22 feb. 2005


HDV@Work#1: "HD Distribution Using D-VHS

Steve Mullen

Ask most folks in the video industry �what is D-VHS?� and you are likely to get a puzzled look. This lack of knowledge is especially prevalent among those buying Sony�s FX1 or Z1 cameras. These folks are often convinced they have only two distribution options -- use the WM9 HD encoder or wait until high-definition DVD recorders arrive late this year.

Ask a home theater aficionado what D-VHS is, and you�ll get a far more knowledgeable answer. D-VHS is well known because some buy D-Theater pre-recorded movies in the 1080i format with Digital Dolby 5.1 soundtracks. D-VHS also allows those with i.LINK-equipped HD set-top boxes to record clones of HD programming. "

Radio por Internet Vixa Radio En Vivo

Vixa Radio En Vivo: "Escucha ViXA Radio, en tu reproductor favorito esta direccion en Abrir URL
Programa Especial Punto 0 Todos los dias de 3:00pm a 5:00pm
El parkimetro Todo los dias de 5:00pm a 7:00pm (Rep: 12:00am a 2:00am )
Super Pro!!! Lun, Mie y Vie de 7:00pm a 9:00pm (Rep: 9:00am a 11:00am)
Cuando se Ama Martes y Jueves de 7:00pm a 9:00pm (Rep: 9:00am a 11:00am)"

What's a blog?

Salon.com: "What's a blog?
A blog, or weblog, is a personal Web site updated frequently with links, commentary and anything else you like. New items go on top and older items flow down the page. Blogs can be political journals and/or personal diaries; they can focus on one narrow subject or range across a universe of topics. The blog form is unique to the Web -- and highly addictive.
How does it work?
Salon Blogs are powered by Radio UserLand, a simple yet versatile software tool that lets you post new items from your Web browser with one click. Radio UserLand automatically builds your site, organizes and archives your posts, and publishes your content -- you don't need to know HTML, FTP, or graphic design. All you need to do is install Radio and begin publishing. You can publish written text, links, photos, documents, and more with just a single click of your mouse."

Mecanismos de relación y comunicación con los clientes por Internet, y de educación para jóvenes y adultos

Grupo Mundo Ejecutivo: "Los blogs se convierten en importantes mecanismos de relación y comunicación

Por Efren Flores
Los blogs se convierten en importantes mecanismos de relación y comunicación con los clientes por Internet, y de educación para jóvenes y adultos
Podemos decir democracia o competencia, sin demagogia. Todo se debe a los instrumentos denominados blogs, agendas o bit�coras en línea, con modalidades de calendario, directorio de sitios de interés para cada persona y que pueden revisarse bajo titulares, textos cortos o artículos completos, según lo decida usted."

18 feb. 2005

Nikon Imaging | Global Site | News

Nikon Imaging | Global Site | News: "The professional digital SLR for action and sports,
featuring ultra-high speed, high image quality, and maximum efficiency

TOKYO � Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of a professional digital SLR camera that delivers high speed, high precision, and improved handling for action photography: the Nikon D2Hs."

Nikon Web Magazine : Index

Nikon Web Magazine : Index: "Nikon Digital Archives
History of Nikon cameras and data storage.
Nikkor -- The Thousand and One Nights
Written by SATO, Haruo and
OHSHITA, Kouichi
Nikon Family Cousins
Written by TOYODA, Kenji
The History of Nikon Cameras
Written by TATENO, Yokoyuki"

17 feb. 2005

HDTV Basico

HDTV Basico: "HDTV Basico

La television en Alta Definicion promete ser la innovacion mas importante desde la introduccion del color en 1960. Proporcionar una calidad de imagen cercana al cine de 35mm con sonido multicanal. La HDTV representa una verdadera revolucion en la resolucion para television"

HDV. La HDTV dom�stica

HDV. La HDTV domestica: "El HDV (Video en alta definicion a nivel domwestico)

NAB 2004 se recordar como el año en que el formato HDV (video digital de alta definicion) gano legitimidad entre los productores, personal independiente y editores, asi como una gran cantidad de profesionales, que demostraron un interes considerable, sobre todo en el periodismo electrenico (newsgathering). "

Advertising Photographers of America

SIGN-UP INFORMATION - Advertising Photographers of America: "A volunteer organization, run by photographers for photographers"

Leica Instruction Manuals

Leica: "Instruction

Simply click on the camera you want."

Leica FAQ - Main Topic Index

Leica FAQ - Main Topic Index: "a collection of [F]requently [A]sked [Q]uestions about Leica cameras and equipment. Started in September 1999, it has grown from humble beginnings to now comprise over 130 topics and 3000 links."

Masters of Photography: Garry Winogrand

Masters of Photography: Garry Winogrand: "Winogrand, Garry
American, 1928-1984
From the early 1960s on, Gary Winogrand's personal photojournalistic shots of disturbing, densely packed moments won him acclaim as an important chronicler of contemporary American life."

pinkheadedbug.com: photography by John Brownlow

pinkheadedbug.com: photography by John Brownlow: "Street photography is one of the most personally challenging forms of photography. Unless you want to use hidden cameras, or shoot from the hip, thus sacrificing your control over the frame, you must overcome your natural inhibition about taking photographs of strangers without asking their permission."

Stock Photo Price Calculator

Stock Photo Price Calculator: "
Select the use that matches your need to calculate prices."

CameraBooks.com: Petra Kellers Photo/ACR Book Service

CameraBooks.com: Petra Kellers Photo/ACR Book Service: "the #1 and best Website to add more Camera Reference Guides to your Book Collection. "

Photoblogs.org - The Photoblog Resource

Photoblogs.org - The Photoblog Resource: "Photoblogs.org is a resource designed to help people find all kinds of photoblogs. "

Visual Anthropology: II. Still Photography

Visual Anthropology: II. Still Photography: "II. Still Photography

'A photograph is at once a direct representation of reality and the result of an utterly subjective choice.'
- David Sapir, On Fixing Ethnographic Shadows
Still photography was used in ethnology for various purposes before ethnography was a standard practice in anthropology. Early pioneers in photography included Maxime Du Camp, who, working under commission from the French Government in 1852 published Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie, a series of calotypes of the Middle East dubbed 'the first photographically illustrated travel book' (Banta 1986: 39). "

Reading Historic Photographs

Reading Historic Photographs: "Reading Historic Photographs
Thomas W. Kavanagh

All photographs courtesy of the National Anthropological Archives.

Historic photographs of American Indians, long used simply as images or as illustrations, can be sources of ethnographic and historical information, particularly about aspects of material culture. In documenting artifact use and distribution, photographs can supplement museum collections, which often lack that information. Moreover, while an individual photograph is a singular record of a moment in time, a group or series of photographs is a record across time and space, and can expand the information potential of photographic interpretation. "

Acerca de la fotografia. Tecnica, estetica y opinion

Acerca de la fotografia. Tecnica, estetica y opinion: "Acerca de la fotografia. Tecnica, estetica y opinion Este 'Weblog' trata de ofrecer una vision personal, independiente, breve y agil, acerca de todo aquello relacionado con la tecnica, la estetica, y la opinion sobre la Fotografia. Pretende tambien, llegar a ser un espacio donde los estudiantes y otros aficionados o profesionales, puedan encontrar informacion de interes, que les resuelva problemas, facilite localizar materiales, desmitifique determinados temas y tambien, por que no, provoque el desarrollo de proyectos"


Photoethnography: "Photoethnography
Weekly notes on issues related to photoethnography, fieldwork in Japan, classic cameras, digital photography, and other topics related to visual anthropology. Sponsored by Photoethnography.com"

Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia, A.C.

Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia, A.C.: "Seminario La Publicidad aplicada a los objetivos de su organizacion
Guillermo Caro ofrece en el Cemefi este seminario dirigido a comunicadores de organizaciones filantropicas
La Publicidad aplicada a los objetivos de su organizacion, el cual tiene como objetivo capacitar a los responsables del area de comunicacion de una organizacion para el desarrollo efectivo de sus campañas con fines sociales."

Megamedia the ominous impact that the control of the mass media by giant corporations

:: esmas compras: "'Megamedia' offers a unique look at the ominous impact that the control of the mass media by giant corporations and media conglomerates is having on the few independent media owners who have survived, and suggests ways to hold media corporations responsible for not only increasing competition but also presenting society with fair and unbiased information. Photos & illustrations."

El Deseo - Producciones Cinematogr�ficas

El Deseo - Producciones Cinematograficas: " La mala educacion, premiada en Italia con el Nastro d Argento...

La ultima pelicula de Almodovar, LA MALA EDUCACION, ha sido galardonada con el Nastro dArgento a la Mejor Pelicula Extranjera. El premio, concedido por el Sindicato Nacional de Periodistas Cinematograficos de Italia

Anima Fx, Efectos Especiales para Cine, Teatro, Fotografia y Television

Anima Fx, Efectos Especiales para Cine, Teatro, Fotografia y Television

Armagedon Producciones

Armagedon Producciones: "Director: Paco del Toro
Productor: Armagedon S.A. De C.V.
Guion: Paco del Toro y Claudia Velazco.
Duracion: 1 Hr. COLOR
Torre Fuerte en el teatro de la Ciudad. ...Un conc
Reparto: Hector Hermosillo Alvaro Lopez Heriberto Hermosillo ."

.......... Alameda Films ..........

.......... Alameda Films ..........

++++Estudios Churubusco Azteca+++++

++++Estudios Churubusco Azteca+++++

Movimiento Cultural Techo Blanco

Movimiento Cultural Techo Blanco: "EL Movimiento Cultural Techo Blanco es un colectivo multidisciplinario de creadores cuyo principal objetivo es crear vinculos para la produccion y difusion de proyectos artisticos, culturales y sociales fomentando el desarrollo creativo, profesional y humano de sus integrantes."

Centro de Capacitaci�n Cinematogr�fica

Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica: "Centro de Capacitacian Cinematografica / Centro Nacional de las Artes Calzada de Tlalpan 1670 Col. Country Club, C.P. 04220 Del. Coyoacan, Mexico, D.F.
Tel: (52 55) 1253 94 90 Fax: (52 55) 1253 94 92 . e-mail: academica@ccc.cnart.mx"




FICCO -: "El Festival Internacional de Cine Contempor�neo de la Ciudad de Mexico se funda en Febrero de 2004 a partir de una iniciativa de Cinemex, consolidandose como el evento cinematografico mas importante de nuestro pais. Con el firme compromiso de promover lo mejor de la cinematografia mundial en nuestra ciudad y con el objetivo de ofrecer una ventana alternativa a nuestros invitados, FICCO conforma un espacio excepcional que celebra a creadores y a espectadores, sumandose a los grandes festivales del mundo dejando una prueba mas de que el arte cinematografico prevalece. El Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporaneo de la Ciudad de M�xico prepara con gran entusiasmo su segunda edicion y te da la mas cordial bienvenida. "

Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia

Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia: "Carlos Carrera Wins in the Second Annual Morelia International Film Festival

The award winners"

Expresion en Corto 2005

Expresion en Corto 2005: "Lanzamiento de la convocatoria
10 de febrero de 2005
Ya esta en linea la convocatoria 2005 y el registro en linea para participar en el festival."

Festival de Cine en Guadalajara

Festival de Cine en Guadalajara


Spanix.com: "

Imagining Argentina actor Kuno Becker has replaced Diego Luna in the anticipated film GOAL! The film is now in production in England with the Mexican actor playing Santiago Munez, a Los Angeles kid who dreams of being a pro footballer, some years later he has a chance to try out of for the UK's premier Newcastle United. BVI has taken tinternational rights for the film."

EL OJO QUE PIENSA - Revista Virtual de Cine Iberoamericano

EL OJO QUE PIENSA - Revista Virtual de Cine Iberoamericano

Mexican Film News Page

Mexican Film News Page: "The Mexican Film News Page

Courtesy of The Mexican Film Bulletin

News and information about Mexican cinema--the films, the stars, and the industry. Updated frequently. Comments and contributions welcome. Dave Wilt

CINE por la RED

CINE por la RED

El Fenomeno del cortito de celular

El Fenomeno del cortito de celular: "El Fenomeno del cortito de celular
Entrevista a Raul Olivares
Por Ricardo Torres"



museo de la carne

museo de la carne: "Paris, je t'aime

Paris, je t'aime es un ambicioso proyecto que lleva años en planeacion, un largometraje contando por 20 cineastas --cada uno dirigira un segmento de 5 minutos, por cada uno de los 20 barrios de Paris--, y aunque no hay muchos lugares donde se pueda consegir informacion (ni siquiera imdb tiene la lista completa de directores), todo parece indicar que uno de esos cineastas ser Alejandro Gonzalez Iñrritu."

Blogs Mexico - Directorio de bitacoras mexicanas

Blogs Mexico - Directorio de bitacoras mexicanas

chinguere - el blog de c.g. campillo

chinguere - el blog de c.g. campillo: ":: chinguere ::
Weblog de Carlos Garcia Campillo.
Un archivo sin pi�s ni cabeza de noticias, anuncios, refunfu�os y otras mafufadas."

Sendero Gris Blog de Cine desde Mexico

Sendero Gris

15 feb. 2005


Pro 1080 Camcorder and VTR, Advanced Professional Media Combine with Broad NLE Software Compatibility to Create Entry-Level HD Production Workflow "

12 feb. 2005

DV - Community - Forums

DV - Community - Forums: "Panasonic to Announce AJ-HDX100 Under $10,000 HD Camcorder at NAB with 24P

by Robin Liss
Published on February 11, 2005

A source close to Panasonic has confirmed that the company will be announcing a high definition prosumer camcorder at the National Associaton of Broadcasters show in April. The camcorder will record an HD signal both to MiniDV tapes and to P2 Flash media cards, which Panasonic currently uses in it's high end systems. According to the source, the camcorder will also have 24 frames progressive scan recording and will retail for under $10,000. "

Cinematography.com :: Professional Motion Picture Camera People, News and Resources

Cinematography.com :: Professional Motion Picture Camera People, News and Resources: "Cinematography.com > Forums > HD Only"

Creative Cow - Read Post

Creative Cow - Read Post: "READ ALL ABOUT IT! DVCPRO HD Palmcorder"