - Bottoms up!

I love the way this girl plays it for the photographer: half of these shots of taken with her glorious booty facing the camera. She's fleshy and I love her skin tone.. milky, peachy and so nice to chomp on. In a way, Kei is comparable to my favourite Jyuri Takahashi in terms of butt-up bikini style sets while her opulent flesh reminds me of Filipina sexpot Christine Mendoza. These lovely pictures are scanned from her XTC photobook."

The Center for Home Movies

The Center for Home Movies: "the Center for Home Movies (CHM) is to collect, preserve, provide access to, and promote understanding of home movies and amateur motion pictures.

The activities of the CHM include, but are not limited to, the following:

� Establishing a multi-use arts and education facility to house the CHM, its activities and programs;
� Contributing to a strong community through efforts with local cultural, historical and educational institutions;
� Forging partnerships with institutions and individuals worldwide;
� Collecting home movies and related materials of national and international significance;
� Promoting ongoing documentation of people and cultures through moving images;
� Encouraging the use of home movies in multidisciplinary research and study;
� Deepening our understanding of people and cultures through exhibitions, programs, and other activities."

Super-8 Cities Project

Super-8 Cities Project

Retro Thing

Retro Thing A retro Film Blog
Excellent Blog about all things retro

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No Budget Film News: "The No Budget Film School will be presenting their next 'Art and Science of No-Budget Filmmaking' course on October 21 and 22. They have announced that attendees will receive free copies of Axium Scheduling and Axium Budgeting software free - a regular value of US$400. The two day immersive class will reveal the secrets of micro-budget filmmaking (from $0 to $250,000)."


Flicker: Austin, Texas Film Festival

Flicker: Austin, Texas: "the HBMG Foundation is accepting entries for the 27 th Flicker Film Festival. The latest installment of Austin only quarterly celebration of celluloid will be held on Thursday, August 24 th. The evening program will commence at 7:00 p.m. at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, near the corner of 4 th and Colorado. Plus, tickets are only $5! Click here to see what all is coming up at the Alamo!"

Competencia de Cortometrajes de Cine Super 8 en Mexico

Competencia de Cortometrajes de Cine Super 8 en Mexico

Links de cine super 8 small film links: Cortos en Super 8


http://www.litepanels.com/: "The revolutionary Litepanels daylight-balanced lighting system brings the advantages of light emitting diode technology to professional production lighting. Only Litepanels employs ultra-efficient LEDs to produce bright projected soft light that's being praised in the motion picture and video industries. Cool, silent, and a long 100,000 hr. bulb life � this new lighting concept offers a multitude of benefits for working in studio, or on location anywhere in the world. The new 3-Hour Lithium-Ion battery from LitePanels is designed to power the Litepanels 1x1 light - the 1 ft by 1ft slimline modular production light that employs the company?s LED technology. With the Litepanels Li-Ion Battery, users of the 1x1 have an integrated power source that?s that can go anywhere the light itself can go.

The new battery installs on to the back of the light in seconds to provide up to 3 hours of run time. With a thickness of 1" (2.54cm), measuring 3.5" by 11" (10.2cm x 27.9cm), and weighing less than 2 pounds (.90 kg), this ultra-thin power source enables the light to be positioned virtually anywhere. Litepanels? handy charger unit restores the battery to 80% capacity in just over an hour.

The Lithium-Ion 3 Hour Battery also works with the new Litepanels Ringlite Mini. U.S. list price is $795 and the Battery is available now.








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3rd International NOMOS Super 8 Film Award


3rd International NOMOS Super 8 Film Award

Eight Rules

1. Shoot on Super 8
2. In color or black & white
3. With or without sound
4. Keep it under 8 minutes
5. Your topic is all right with us
6. Send in the original film or a DVD
7. Submit your work by November 15, 2006
8. By participating you authorize us to release your film on the Internet and on DVD

Eight Prizes

1. NOMOS Tangente Super 8 (value: �799) and �500 in cash
2. NOMOS Tangente Super 8 (value: �799)
3. �500 in cash
4. �250 shopping voucher from Wittner Cinetec
5. 20 Kodak Ektachrome 64T cartridges
6. �150 shopping voucher from Wittner Cinetec
7. 10 Kodak Ektachrome 64T cartridges
8. A one year subscription to 'schmalfilm' or 'small format'

The Jury

'schmalfilm' and 'small format' readers. You can view and evaluate the films on the Internet. Your submissions can be seen at www.dein.tv in December 2006! The jury's decision is final.

Prize Presentation

At 'Dresdner Schmalfilmtage' (Dresden, Gemany) on January 25 through 27, 2007 � an event you certainly shouldn�t miss, whether as a winner or audience member.

How to Register

You can find the registration form at www.smallformat.de or order it by mail from: smallformat, Sierichstrasse 145, D-22299 Hamburg, Germany

The Sponsors



SUPER 8 FORO :: Toma Unica Festival de super 8 2 y 3 Diciembre 2006

SUPER 8 FORO :: View topic - Toma Unica Festival de super 8 2 y 3 Diciembre 2006

Toma Unica. Festival de cortos en Super8.

Toma Unica. Festival de cortos en Super8.: "Toma Unica es un festival de cortos en Super-8 hecho para que participes y te divertas. No hay montaje. Rueda cada plano, pero solo una vez! Que saldra? Todos lo comprobaremos a la vez durante su proyeccion en el festival.
Rueda tu corto, mandalo a revelar a nombre de Toma Unica, nosotros lo recogemos y lo proyectamos. Estara tu corto entre los ganadores?

Transferencia de Peliculas transfer a DVD conversion de 8 super 8 y 16mm a DVD

Transferencia de Peliculas transfer a DVD conversion de 8 super 8 y 16mm a DVD: "Transfer de Peliculas a Video o DVD FilmVideo a DVD

Transferencias de peliculas de cine super 8 16 y 35 mm y fotografias a video y DVD
FilmVideo Telecine aleman Sony Bauer en resolucion digital DVCAM 720 x 486
Film Home Movie Transfer, transferencia de peliculas caseras de eventos y bodas o peliculas de capacitacion
Costo de transferencia $150 Dolares por paquete de hasta 5 rollos de 50 ft (250 pies)
Puedes transferir hasta 5 carretes de 50 ft
(los chicos de 3 pulgadas) de 8mm o Super 8 "

P2 Log for Macintosh

P2 Log for Macintosh: "Why Use P2 Log?

P2 Viewer: Instantly view Panasonic P2 MXF video clips on your Mac.
Edit Clips: Change User Clip Names, Auto-Fill text, add descriptions, Delete unwanted Clips.
Save: Updates P2 Volume.
Find: Find, Replace, Sort.
Select: Mark or select just the clips you want to output.
Export: Create FCP XML files including converted QT Clips
SD Cards: Load and program HVX200 SD metadata.
P2 Compatible: P2 cards, P2 Store, FireStore.
PAL Compatible: Plays/converts 720P 25&50 Clips (requires Imagine's pass-through codec"

All About Film Distribution

All About Film Distribution: "Should domestic and Foreign Sales be handled by separate people?
I've been getting this question a lot lately. The short anwser is YES, you should have separate people/entities handling foreign and domestic sales.

In courting domestic and international distribution, here are a few scenarios that could happen:"

SanDisk Debuts 8GB Flash MP3 Player; Same Price as 4GB iPod Nano

SanDisk Introduces World's Largest Capacity Flash Memory MP3 Player: "SanDisk Debuts 8GB Flash MP3 Player; Same Price as 4GB iPod Nano

Aug 22, 2006, 12:07

SanDisk Introduces World's Largest Capacity Flash Memory MP3 Player - The 8GB Sansa e280 For $249.99 MSRP
New Model Now Holds Up To 10GB of Music With Optional 2GB microSD Card; SanDisk Also Announces Price Reductions On Current 2, 4 And 6GB Sansa MP3 Models As Retailers Get Ready for the Holiday Season

MILPITAS, CA - Aug. 21, 2006 - SanDisk® Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) today unveiled the world’s largest capacity flash-based MP3 player, the 8-gigabyte (GB) 1 Sansa e280 that boasts award-winning audio, photo viewing and video clip playback capabilities. Priced at $249.99 (MSRP), the e280 is the latest evolution of SanDisk’s flagship e200 series. The 8GB device sports a microSD expansion slot allowing expansion to 10GB of music—or 2,500 songs—with an optional SanDisk 2GB microSD card, making it the largest capacity flash-based MP3 player on the market.

In conjunction with the rollout of the e280 and in preparation for the holiday season, SanDisk has lowered its prices on the entire Sansa e200 line of products, including the existing 2, 4 and 6GB models.

Current pricing on the Sansa e200 product line includes a 2GB flash-based player for under $140 MSRP.

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HDV for Everyone

HDV for Everyone: "HDV for Everyone
Canon's new HV10 camcorder captures 1080 HDV video for under $1,500
By Frank Moldstad

The age of Hi Def home movies for the average person has arrived. Barely a week after announcing a pair of new professional HD camcorders [see story here], Canon dropped the other shoe by unveiling the HV10, a palm-sized camcorder that shoots true 1080 HDV video.
“This is the smallest, lightest and least expensive high-definition camera on the market,” says Jon Sagud, video consultant for Canon’s Consumer Imaging Group Video Division. “In its performance category, let’s say under-$2,000 high-definition cameras, it's the only camera to employ a true-to-spec 1920x1080 high-definition image.”
The HV10 carries a suggested retail price of $1,499, but those who are more economy-minded can opt instead for Canon’s other new offering, the DC22 (MSRP $799), a DVD-based camera that records directly to three-inch DVD-R/-RW discs. It, too, is able to capture 16x9 images, although not at the full 1920x1080 resolution of the HV10

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Four Affordable HD Camcorders Compared

DV - Features: "Four Affordable HD Camcorders Compared, Episode 2

Click To Enlarge

Following filmmaker Barry Green's tests on Canon's HL X1, JVC's GY-HD100, Panasonic's AG-HVX200, and Sony's HVR-Z1 in Burbank, California, (featured on DV.com as 'Four Affordable HD Camcorders Compared'), Chris Hurd of dvinfo.net, Mike Curtis of hdforindies.com, and I arranged a four-day test near Austin. We explored the same four cameras more thoroughly, recording to their native formats, using test charts and static scenes, dynamic motion, indoor and outdoor setups, and location work. We also went handheld, to roughly evaluate the cameras for run 'n' gun work. We shot some scenes using the high-end Panasonic AJ-HDC27H VariCam as a reference, and took the opportunity to get a first look at the new Sony PDW-F350 XDCAM HD camcorder."

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Blackmagic Design: Press Release Details

Blackmagic Design: Press Release Details: "Blackmagic Design Announces Support for the New Apple Intel-based Mac Pro Systems
Milpitas, CA USA � August 9, 2006 -- Blackmagic Design Inc. today announced support for the new Apple� Mac Pro� systems based on Intel Xeon processors. All Blackmagic Design PCI Express based video capture cards are supported as a free update from the Blackmagic Design website.

Supported products include DeckLink HD Extreme, DeckLink HD Pro 4:4:4 PCIe, DeckLink SP PCIe, DeckLink Extreme PCIe, and Multibridge Extreme and Multibridge Pro.

Blackmagic Design customers will be able to purchase these new Mac Pro systems and use any PCI Express based DeckLink card or Multibridge editing system.

In addition, Blackmagic Design�s testing has shown, that when the new Apple Mac Pro is populated with 3 x 500 GB SATA disks internally mounted and striped with RAID 0 configuration, approximately 170 MB/sec disk array performance was achieved. This allows customers to build lower cost HD disk arrays for simple capture and playback tasks. For higher performance editing solutions, Blackmagic Design�s testing has shown Apple�s Xserve RAID works well as a high performance uncompressed HDTV disk array. "

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Sony (alpha) DSLR-A100K Camera Body + 18-70mm Lens

SonyStyle.com | Sony� a (alpha) DSLR-A100K Camera Body + 18-70mm Lens: "Sony� a (alpha) DSLR-A100K Camera Body + 18-70mm LensDSLR-A100K

Take beautiful pictures when you combine Sony�s mastery of digital technology and Minolta�s 21-year heritage with the new Sony� a (alpha) DSLR-A100 camera and the versatile new SAL1870 lens"

Technorati Tag

Sony Electronics News and Information


The mylo Personal Communication Device Enables Social Networking in the Wireless World

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 7, 2006 �Sony is launching its first WiFi broadband communication and entertainment device to capitalize on the growth of wireless Internet access. The new mylo� personal communicator is capable of operating in any open 802.11b wireless network, often found on college campuses, in public spaces and within private homes around the country.
This product is designed for people who use instant messaging as a primary form of communication and networking for their social life. The name mylo stands for �my life online� and the communicator lets you use instant messaging, browse the Internet, listen to music, send emails and view photos concurrently."

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Professional Camcorders - High Definition - Standard Definition Camcorders - Software - High Definition Camcorder - XH G1 - Canon USA Consumer Products

Professional Camcorders - High Definition - Standard Definition Camcorders - Software - High Definition Camcorder - XH G1 - Canon USA Consumer Products: "XH G1

High Definition Camcorder

Item Code: 1629B001

Your Vision...in High Definition

For the professional, the XH G1 combines a wealth of features with the outstanding performance of a 3 CCD, High Definition camcorder. It contains all of the features of the XH A1 plus Canon's Professional Jackpack.
If you don't require the capabilities of the Jackpack, then the XH A1 may be a better fit for you."

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Zylight - Intelligent LED lighting

Zylight - Intelligent LED lighting: "The Z50 DP Kit includes everything you need to bring intelligent LED lighting to your set or studio.
Included in the DP kit is an adjustable tilting stand adapter, a 5/8' straight stud mount, and the 3-inch Accessory Adapter for quickly mounting any 3-inch acessory you may have, like a softbox or barndoor. The worldwide AC power adapter and cord are included as well"

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21st Century 3D: 3DVX3

21st Century 3D: 3DVX3 Press Release: "21st Century 3D Introduces Uncompressed
4:4:4 Stereoscopic Camera System - 3DVX3
San Jose Convention Center January 18, 2006
SPIE Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference
Today, 21st Century 3D announced the introduction of the 3DVX3, the latest in their line of digital stereoscopic motion picture camera systems. The 3DVX3 represents 21st Century 3D's most significant advance in stereoscopic camera technology to date. This newly developed 3D camera-recorder features numerous evolutionary advances over previous 3DVX models, while maintaining the compact form factor and self contained design that has been a distinctive feature since the first generation. "

Transferencia de Peliculas transfer a DVD conversion de 8 super 8 y 16mm a DVD

Transferencia de Peliculas transfer a DVD conversion de 8 super 8 y 16mm a DVD: "FilmVideo Telecine aleman Sony Bauer en resolucion digital DVCAM 720 x 486
Film Home Movie Transfer, transferencia de pelculas caseras de eventos y bodas o peliculas de capacitacion"

Blu-ray Versus HD-DVD at CES: Another Format War?

Blu-ray Versus HD-DVD at CES: Another Format War?: "Blu-ray Versus HD-DVD at CES: Another Format War?
There was a lot of buzz about Blu-ray versus HD DVD at CES, but neither could declare a victory
By Guy Wright
At this year�s CES there was an awful lot of talk and debate about the two new high definition DVD formats that are scheduled to hit the markets this spring. The Blu-ray Disc Association and HD-DVD Promotion Group both made sure that their members were properly promoted. Most of the big consumer electronic companies at the show were either talking about or showing off their players, recorders, software, or blank media. But for every diehard Blue-ray or HD-DVD company there were also companies supporting both formats."

Transferencia de Peliculas transfer a DVD conversion de 8 super 8 y 16mm a DVD

Transferencia de Peliculas transfer a DVD conversion de 8 super 8 y 16mm a DVD: "Transferencia de viejas pel�culas antiguas y rollos de cine super 8, 8mm y 16mm a DVD
Somos los expertos de transferencia digital de pel�culas a DVD en M�xico, utilizamos el equipo mas moderno de transferencia digital de pel�culas de 8, Super 8, 16mm y 35 mm "

Talentos Net Casting Talentos Latinos Cine Radio y Television Modelos Actores Cantantes Videoclips

Talentos Net Casting Talentos Latinos Cine Radio y Television Modelos Actores Cantantes Videoclips: "Servicios de publicacion de castings para productores, promocion para modelos, actores y talentos"


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Sony A1 Perfectly formed?

Showreel article : Sony A1 Perfectly formed?: "Richard Payne tests the upmarket version of Sony�s second-generation of HDV cameras, the ultra-compact, CMOS-chip sporting HVR-A1"

Apple Unveils New Mac Pro Featuring Quad 64-bit Xeon Processors

Videography - Industry News: "Apple Unveils New Mac Pro Featuring Quad 64-bit Xeon Processors
by Myrna Tobisoo

Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro, a quad Xeon, 64-bit desktop workstation featuring two new Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors running up to 3.0 GHz and a new system architecture that delivers up to twice the performance of the Power Mac G5 Quad. With advanced performance, greater expansion, higher performance graphics options and unprecedented customization, the newly designed Mac Pro is the ideal system for the most demanding user. The introduction of the Mac Pro marks the completion of a rapid and seamless transition for Apple, with the entire Mac family now using Intel�s latest processors."

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Nikon Intros 10-Megapixel D-SLR - 8/9/2006 6:16:00 AM - TWICE - CA6360842

Nikon Intros 10-Megapixel D-SLR - 8/9/2006 6:16:00 AM - TWICE - CA6360842: "Nikon Intros 10-Megapixel D-SLR

By Greg Scoblete -- TWICE, 8/9/2006 6:16:00 AM

Melville, N.Y. � Nikon announced the second generation of its consumer-level digital SLR today, packing the camera with technologies from its professional SLRs and also adding a few features from its point-and-shoots as well.
The 10-megapixel D80 is a successor to the company�s first consumer-level d-SLR, the D70. It offers a burst mode of 3 frames per second (fps) up to 100 JPEG normal images. It boasts a start-up time of 0.18 seconds and a shutter lag of 80 milliseconds.

New to the D80 is an 11-area auto-focus system, a new image-processing chip inherited from the company�s professional SLRs, an �Optimize image� menu for adjusting creative color controls while shooting, built-in i-TTL flash control with the ability to control up to two remote groups of Speedlights, as well as over 32 custom settings.
The D80 is also Nikon�s first SLR to use SD memory instead of Compact Flash to achieve a smaller form factor than the D70. "

Viacom's MTV to buy Atom Entertainment | CNET News.com

Viacom's MTV to buy Atom Entertainment | CNET News.com: "Viacom's MTV Networks on Wednesday said it would buy Internet video and games company Atom Entertainment for $200 million amid a rush by big media companies to compete with upstart online video leader YouTube.com."

Microsoft Demos Xbox HD DVD Drive

HD Notebook: "Microsoft Demos Xbox HD DVD Drive
Microsoft showed off its external HD DVD drive designed for the Xbox 360 game console this week. While the next-gen Xbox console itself has been at retailers for a few months, the HD DVD device will be shipped as an optional add-on in time for the holiday shopping season, the company confirmed -- which is about the same time the much-anticipated PlayStation 3 from Sony is set to debut.
According to published reports from the DVD Forum this week in Los Angeles, the DVD device is the size of a hardback book. Microsoft demonstrated the new drive with the HD DVD movie disc, 'The Phantom of the Opera,' and featured some of the disc's menu bar, which typically allows some interactive features to be used while the motion picture is playing. "

NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS

NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS: "NVIDIA Quadro Plex 1000 represents a 20x leap in visual compute density -- graphics computation per cubic inch. Its compact, ultra-quiet design can be quickly deployed in any desktop workspace or can be easily transformed to fit into any standard 19' rack environment."

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one Super 8 mm cartridge

KODAK: Super 8 mm: "One Classic Mini, one Super 8 mm cartridge, no editing, no kidding!

Have you ever been to a film festival where no one, not even the filmmakers, had seen the films? That's the idea behind Straight 8. The rules are simple, each filmmaker gets a single cartridge of Super 8 mm film to make his or her three-minute project, which is then handed back, undeveloped and unedited, along with a three-minute soundtrack on CD.
Paul Beard was not intimidated by the prospect of viewing his film in front of a packed theater, he was inspired to create a film about something he loved � His Mini."

Super 8 mm Success Stories

KODAK: Super 8 mm: "Super 8 mm Success Stories"

Persistence leads to super duper results.

We recently interviewed Canadian filmmaker Justin Lovell to learn more about his film Stuntman. During our interview we were fascinated to learn about his success with tweaking the Super 8 mm film format to create the perfect format for his artistic vision. This is a great story about someone who kept digging for new ideas and new ways to portray his vision. Read on and enjoy. "

KODAK: Super 8 mm Film History

KODAK: Super 8 mm Film History: "Super 8 mm Film History

The story of practical 'home movies' began in 1923. Although 35mm film had been the standard for theatrical releases for decades, the large film was cumbersome, expensive, and dangerous due to its flammable nature.
For years, the Eastman Kodak Company had worked to develop a system of movie equipment and film that would be easy enough for the advanced amateur photographer to use, yet reasonably affordable. The result was the Sixteen Millimeter 'Cine Kodak' Camera and the Kodascope Projector'. The camera itself weighed about seven pounds, and had to be handcranked at two turns per second during filming. A tripod was included in the package, all of which cost a whopping $335.00! And this in a time when a new Ford automobile could be purchased for $550.00. "

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Super 16 ARRI

TVyVideo: Informacion para la industria de la television en America Latina: "Nueva camara Super 16 de Arri
Ideal para ambientes de posproduccion de intermedio digital
Miami, FL., E.U., 19 julio 2006
Una de las mayores sorpresas de la primera mitad de ano fue el lanzamiento, por parte de Arri, de una camara de cine de formato Super 16.

Arriflex 416, First Look

Arriflex 416, First Look: "Arriflex 416, First Look

by Tim Carroll

Got a chance to play with the Arriflex 416 this past week at NAB and talk with Klemens Kehrer, the 416's design engineer and Marc Shipman-Mueller, its product manager. Here's what I found out.
ARRI began work on the camera in late 2004 because of the resurgence in Super 16. The indicators were; increased sales of the SR3 Advanced cameras, increased footage sales of Kodak Vision2 16mm film stock, the scarcity of camera rental stock as the cameras were continuously rented out, the introduction of the new Cooke and Canon lenses, the refinement of the DI process allowing Super 16 capture and 35mm release, and the leap forward in film scanning brought about by the introduction of the Spirit telecine and the ARRISCAN."

Movies go digital but not without a fight

TheStar.com - Movies go digital but not without a fight: "Movies go digital but not without a fight
Digital cameras were used on several of this year's blockbusters But many producers, directors and cinematographers still prefer filmDigital videocams used on several of this year's blockbusters But many producers, cinematographers,

still prefer celluloid"