31 dic. 2005

Do it yourself telecine

super 8 and small film news blog onsuper8.org: "Whilst pro-telecine is always the best option for getting the most out of your Super 8 and small film images, there are occasions when being able to Do-It-Yourself has advantages in terms of both time and flexibility. With this in mind, we published our own DIY telecine guide earlier this year based on a converted Eumig 610d, which we've been successfully using for own projects."

MAKE: Blog

MAKE: Blog: "Makers: Reviewed on Slashdot
James Alguire has a review of our new book Makers on Slashdot - 'Makers: All Kinds of People Making Amazing Things In Garages, Basements, and Backyards by Bob Parks, and published by O'Reilly, celebrates the basic human desire to create, to nail together two things that have never been nailed together before and see what it does. "

30 dic. 2005

The Marketing Video Film DVD & TV World Aztec Weblog

El Blog de noticias y links de mercadotecnia publicidad video film y television The Marketing Video Film DVD & TV World Aztec Weblog

Servicios Produccion Video Film DVD y Televisi�n en Mexico

Servicios de produccion, edicion y postproduccion de video, DVD, multimedia, film y television: "Para el año 2006, tenemos nuevos servicios de produccion de video en alta defincion, hemos invertido en equipo aleman de transferencia digital de peliculas a video y DVD de alta definicion, en el área de cine, contamos ya con las mejores camaras de cine en super 8 para estudiantes y camaras de cine de 16 mm, tambien invertimos en equipo de cine digital de alta definición y en la reproducción masiva de DVD y Televisión en Mexico Servicios de producción, edición y postproducción de video, DVD, multimedia, film y televisión

Million dollar boy - Student - Times Online

Million dollar boy - Student - Times Online:
Alex is 21. He's an ordinary middle-class undergraduate: lives in messy student digs, has spiky hair, drinks a lot of Coke. And is on his way to his first million. Meet an internet whiz-kid
Gana miles de dolares con los nuevos tonos de celular

26 dic. 2005

A key to Hapinness

My good friend Larry Niemer founder of the International Student Film Festival from Carpinteria, California started a train of thoughts about the key to happiness, I am grateful he made me think about it

Here are my thoughts
Happiness is a warm gun....
The Beatles :)

Is a Christmas dinner with your family talking with your nephews and sons about the importance of the study of philosophy and llterature
....and then realize that the really important thing is just listen to them...:)

Being able to to have expectations and realize them
and if they dont it really does not matter that much :)

A path with heart is good path
"The teachings of Don Juan" Carlos Castaneda

I feel so happy most of the time because I realize that just being able among billions of atoms to have conscience, that this fact is an inextinguishable source of joy

Happiness is the way to happiness as love is the way to love

Happiness is as elusive and brief as a sunset and it will come again tomorrow to be grasped

Happiness is the tear under yor eye when you feel alive just that is enough to be happy ---sometimes

Happiness is your son coming out from the womb of your wife

And is also the exhilaration to win ...anything, sometimes just a parking space

Or having a place in paradise looking at the flowers
...in your garden

Or the clouds painting a sunrise to start again

Or feeling safe again after being kidnapped

Or buying a black Cadillac

Or an icecream in a hot summer

Happiness is a customer calling you for a new job

And the same customer telling you the job was great

Happiness is a gourmet meal with wine and friends

Or a hotdog and a coke after a hard day work

A stroll in the city without a wristwatch

A cellphone call from your wife

A google search gone right

and your 20 year old car purring like a cat

A nice night sleep

And an early wake up to see the sun rise

Happiness is to catch the train on time

Or arriving home at night

To feel sad sometimes and also to relieve your pain

Happiness is to give and also to receive

To love and be loved

To hear Beethoven and Coldplay

and dance some salsa in a good party

rembember and old love and not feel pain anymore?

or sushi on sundays after a good movie

A book at night

A song in the a traffic jam

An interesting mail at 6 am to answer on christmas :)

Life is hapiness

A Merry Christamas Larry

And a HAPPY new year

21 dic. 2005

Rumor: 200 de 350 concesiones de radio y tv. para la Señora Marta

2740nora.htm: Cuando el rio suena agua lleva "Rumor: 200 de 350 concesiones de radio y tv. para la Señora Marta"

El poder se llama Televisa

2740felix.htm: "Ya lo advertia Jesús Reyes Heroles
El poder se llama Televisa
Por: Felix Fuentes"

Film Looks with different stock DVD

Silver Halide is a company that is dedicated to giving film enthusiasts fair and honest products. We believe in giving our clients natural results, and don't feel a need to glamorize or polish the finished product. This will give filmmakers a truthful portrayal of what to expect before having to buy or shoot their first role of film. We have been there before and realize how expensive and tedious it is to rent equipment and buy film just to see our final product come out something less than we had imagined. It always felt even worse to realize what we could have done to correct the problem beforehand. We hope to make filmaking a less expensive more enjoyable art-form for years to come

20 dic. 2005

Google, Time Warner strike $1 billion deal for AOL

Google, Time Warner strike $1 billion deal for AOL | CNET News.com: "Google will invest $1 billion for a 5 percent stake in Time Warner's America Online unit as part of a partnership that expands their existing search engine deal to include collaboration on advertising, instant messaging and video.
Google also is offering a $300 million credit that AOL can use to buy keyword-based ads from Google, the companies announced Tuesday. "


Initiative to Encourage Production of HD Content by Putting Equipment and Information within Reach of Public Television Stations "

14 dic. 2005

The Kubrick Site

The Kubrick Site: "The Kubrick Site has been established as a non-profit resource archive for documentary materials regarding, in whole or in part, the work of the late American film director and producer Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999). We'd like to thank the literally thousands of readers and participants in the Usenet newsgroup alt.movies.kubrick, many of whose contributions appear in these pages. "

stanley kubrick : inside the mind of a visionary filmmaker

stanley kubrick : exhibition details: "If the moving image emerged as the greatest artform of the last century, the films of Stanley Kubrick are among its most outstanding achievements. Visionary and endlessly inventive, their images are among the most unforgettable in the history of cinema. "

Paramount To Purchase DreamWorks In $1.6B Deal

Paramount To Purchase DreamWorks In $1.6B Deal: "Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom Inc., has signed a definitive agreement to acquire DreamWorks SKG for $1.6 billion in cash and assumption of debt, the studio announced Dec. 11.

The deal brings Paramount all of DreamWorks' current projects in development; an ongoing production partnership with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, two of DreamWorks' co-founders; an exclusive, worldwide distribution agreement with DreamWorks Animation beginning in 2006; DreamWorks' live-action library; and DreamWorks' television division and its properties."

HD DVD Delayed

HD Notebook: "HD DVD Delayed; Sigma Designs, Pioneer Team Up on Blu-ray
Sigma Designs will work with Pioneer Corp. on jointly developing what the companies call a 'full-featured' Blu-ray DVD player using Sigma's SMP8630 media processors. Pioneer plans to introduce the new Blu-ray DVD player in the first half of 2006. "

10 dic. 2005

JVC Professional HD ProHD High definition Video from JVC

JVC Professional Europe :: X-treme Performance: "ProHD Hardware"
An anthology of user stories, practical guidance, industry reviews, technical explanations and other information relating to JVC's new concept in bringing progressive HD to a broad base of professional video users and producers.

THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

Cinema Village - Movie Information: "The IFP presents Adam Curtis' THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES: THE RISE OF THE POLITICS OF FEAR, the acclaimed and controversial three-part BBC documentary that suggests that the 'official truth' that we are threatened by a centrally led international terrorist network could be an illusion.

An Official Selection at this year's Cannes International Film festival, THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES was also shown at the San Francisco International Film Festival (where it received the Golden Gate Persistence of Vision Award) and Tribeca Film Festivals to much praise."

8 dic. 2005

JVC Professional GY-HD100U

JVC Professional Features page: "The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC's GY-HD100U opens a new area of digital cinematography, letting you unleash your creative potential with results that are nothing short of spectacular."

Panasonic rolls out AG-HVX200 camcorder

Panasonic rolls out AG-HVX200 camcorder
The AG HVX200, scheduled to ship for $5,995 ($6,995 with with two 4GB P2 cards, $9,995 with with two 8GB P2 cards) can capture images in 21 video formats, including such formats as HD 1080i and 720p, 1080/60i, 30p, 24p, 720/60p, 30p and 24p; 50mbps DVCPRO50, 25Mbps DVCPRO, and DV. The camera features a pair of P2 card slots, with cards currently available in 4GB and 8GB configurations. Depending on the mode the camera is set to shoot at, sample recording times range from four minutes per GB in DVCPRO format, to one minute per GB in DVCPRO HD720p.

Verizon Wireless to deliver CBS to phones | CNET News.com

Verizon Wireless to deliver CBS to phones | CNET News.com: "Verizon Wireless plans to start sending clips of popular CBS shows 'CSI,' 'Survivor' and 'Late Show with David Letterman' to mobile phones, marking CBS's first foray into wireless video. "

7 dic. 2005


ALTA DEFINICION HDV: "Por ello las cintas de video digitales que existen en el mercado hoy en día, pueden usarse para grabar bajo la norma HDV, que además soporta la calidad de sonido de un CD de audio.
Los equipos HDV proporcionan casi el doble de resolución que los formatos NTSC, PAL y SECAM. Por eso se producen imágenes definitivamente vívidas y nítidas, que visualizadas en pantallas rectangulares con proporciones 16:9 (16 partes de ancho por 9 de alto

5 dic. 2005


PARK RIDGE, N.J., Dec. 5, 2005 - The Shoah Visual History Foundation, an organization founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg dedicated to preserving and sharing its massive archive of Holocaust survivor and witness testimonies, this year completed digitization of 52,000 videotaped interviews from 57 countries in 32 languages.

The foundation now owns about 125,000 hours of digital footage totaling more than 15 petabytes of uncompressed data, and more than 150 terabytes of compressed data in MPEG format.

Cowparade en Mexico

Cowparade en Mexico

2 dic. 2005

Y Apple no se queda atras el Ipod video es un Exito

Las noticias sobre el video sobre demanda VOD nos hacen reflexionar sobre las oportunidades que existen ahora para todos en la creación de contenidos digitales, la era de los grandes "networks" unilaterales se empieza a mover hacia una democratización del uso del video y la televisión por parte de mas y mas personas a través de las nuevas tecnologías como el podcasting y el videoblogging

Finding harmony among iPod rivals | CNET News.com: "Hoping to loosen Apple Computer's grip on the digital music player market, Microsoft is rallying consumer electronics companies to form a common link.
The software maker is part of a working group launched last week by the Consumer Electronics Association to develop a standard port for connecting gadgets like music players to audio systems in homes and cars"

Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers

La Television empieza a cambiar con los nuevos media players a partir de ahora podras ver la television desde cualquier lugar

Portable Media Centers put all of your favorite video, music, and pictures at your fingertips wherever you are. Take digital entertainment from your computer with you on the go, including recorded TV shows, downloaded videos, home movies, music, and photos. With Windows Mobile software that features an easy-to-use, familiar Windows XP Media Center Edition interface, Portable Media Centers let you enjoy immediate access to all of your favorite entertainment anytime, anywhere

1 dic. 2005

Fox sees Blu-ray DVDs gaining edge

Fox sees Blu-ray DVDs gaining edge | CNET News.com: "Fox Filmed Entertainment sees the Sony-led Blu-ray high-definition DVDs winning the next-generation DVD technology battle on the back of widespread Hollywood support and the release next year of the PlayStation 3 video game console. "

28 nov. 2005

Multidistrict effort puts books in the hands of Mexican children

Rotary International: Newsroom: Multidistrict effort puts books in the hands of Mexican children: "Rotarians and Rotaractors in three Rotary International districts in the United States and Mexico are providing these books to enhance literacy and education in schools and communities in the Mexican state of Sonora, adjacent to the U.S. state of Arizona. In all, 10 clubs are supporting the project, which is establishing seven separate school libraries and two children's reading rooms in community libraries. "

Bush endurecerá los controles fronterizos con México

Bush endurecer? los controles fronterizos: "'Vamos a endurecer el cumplimiento de nuestras leyes de inmigración, vamos a asegurar la frontera para impedir cruces ilegales y, junto con el Congreso, vamos a crear un programa de trabajadores temporales que restará presión a la frontera, sacará de las sombras a los trabajadores y rechazará una amnistía', dijo Bush."


SIENTATE! EL ULTIMO ROBOT RECREATIVO SONY AIBO ENTIENDE ESPAÑOL: "El último AIBO Entertainment Robot de Sony, el modelo ERS-7M3, viene con el nuevo software AIBO MIND 3 que ayuda a la mascota de cuatro patas a realizar toda una serie de gracias nuevas.


HVR-Z1U Is Key Element in Production of HBO Documentary
PARK RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 28, 2005 - Veteran videographer and journalist Jon Alpert recently took Sony's HVR-Z1U professional HDV? camcorder behind the scenes to shoot the HBO 'docu-comedy' based on reality 'House Arrest,' which premiered on the cable network on Thanksgiving night, Thursday, Nov. 24.
'The production presented some unique challenges, and would not have been possible, or at least not have turned out the way it did, without this camcorder,' Alpert said.
'House Arrest' follows a day in the life of Chris Colombo, scion of the famous New York Colombo family. Following his recent arrest on federal racketeering charges, Colombo was released on bail and placed under house arrest, with an ankle bracelet, curfew and travel restrictions.
Alpert went up to Colombo's Orange County, N.Y., home to capture test footage, and ended up shooting an entire program's worth of material.
'This show basically started by accident,' Alpert said. 'HBO had been approached about doing a show on Chris Colombo and sent me there to do a half-hour screen test. But what I was seeing through the lens was just so interesting that I just kept recording. I didn't get home until 2:30 am, and when we were done we knew had a ready-made TV show. We basically shot the whole show in a day.'
From Colombo's home to his limo and various points in between, Alpert and the HVR-Z1U were able to discreetly capture even the smallest details that make the footage come alive on the screen.
'The look of it is astonishing,' Alpert said. 'You'll see beads of sweat, tears, things you"

Televisa encabeza a un grupo de empresas que ganan una licencia de televisión en España

Grupo Televisa, la empresa de televisión en español más grande del mundo, encabezó un grupo de compañías que ganaron una licencia para abrir un canal de televisión analógico en España.

25 nov. 2005

Documental Oaxaca

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Produccion en Alta Definición Oaxaca

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Todo lo aprendi en el kinder

Todo lo aprendi en el kinder
Todo lo que es necesario saber para vivir, lo aprendi en el kinder.
La Sabiduría no se encuentra al final de la maestría universitaria, sino en la pila de arena del Jardín de Niños.

Esto es lo que aprendí:

Comparte todo,
juega limpio,
no golpees a las personas,
pon las cosas donde las encontraste,
limpia tu tiradero,
pide perdón cuando hieras a alguien,
lávate las manos antes de comer,
pan caliente y leche fría son buenos para ti.
Vive una vida equilibrada
Aprende algo,
piensa algo,
trabaja cada día un poco,
y duerme una siesta por las tardes.
Cuando salgas al mundo, pon atención, tómate de las manos y permanece unido.

Toma cualquiera de estos puntos y aplicalos al sofisticado mundo de los adultos y a tu vida familiar, a tu trabajo, al gobierno y al mundo y verás que sostiene la verdad clara y firme.

Piensa qué clase de mundo tendríamos si todos siguiéramos comportándonos así.

Robert Fulghum Todo lo aprendi en el kinder
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten




CowParade que ya se ha presentado en varias ciudades alrededor del mundo entre ellas Zurich, Praga, Brucelas, Nueva York, Estocolmo, Tokio, Sydney, ahora llega a México con todo su esplendor y colorido.

Al menos 200 vacas de fibra de vidrio que han sido intervenidas por artistas mexicanos están listas para arrancar el "CowParade Lala México 2005".

De esa manera, los capitalinos podrán encontrarse en diversas calles de la Ciudad de México, en cinco sitios, como es Paseo de la Reforma, Polanco, Santa Fe, Alameda Central y en la colonia Condesa, vacas en diferentes posturas, formas, estilos, técnicas y variedad de disciplinas.

Informes: infomexico@cowparade.com
Ventas / patrocinios: ventas@cowparade.com
Artistas: fvilchis@cowparade.com

EETimes.com - Japan demonstrates next-gen TV broadcast

EETimes.com - Japan demonstrates next-gen TV broadcast: "Japan demonstrates next-gen TV broadcast "

TOKYO ? Aiming at next-generation broadcasting, Japan Broadcast Corporation (NHK) has demonstrated a live relay of a 4x x 8k resolution Super Hi-Vision program connecting a 260-km distance by a fiberoptic network.

NHK's next-generation broadcasting system can convey the sensation of reality to viewers. Super Hi-Vision is the provisional format for that purpose, achieving 7680 x 4320 pixels.

21 nov. 2005

Disney y ESPN obtuvieron la distribución de Disney Channel y Jetix además de los canales ESPN

Disney y ESPN obtuvieron la distribución
de Disney Channel y Jetix además de los canales ESPN
Disney y ESPN han asumido la distribución en América Latina de Disney Channel y Jetix

Walt Disney Television International Latin America y ESPN Latin America comenzaran a operar una nueva entidad, Disney & ESPN Media Networks Latin America, la cual estará a cargo de las ventas de sus canales de televisión ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN+, ESPN Brasil, Disney Channel y Jetix.

16 nov. 2005

Canon USA Consumer Products - Camcorders - XL H1 - Specifications

Canon USA Consumer Products - Camcorders - XL H1 - Specifications: " XL H1 :: Specifications"

La nueva cámara de alta definición de Sony tiene mejor manejo de luz

60i a 1/60 de velocidad shutter speed = 7 lux
30F a 1/30 de velocidad shutter speed = 4 lux
24F a 1/48 de velocidad shutter speed = 6 lux

14 nov. 2005

A Legend Refined

A Legend Refined: "The legend that is the DVX100 camera continues unabashed in the DVX100B. Truth is, for many of us, standard definition is our bread and butter, and still very much the place to be. After all, it's how we really earn our living every day, in our news broadcasts, web videos, and DVDs. It is in this realm that the Panasonic DVX100B can help us, economically and with gusto."

10 nov. 2005

Nikon D200, 10.2 mp, Exclusive Preview: Digital Photography Review

Nikon D200, 10.2 mp, Exclusive Preview: Digital Photography Review: "Nikon has today announced (not to everyones surprise) the Nikon D200, a ten-point-two megapixel digital SLR with professional features and build quality in a compact body. From a features and functionality point of view the D200 is much closer to the D2X than the D100. Highlights are a magnesium-alloy body, an 11-area AF sensor, 3D Color Matrix Metering II, 5 frames per second continuous shooting, 2.5' LCD monitor, USB 2.0, 1/250 sec X-sync plus WiFi and GPS support. The D200 is about 100g heavier than the D100 but 240g lighter than the D2X. Best of all is the price, body-only, $1,849 in the US. We have a full detailed hands-on preview of the Nikon D200 available now. "

31 oct. 2005

La fiesta de muertos en Oaxaca

Los altares de Muertos
Los nativos de la población comienzan a arreglar sus altares desde el 30 de octubre para que el día siguiente, en punto de las 3 de la tarde y al repique de las campanas de la Iglesia, reciban a los Angelitos, con un caminito de pétalos de cempasúchil de la puerta de la casa al altar, en donde humea el copal en un pequeño brasero.

Estamos filmando un documental sobre las festividades de muesrtos del 28 de Noviembre al 9 de Noviembre en Oaxaca Mexico
El documental filmado en alta definicion incluye las visitas a los sembradios de flores, los panteones, visitas la las casas en donde se realizan altares, las fiestas en los mercados y las ciudad etc tan pronto regrese estare publicando algunas fotografias de esta bellìsima tradiciòn mexicana


27 oct. 2005

Plugins for Final Cut Pro and After Effects rotoscoping

HD For Indies: "Silhouette ships new version 2.1 of Roto, ships Paint 1.0, drops prices

These guys make plugins for Final Cut Pro and After Effects to do a variety of nifty things. If you need to do paint or roto tasks, and want to do it inside FCP or AE, you should seriously check this out "

CitiDISK HDV I/O firewire disk for HDV Cameras

Shining Technology, Inc: I/O Device Leader.: "CitiDISK HDV - FireWire
Ready to Save Shooting Time? Plug into CitiDISK HDV
Time is money. And since you can't re-capture time, the CitiDISK HDV is a highly effective tool, eliminating the time consuming process of re-capturing HDV/DV footage from HDV/DV camcorder tapes into non-linear editing (NLE) systems.
CitiDISK HDV is powerful, lightweight, portable and, with its internal rechargeable battery, it connects directly to HDV/DV camcorders and captures HDV/DV footage to its miniature high-capacity hard drive and to tape simultaneously - directly from the camera's FireWire port into your choice of file-formats (.M2T, .MOV, .AVI, .DV and others). When done shooting, set your camcorder to VCR mode to 'QPLAY' the last scenes on the viewfinder or simply plug it into your computer's FireWire port and edit/play directly on the digitized video at anytime.

Optimized For Video Professionals
With its small form-factor, high-capacity and rugged design, CitiDISK HDV is ideally suited for broadcast and video professionals in the field. Typical applications include event video, cooperate video, wedding, ceremony and etc. "

ARRI D20 Digital Cinematography camera

Various test shoots with a pre-production model of the ARRIFLEX D-20 were conducted after NAB and Cine Gear. Cinematographers Curtis Clarke, ASC, Vice President of the ASC and Chairman of the ASC Technology Committee, Walter Lindenlaub, ASC, Eric Adkins, Jon Fauer, ASC and Sam Nicholson were the first in the US to test with the D-20 in and around Los Angeles. "

Los 10 mejores productos del 2005

Los 100 mejores productos del 2005

Top ten

1. Mozilla Firefox
2. Gmail
3. Apple Mac OS X Versión 10.4 (Tiger)
4. Productos inalámbricos Belkin, Pre-N Router y tarjeta de red para Notebook
5. LCD WideScreen de 24' Dell Ultrasharp 2405FPW
6. Computadora Alienware Aurora 5500
7. Disco Duro portatil Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Drive
8. Skype
9. Cámara digital Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
10. PalmOne Treo 650"

26 oct. 2005

Cine Directores

SECCIÓN DE DIRECTORES DEL S.T.P.C.Félix Parra 130, Col. San José Insurgentes.Tels. 5660 4327 - 5651 9611 - 5651 9633 - 5651 9047www.cinedirectores.comcontacto@cinedirectores.com
Tercer Master Class de dirección cinematográfica
Seminario de Dirección de cine
Clave: T30MC

Dirigido a estudiantes, a egresados de cine, de ciencias de la comunicación, a profesionales del medio y a todo aquél interesado en la dirección cinematográfica.

(Un baúl lleno de miedo; Que vivan los muertos)

(Un mundo raro)

(Canoa; Su alteza serenísima)

(El gavilán de la sierra; Elisa... antes del fin del mundo)

(Cananea; Acosada)

(La primera noche; El tigre de Santa Julia)

(Llámenme Mike, Va de nuez)

(Cuando un hombre ama a una mujer, Voces inocentes)

(Dame tu cuerpo; Corazones rotos; Cilantro y perejil)

(Esperanza; En un claroscuro de la Luna)

Si desea obtener más información acerca de alguno de estos directores, por favor remítase a su filmografía y semblanza completa en la sección DIRECTORES de nuestro sitio en internet (www.cinedirectores.com).
5 de noviembre
Rafael Montero
Nuevas tecnologías para rodar en video digital.
Corazones rotos
35 mm.
Preguntas sin respuesta.
(Por confirmar)
12 de noviembre
Sergio Olhovich
La edición.
Aspectos técnicos y creativos.
En un claroscuro de la luna.
35 mm.
19 de noviembre
Felipe Cazals
Puesta en cámara.
Proceso de rodaje.
Aspectos técnicos y creativos.
El apando.
35 mm.
Las vueltas del Citrillo.
35 mm.
(Por confirmar)
26 de noviembre
Luis Mandoki
Fotógrafo, dirección de arte, vestuario, música, escenografía, diseño de sonido, continuista, asistentes de dirección.
Voces Inocentes.
35 mm.
3 de diciembre
Marcela Fernández Violante
La mujer directora de cine. Los géneros cinematográficos. Los sindicatos en el cine.
35 mm.
Golpe de suerte.
35 mm.
(Por confirmar)
10 de diciembre
Joaquín Bissner
Trabajo previo y durante el rodaje con actores.
Un baúl lleno de miedo.
35 mm.
7 de enero
Juan Antonio
de la Riva
Proceso de preparación.
Aspectos técnicos y creativos.
Relación con el productor y su equipo.
El gavilán de la sierra.
35 mm.
14 de enero
Alfredo Gurrola
Financiamiento de un proyecto.
Carpeta de producción.
Llámenme Mike.
35 mm o DVD.
Va de nuez.
35 mm.
(Por confirmar)
21 de enero
Alejandro Gamboa
Proceso de terminación de una película.
El tigre de santa Julia.
35 mm.
28 de enero
Armando Casas
Interpretación del guión.
Cine de autor.
Un mundo raro.
35 mm.

El objetivo del Master Class es que los estudiantes comprendan y apliquen el proceso de dirección de una película, perfeccionando sus conocimientos técnicos y artísticos.

El Master Class será impartido en las instalaciones de los Estudios Churubusco Azteca, Sala Silvestre Revueltas y Sala THX. Atletas núm. 2, colonia Country Club; c.p. 04220, del. Coyoacán. Metro General Anaya, atrás del Centro Nacional de las Artes (C.N.A.)

10 sesiones, los sábados
de 11 a 20 hrs.
(80 horas, con validez curricular)

05 de noviembre de 2005
28 de enero de 2006

28 de enero: brindis y entrega de certificados.

Los sábados 17, 24 y 31 de diciembre no habrá sesiones.

Las comidas de las diez sesiones están incluidas en el costo del Master Class y serán ofrecidas en las instalaciones de los Estudios Churubusco.
Costo: $7,500.00
Modos de pago:
a) Un solo pago por el total al momento de la inscripción.
b) Dos pagos de $ 3,750; el primero, al momento de la inscripción y el segundo a más tardar el 9 de diciembre de 2005.

Costo para ex alumnos de otros talleres de la Sección de Directores: $7,000.00.
Modos de pago:
a) Un solo pago por el total al momento de la inscripción.
b) Dos pagos de $ 3,500; el primero, al momento de la inscripción y el segundo a más tardar el 9 de diciembre de 2005.

· Para poder empezar el trámite de inscripción es imprescindible llenar y mandar la solicitud.
· Dos fotografías tamaño infantil.
· Hacer el pago correspondiente. La forma de efectuar el pago será únicamente por medio de un depósito en BBVA Bancomer al número de cuenta 00445541557 a nombre de: Sección de Directores del S.T.P.C. de la R.M. No se aceptarán pagos parciales diferentes de los arriba especificados.

a) Especificar el nombre del alumno en la ficha de depósito, como referencia, en el momento de hacer el pago en el banco.
b) Entregar la ficha de depósito para la elaboración de la factura.
c) Que confirmes la realización de tu depósito para acreditar tu inscripción enviando la ficha por fax o escaneada por e-mail y llamándonos a alguno de los teléfonos que aparecen hasta abajo.

Formulario para la solicitud de inscripción
El formulario se encuentra disponible para su descarga en la página web del Sindicato de Directores (www.cinedirectores.com). Busque la sección de talleres, luego el Seminario Master Class y revise la página.

Informes e inscripciones
Directores Cinematográficos
Félix Parra 130,
col. San José Insurgentes
5660 4327 5651 9633 5651 9611 5651 9047.
Horario de oficina
de Lunes a viernes de 10:30 a 14:30 horas.


Cierre de inscripciones
Lunes 31 de octubre, a las 13:30 horas.

El Post FIAP mostrará nuevas tendencias de la publicidad mundial

Lo mejor del Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad 2005

Tonos imagenes videos Logos para Celular Ring tones Celulares phone logos ringtones

Tonos imagenes videos Logos para Celular Ring tones Celulares phone logos ringtones: "Tonos, melodías videos imágenes y logos para tu Celular
Ringtones Melodías videos y Logos para celulares de todos los paises del mundo"

Sony SXRD El Cine Digital proyectado al doble de Alta Definicion HDTV formato 4k


Debate sobre Desastres Naturales Moderadora Mayté Noriega

Mayte Noriega : "Debate sobre Desastres Naturales, efectuado en el programa Frente a las Cámaras, producido por la Coordinación General de Comunicación Social de la Cámara de Diputados, que se difunde los viernes a las 19:00 por el Canal del Congreso de la Unión; los domingos a las 09:30 por el Canal del Congreso y a las 10:30 por PCTV, y los lunes a las 21:00 horas por el Canal del Congreso.

Nuestro Equipo de Producción de Video Film y Televisión

Nuestro Equipo de Producción de Video Film y Televisión: "La comunicación audiovisual en cine, video y fotografía es un arte multidisciplinario que requiere de sensibilidad y de conocimientos
para lograr los objetivos de comunicación que se plantean al diseñar un programa. La experiencia, el dominio de la técnica, la creatividad, el arte y talento de nuestros productores, directores, editores y camarógrafos son las razones por las que nuestros clientes nos contratan."

Mayté Noriega Escritora y Guionista Premiada

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Mayté Noriega en la búsqueda constante de la verdad

27 aniversario de Ocho Columnas: "Mayté Noriega en la búsqueda constante de la verdad
Se trata de una mujer de enorme trayectoria cuyo trabajo lo ha desempeñado por el bien de México y que este añoo recibió el Galardón Nacional por su gran desempeño periodístico

Cortometrajes cortos y documentales filmacion en cine 16mm Mexico

Cortometrajes cortos y documentales filmacion en cine 16mm Mexico: "Cortometrajes, video clips y comerciales en cine 16 mm
Filmación de cortos, videoclips, y comerciales de televisión estudiantes de cine graduados con equipo Bolex SBM Sync de 16 mm "

El Cine Digital Avanza Sony SXRD 4K Projector

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Combination of Sony SXRD 4K Projector and QuVIS 4K Capable Server Offers Exhibitors the Core Infrastructure Necessary for a New Era of Cinema Technology
ORLANDO, Oct. 25, 2005 - Here at ShowEast this week, Sony Electronics and QuVIS are announcing the availability of QuVIS' Cinema Server, which has been developed by QuVIS to work with Sony's SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) 4K digital cinema projector. "

25 oct. 2005


Cars: "Title: Speed Cars
Location: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez"

Streaming Media Puros Te Amo

Streaming Media: "Title: Puros Te Amo
Location: Mexico
Director Streaming Media:Jose Noriega"

Fiorentina Lingerie

Fiorentina Lingerie: "Fiorentina
Location: Mexico
Director: José María Noriega"

Proyecto 48 Jose Noriega Producer

Proyecto 48 Jose Noriega Producer: "VideoWorld Ganadores de Proyecto 48


Naked Art Programa de Arte para Television

Naked Art: "Jose Luis Cuevas

Fotografias del Programa Naked Art sobre Jose Luis Cuevas
Direccion y Produccion Leonora Martin del Campo & Jose Maria Noriega"

KODAK:40th Anniversary of Super 8 film

KODAK:40th Anniversary of Super 8 film: "Super 8 film is alive and well, and serving a vital segment of today's filmmaking industry.
Eastman Kodak Company remains committed to providing Super 8 camera users a range of products and creative choices. As such, Kodak has added a new color reversal film to its Super 8 portfolio-the super-saturated, fine grain KODAK EKTACHROME 64T Color Reversal Film 7280 will be available in August of this year.
'Introduced in 1965, Super 8 film has found new life with each new generation of filmmakers that continue to embrace the format,' said Bob Mayson, general manager and vice president for Image Capture products, Entertainment Imaging division at Eastman Kodak Company. 'Forty years after its introduction, this small-gauge film still provides an easy, inexpensive way for students and enthusiasts to work at film resolutions and color depths as yet unmatched by the latest digital technologies.'"

La proveedora de contenidos Claxson está interesado en la TV de Paga en México

Pese a que la piratería frena a la industria de la televisión de paga, la empresa de canales televisivos y proveedora de contenidos, Claxson, busca oportunidades de adquisición y alianza con alguna compañía mexicana.

La economía mexicana creció 4.5% en agosto del 2005

La economía mexicana creció 4.5% en agosto del año en curso, en relación con el mismo mes del año anterior, informó el Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática (INEGI).
Con ello, durante los primeros ocho meses del 2005, la actividad económica avanzó en promedio 2.8%, reveló el Indicador Global de la Actividad Económica (IGAE).

Hispanic Television director of multicultural marketing out of COX

[B&C/MCN] Hispanic Television Update Newsletter - October 25, 2005: "Cruz Cruises Out of Cox
César Cruz, Cox Communications Inc.'s director of multicultural marketing, walked out the exit door last Friday. But that cable operator's loss of a top Hispanic market executive could be a gain for other cable companies seeking outside expertise."


SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 25, 2005 - Macintosh computer owners will soon be able to reap the benefits of Sony's latest generation of DVD burners with the new Mac-compatible DRX-810UL/T model.
The external double and dual layer DVD drive will begin shipping next month with Roxio's Toast 6 Lite for Mac compatibility.
With the new DRX-810UL/T DVD burner and Toast 6 Lite software, Mac users will be able to store and share home movies, digital photos, and music at 8X maximum for DVD+R Double Layer (DL) recording speed, enabling them to burn up to 8.5GB of video, data, music or images on compatible media in about fifteen minutes. "

La economía de la Riviera Maya devastada

La industria turística del sureste mexicano, golpeada por los destrozos que trajo el huracán Wilma a las instalaciones hospitalarias y de entretenimiento de centros turísticos como Cancún, Cozumel y Playa del Carmen, comenzó a valorar los daños que trajo el fenómeno a fin de intentar ponerse de pie para las vacaciones de fin de año.


MEXICO, 24 (ANSA) - La desolación, la escasez y el caos reinaban hoy en el corredor turístico Cancún-Riviera Maya, sureste de México, el mayor de América Latina, que concentra casi el 40 por ciento de la actividad del sector en el país, tras el impacto del huracán Wilma."

24 oct. 2005


Industry Screenings Debut Product Now Available and Shipping to Customers
PARK RIDGE, N.J., Oct. 24, 2005 - Sony is heading into the ShowEast convention in Orlando following a successful unveiling of the market-ready version of its digital cinema SXRD� (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) 4K projector.
Ushering in a new era in theatrical exhibition, the professional front projector (model SRX-R110) started shipping earlier this month, and Sony intends to begin producing 100 units per month by December.
During a day of movie industry screenings last week in Hollywood, Sony showed a variety of 2K and 4K footage, highlighting the unique capabilities of the projector. Content screened included 'Mystic India,' 'Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,' 'The Sound of Music' and material from the DCI and ASC Standard Emulation Material (StEM). The footage was presented in both 4K and 2K resolution, as well as in side-by-side comparisons with a 2K DLP projector. "

Verizon adds 12 Spanish-language channels to its Verizon FiOS TV service

Verizon Communications Inc. has reached carriage agreements to add 12 Spanish-language channels to its Verizon FiOS TV service.
The regional Bell operating company reached a deal with TuTv, a joint venture between Grupo Televisa SA and Univision Communications Inc., to add De Pelicula, De Pelicula Clasico and Telehit.
And Verizon reached agreements with independently owned networks Canal SUR, TVE Internacional, Infinito, Cine Latino, Cine Mexicano, La Familia, TV Chile, TV Colombia and EWTN Español.
The company said all 12 channels are available on FiOS TV's Spanish-language package -- which has a total of 25 channels in Keller, Texas, where the service launched Sept. 22 -- and on its La Conexion package, which includes nearly 140 channels with English- and Spanish-language programming."

The ProHD Approach

By Steve Mullen

Though not a format unto itself, JVC´s ProHD pushes HDV forward by capturing PCM audio and true 24p.

ProHD Motion Smoothing
JVC´s first ProHD camcorder, the GY-HD100 can record 720p HDV at 24p with PCM audio.
At NAB 2005, JVC introduced its new HDV camcorder, the GY-HD100. This camcorder records to videotape in the HDV format, yet it is described as a ProHD product. ProHD is not a format unto itself, nor is it a sub-format of HDV. According to Dave Walton, JVC's general manager for corporate communications, ProHD is JVC's approach for delivering affordable HD products. It is also used to describe a family of bandwidth-efficient professional HD models

23 oct. 2005

Mexico: Map, History and Much More

Mexico: Map, History and Much More : "Mexico (mek'si-ko')

A country of south-central North America. Southern Mexico was the site of various advanced civilizations beginning with the Olmec and including the Maya, Zapotec, Toltec, Mixtec, and Aztec cultures. Mexico was conquered by Cort�s in 1521 and held by the Spanish until 1821. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the Mexican War (1846-1848) awarded all lands north of the Rio Grande to the United States. Mexico City is the capital and the largest city. Population: 104,000,000 ."

List of Famous Mexicans

List of Mexicans: Information From Answers.com: "List of Mexicans
This is a list of Mexicans who are famous."

List of Mexicans by net worth:

List of Mexicans by net worth: : "List of Mexicans by net worth
From Forbes magazine
Carlos Slim Helú - $13.9 billion
Jeronimo Arango - $4.0 billion
Eugenio Garza Laguera and family - $2.5 billion
Alberto Bailleres - $2.3 billion
Roberto Hernandez - $2.0 billion
Alfredo Harp Helu - $1.8 billion
Ricardo Salinas Pliego and family - $1.8 billion
Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala and family - $1.5 billion
Carlos Peralta and family - $1.5 billion
Isaac Saba Raffoul and family - $1.1 billion "

22 oct. 2005

Making The Movie Entrevista Director Danny Cannon GOAL Director

Making The Movie: "Este mes, en MTV At The Movies, contamos todos los detalles sobre una colosal y �pica película de fútbol, Goal! Con este bello juego como telón de fondo, Goal! nos cuenta la historia de Santiago (Kuno Becker), un gran aficionado al fútbol que, persiguiendo su sueñoo de llegar a ser profesional, abandona las barriadas de Los Angeles, para formar parte de un equipo de la Premiere League inglesa, el Newcastle United. "

Kuno Becker en "Goal"

Kuno Becker en "Goal" | terra: "Aquí Kuno Becker comparte créditos con astros del balompié como el inglés David Beckham y el francés Zinedine Zidane. La cinta es dirigida por el británico Danny Cannon.

21 oct. 2005

Goal! Mexican Actor Kuno Becker has a good start in this footbal history of rags to riches

Goal! movie Review at The Z Review UK movie review: "Goal!� is the first film to really capture the beautiful game on the big screen. With cameo appearances from most of the Newcastle first team and some other major footballing names, this is a movie that fans can actually cheer about. It might quite be at the top of the table but it does enough to make it into the UEFA cup places. "

Comerciales Cortos Filmacion en Cine 35 mm 16 mm Super 16mm Cinematografia Digital Mini 35 DV Super 8

Comerciales Cortos Filmacion en Cine 35 mm 16 mm Super 16mm Cinematografia Digital Mini 35 DV Super 8: "Por qué se utiliza el cine en la filmación de video clips ?

Los estudios demuestran que la gente recuerda solamente el 20% de lo que oye, y solamente 30% de lo que ve, y sin embargo un incre�ble 70% recuerda lo oye y ve. Con esto en mente, no es ninguna maravilla porqué las producciones de video clips son una herramienta tan eficaz y económica de las comunicaciones.
Los videoclips musicales revolucionaron la industria de la música desde principios de la década de los 80´s con la explosión de MTV y VH-1,
La mayoría de las grandes bandas como Quiet Riot, Poison y aun Yanni hicieron sus carreras basados enteramente en los la calidad de su música y video clips, los video clips permiten a los músicos expresar su visión y significación de sus obras de una manera más completa

Produccion de audio directo para comerciales cortos y largometrajes

Sistema de sonido directo
Para utilizar con cámaras de cine o video, utilizado en comerciales de TV cortos y largometrajes, incluye sonidista, boom y micrófono con mezclador de 4 canales con grabación en DAT o CD con código de tiempo
$550 Dólares por día$2150 Dólares por semana Posted by Picasa

Apple - Aperture

Apple - Aperture: "Designed from the ground up for professional photographers, Aperture provides everything you need for after the shoot, delivering the first all-in-one post-production tool for photographers.
Featuring a RAW-focused workflow, Aperture makes RAW as easy as JPEG, letting you import, edit, catalog, organize, retouch, publish, and archive your images more effectively and efficiently than ever before. From capture to output, you work directly with your RAW files, never having to first convert them into another format before viewing, adjusting, organizing, or printing them."

Apple Aperture, the first all-in-one post production tool that provides everything photographers need after the shoot.

Creative Cow - Read Post - COW: News & Press Releases: "Apple today introduced Aperture, the first all-in-one post production tool that provides everything photographers need after the shoot.

Aperture offers an advanced and incredibly fast RAW workflow that makes working with a camera's RAW images as easy as JPEG. Built from the ground up for pros, Aperture features powerful compare and select tools, nondestructive image processing, color managed printing and custom web and book publishing.

'Aperture is to professional photography what Final Cut Pro is to filmmaking,' said Rob Schoeben, Apple's vice president of Applications Marketing. 'Finally, an innovative post production tool that revolutionizes the pro photo workflow from compare and select to retouching to output.'

'Until now, RAW files have taken so long to work with,' said Heinz Kluetmeier, renowned sports photographer whose credits include over 100 Sports Illustrated covers. 'What amazed me about Aperture is that you can work directly with RAW files, you can loupe and stack them and it's almost instantaneous -- I suspect that I'm going to stop shooting JPEGs. Aperture just blew me away.'"

Television and Video now in your cellphone

Beyond the Headlines - Oct. 16, 2005#: "New iPod represents competition for broadcasters

Apple´s new technology opens a wide door to the entry of video podcasts, a new video-on-demand service that lets anyone produce and distribute video at a low cost.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, gave broadcasters no advance notice last week that he had targeted television for the next generation of his iPod MP3 player. As a result, the news left many shaking their heads, wondering what impact this revolution in technology might bring.
For the first time, hit prime time TV shows can be purchased online the day after they air, said Robert Iger, the new CEO of the Walt Disney Co., as he stood beside Jobs at a news conference in San Jose, CA.
Some of ABC´s most popular television shows, such as Desperate Housewives, and Lost, and the new drama series Night Stalker will be available 24 hours after their TV premiere, without commercials, for $1.99 per episode through Apple´s iTunes. Two shows from the Disney Channel, That´s so Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody will also be available.
Even if iPod users don´t choose to purchase prime time television programming, the new technology opens a very wide door to the entry of video podcasts, a new kind of video-on-demand that anyone can produce and distribute at a very low cost."

The transition from analog to digital television transmission will end in april 7 2009

RF Update October 21, 2005#: "April 7, 2009, as the hard date for completion the transition from analog to digital television transmission.
The committee´s reconciliation bill called the Digital Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005 also set Jan. 28, 2008, as the start date for auctioning off spectrum recovered from television broadcasters. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the spectrum auction will raise $10 billion.
The bill allocates $3 billion from the auction proceeds to fund a digital-to-analog converter box subsidy program. Ted Stevens (R-AK) who chairs the committee and offered the bill with co-chairman Daniel Inouye (D-HI), told participants at the Free Enterprise Fund Symposium in Washington, DC, that the converter box program will provide for a $10 consumer co-pay for device that costs about $50. "

La mercadotecnia y publicidad en celulares se extiende por todo el mundo tonos, logos, juegos java y MP3 para tu teléfono celular.

Ahora puedes vender y comprar tonos, logos, juegos java y MP3 para teléfono celular

Los grandes proveedores de contenido incluidas las disqueras, canales de television, grandes fabricantes de productos de consumo y otro, se nos han acercado para que los ayudemos a vender contenidos en moviles y celulares, contamos con el soporte necesario para que cualquier persona o institución pueda vender contenidos en celulares atraves de todo el mundo por la red de internet y otras redes inalambricas como ejemplo de los contenidos que estamos comercializando estan.
videos y animaciones para todo tipo de celular, fondos animados tonos moviles sonidos polifonicos tonos Philips 355 tonos polifonicos Nokia 6100 tonos ericsson tonos logos nokia melodias para samsung logos Nokia 6100 melodias Sony-Ericsson T630 tonos Nokia 7200 melodias Siemens A55 moviles logostonos Nokia 3510i logos sms mensajes animados logos para siemens melodias chistes moviles melodias Nokia 6600 tonos logo
Visita nuestra sitio y podras darte cuenta de todos los servicios que actualmente puedes vender a traves de celulares

20 oct. 2005

Google revenue nearly doubles

Google revenue nearly doubles | CNET News.com: "Internet search engine giant Google saw its third-quarter revenue nearly double from a year ago and profit rise in what usually is a slow Web surfing period.
Listen up
Google CEO Eric Schmidt talks about Google's quarterly earnings.
Listen now... (709kb mp3)
Google CEO Eric Schmidt discusses the importance of Internet access to the company's business.
Listen now... (804kb mp3)
Google co-founder Larry Page talking about Google's bid to build a wi-fi system for City of San Francisco.
Listen now... (544kb mp3) The Internet bellwether on Thursday posted a net income of $381.2 million, or $1.32 a share, on record revenue of $1.58 billion, up 96 percent from a year earlier on strong global advertising.
A year ago, the company posted earnings of 19 cents a share and revenue of $805.9 million, Google said.
Excluding $530 million in traffic acquisition costs, the portion of revenue shared with partners, Google posted revenue of $1.05 billion. "

Panasonic's AJ-HDC27H - VariCam Variable Frame Rate 16:9 HD Cinema Camera with CineGamma Software

Learn about Panasonic's AJ-HDC27H - VariCam Variable Frame Rate 16:9 HD CinemaTM Camera with CineGammaTM Software: "AJ-HDC27H
VariCam� Variable Frame Rate 16:9 HD CinemaTM Camera with CineGammaTM Software

U.S. List Price $65,900.00"

Training in Filmmaking Courses, Filmmaking Schools Online, Cinematography Schools

Training in Filmmaking Courses, Filmmaking Schools Online, Cinematography Schools: "Students study both the aesthetic and mechanical differences between short-form music videos and commercials and other forms of film production with a hands-on approach that takes them through every phase of the actual production process. Students learn cinematography in 35mm, Super-16mm, 16mm and HD formats while also gaining a solid foundation in digital non-linear editing and compositing. Practical music industry career skills include pitching ideas to potential clients, bidding and budgeting productions as well as setting up an independent production company. The program culminates in a final project in which each student directly applies the skills of directing, producing, cinematography, editing, and compositing in creating a professional-level music video or commercial for their demo reel."

Shooting Music Video With The Panasonic SDX900 Camera

Shooting Music Video With The Panasonic SDX900 Camera: "Shooting Music Video With The Panasonic SDX900 Camera

The Right Tool For The Right Job
By Eric Gustavo Petersen

The DVD Writer: HD Camcorders--Writable Blu-ray Disc vs. HD DVD

EMediaLive.com: The DVD Writer: HD Camcorders--Writable Blu-ray Disc vs. HD DVD: "The DVD Writer: HD Camcorders--Writable Blu-ray Disc vs. HD DVD
By Hugh Bennett - Posted Oct 18, 2005 Print Version Page 1of 1

We all know that writable Blu-ray Discs (BD) store a lot more information than HD DVDs. But does it really matter? When it comes to employing them in next-generation high-definition (HD) camcorders, it certainly does.

Predictably, debate over the relative capacity merits of BD and HD DVD centers on truck-and-trade prerecorded 12cm discs. Single-layer (SL) HD DVDs hold 15GB and dual-layer (DL) 30GB while equivalent BDs accommodate 25GB and 50GB respectively. HD DVD's space deficit puts its promoters on the defensive insisting that, with advanced MPEG-4 AVC and VC-1 video compression, capacity is just fine for distributing TV shows and Hollywood movies. I'll leave that one for the industry politicians to duke out, but HD DVD's inferior capacity is most certainly a drawback for writable technology uses�especially blue laser HD camcorders that will rely on physically smaller 8cm discs."


Studio expected to release titles on format
By Paul Sweeting and Scott Hettrick 10/20/2005

In the biggest victory yet for Sony and the backers of Blu-ray in the war over the next-gen high-def DVD, Warner Home Video is expected to announce Thursday that the studio is embracing its rival's platform.

Warner has been the primary studio backer of Toshiba's so-called HD DVD format, which is incompatible with Blu-ray.

The studio, which will continue to support HD DVD, has been threatening to release movies in both formats since last month (VideoBusiness.com, 10-2)

One of the two other major studios in the HD DVD camp, Paramount Home Entertainment, became the first studio to hedge its exclusivity with HD camp when it announced earlier this month that it would also publish movies on Blu-ray.

Warner was holding out for concessions by the Blu-ray group on a number of issues, particularly increased safeguards against unauthorized copying. Sources say the Blu-ray board voted at 5 p.m. Wednesday to approve revisions requested by Warner.

'This is something the HD DVD camp cannot recover from,' said one executive close to the negotiations.

But Toshiba, which has been aware of Warner's impending decision, is planning to go forward with the introduction next year of its competing high-def DVD.

'The studios have decided to allow consumers to decide, and that's a shame,' said one top studio exec."

19 oct. 2005

Analog TV ends analog switch-off for April 7, 2009

HDTU - Oct. 19, 2005: "HD Highlights

Senate draft sets analog switch-off for April 7, 2009
Oct 19, 2005 11:54 AM, HD Technology Update e-newsletter

A draft of a Senate bill sets April 7, 2009, as the date for the end of analog television transmission, the National Journal reported.
The bill floated late last week does not address the highly contentious issue of digital multicast must-carry. Broadcasters have sought a government mandate requiring cable operators to carry all of their free multicast DTV channels, while cable operators have resisted."

Technicolor Launches 90th Anniversary Edition of 'Glorious Technicolor: The Movies' Magic Rainbow'

Videography - The Daily Video Resource: "Technicolor Launches 90th Anniversary Edition of 'Glorious Technicolor: The Movies' Magic Rainbow'
Oct 19, 2005, 09:14

Technicolor, part of the Services division of Thomson, announced the launch of 'Glorious Technicolor: The Movies' Magic Rainbow,' a book commemorating the company's 90th anniversary.

The newly-revised book, authored and updated by entertainment industry journalist and historian Fred E. Basten, charts the nine-decade history of the entertainment services provider, Technicolor. Self-published by the company and distributed by Easton Studio Press through CDS Books, 'Glorious Technicolor: The Movies' Magic Rainbow' will be available online and at booksellers nationwide, beginning November 1, 2005, for $59.95. The new edition also features a special introduction by famed Hollywood director, Martin
Scorsese, who shares his earliest memories of seeing a film in Technicolor."

telemarketing tops for lead generation

Welcome to BtoBOnline.com: "Study finds telemarketing tops for lead generation, direct orders
Oct 19, 2005
New YorkThe Direct Marketing Association´s third annual report on direct marketing response rates, released Tuesday, showed that telephone, dimensional mail, e-mail and coupons had the best response rates for generating leads."

16 oct. 2005

La reconstruccion de Chiapas

El Universal Online - Los Estados.: "El gabinete, encabezado por el titular de la Secretaria de Gobernación (Segob), Carlos Abascal, estableció cuatro principios básicos para su operación: corresponsabilidad, subsidiariedad, eficacia y transparencia. "

11 oct. 2005

Mudanzas GOU Trailer de Equipo Pesado Fotografia Digital

Mudanzas GOU Motocicleta lista para embarque nacional

Preparacion de motocicleta para embarque internacional Mudanzas GOU fotografia digital para catalogos

Detalles de plataforma de mudanzas GOU fotografia digital

Alta tecnologia en Mudanzas GOU Fotografia Digital para Catalogos

Equipo listo para envio Mudanzas GOU fotografia digital catalogo

Fotografia Digital Mudanzas GOU Detalles de Amarres

Catalogo Fotografia Digital Mudanzas GOU Moto lista para embarque

Preparando La Harley Davidson para Envio a USA Mudanzas GOU Mexico

Catalogo Fotogr�fico Mudanzas GOU

KODAK: Super 8mm

KODAK: Super 8mm: "Super 8 mm Success Stories

First-Time Filmmakers Dream Comes True.
A Super 8 mm film short created by a group of young British filmmakers was officially selected for competition in the 2005 Cannes International Film Festival. Out of over 3,500 short film entries - only nine were selected. The Man Who Met Himself was the only film from the UK in the entire competition.

Ben Crowe
27-year old Ben Crowe produced, directed and wrote the film and edited it on his home computer. Ben said, 'When I got the call I was at work and I thought it was my producer James playing a trick. I immediately called my co-writer Preti but only got her voice mail. This was an amazing recognition and opportunity for any filmmaker, but for a small independent team, it is a dream come true.'"

KODAK: Super 8mm

KODAK: Super 8mm

Como el Ave Fenix El cine super 8 sigue vivo en su 40avo aniversario

10 oct. 2005

Canon Camera Museum

Canon Camera Museum

Un paseo tecnólogico de imagens y sonido con las mejores cámaras de Canon

The worldwide market for mobile TV will explode over the next five years

marcus evans - events, conferences, summits, training: "'The worldwide market for mobile TV will explode over the next five years, with as many as 250 million subscribers spending $27 billion by 2010. '
As mobile phones achieve virtual omnipresence throughout the world Mobile TV and Video Streaming Forum addresses the latest killer application - its current impact and future developments."

Canopus EDIUS Pro 3 Video Editing Software Transforms the Way KRON 4 Gets News Ready to Air: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Canopus EDIUS Pro 3 Video Editing Software Transforms the Way KRON 4 Gets News Ready to Air: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "For shooting the news, KRON 4 is using Panasonic AJ-SPX800 DVCPRO P2 and Sony HVRZ1U camcorders. These camcorders combined with EDIUS Pro 3 provide KRON 4 staff with unparalleled productivity gains. With the Sony camcorder, EDIUS Pro 3 and a laptop, KRON 4 staff has the flexibility to edit in the field and get content to air promptly. EDIUS Pro 3 supports mixed format, real time editing of a wide range of industry standard DV and HD file types, including Panasonic's P2 MXF (Material eXchange Format) format, which gives editors direct access to footage from the Panasonic P2 card, eliminating the time-consuming task of capturing footage from tape. This immediate access to footage speeds up workflow and lets the professionals at KRON 4 go directly from shooting to editing."

Audio & Multimedia - MPEG-4 Video Coding

Fraunhofer IIS - Audio & Multimedia - MPEG-4 Video Coding: "Audio & Multimedia MPEG-4 Video Coding"

Sony announces HDV version of XDCAM camcorder/decks

Sony announces HDV version of XDCAM camcorder/decks: "Oct 4, 2005 12:55 PM

With more than 8,000 units of its XDCAM Professional Disc system already delivered worldwide, Sony will introduce a high-definition version of the optical technology in March 2006.

Since its launch at NAB 2004, the XDCAM system has become the fastest-growing tapeless acquisition system in the world. It is widely used by news organizations, videographers and for television production�especially in the reality TV genre. In addition, corporations, educational and government facilities, houses of worship, and major sports teams are realizing the benefits of the XDCAM system�s tapeless workflow. "

6 oct. 2005

Internet television will pass Broadcast Television a Report

IPTV Report - Overview: "The convergence of broadband and broadcast delivery will inevitably disrupt existing telecommunications and television industries as they collide and collapse conventional boundaries.
The network television revolution will change channels of distribution and fundamentally affect the way television is viewed in the future."

4 oct. 2005

St. Regis Hotels to Build St. Regis, Mexico City

Top Stories & Trends - St. Regis Hotels to Build St. Regis, Mexico City: "Top Stories & Trends

St. Regis Hotels to Build St. Regis, Mexico City
Published on: September 30, 2005

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has announced plans to build the first St. Regis Hotel in Latin America. Scheduled to open in 2007, the St. Regis Hotel, Mexico City is owned by Grupo 1818, a group of several Mexican real estate investors and developed by Ideurban Consultores, one of the largest real estate development companies in Mexico. When it debuts, the property will offer 189 guest rooms and suites and approximately 100 private residences. Hotel guests and Residence owners will enjoy full access to the hotel's services and amenities including its butler service, a Remede Spa, restaurants and wine cellar. The St. Regis Hotel, Mexico City will be located in a landmark building designed by architect Cesar Pelli, recognized worldwide for the Torre de Cristal in Barcelona and the International Finance Center in Hong Kong. Toronto's Yabu Pushelberg, who is also heading the interior design of the St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, opening in November, will oversee the interior design of the building."

Soluciones de entretenimiento movil, servicios promocionales de telefonía celular

Tonos imagenes y Logos para Celular Ring tones Celulares phone logos: "Tonos, melodías, imágenes y logos para tu Celular Videos
Soluciones de entretenimiento movil, servicios promocionales de telefonía celular
Empresas de contendido, artistas y disqueras

Si usted es un profesional de la música (de una gran empresa discográfica o un artista independiente) que busca invertir en el mercado de entretenimiento móvil para distribuir su contenido musical a través de la red de distribución en Internet más grande a nivel mundial.

Te brindamos esta gran oportunidad, en la que usted puede aprovechar nuestra gran gama de soluciones y generar mayores ingresos.

Pregunta por nuestras soluciones a la medida:"

Mercadotecnia y Publicidad Realizacion de Stand FEESA, Folleteria, Botarga, Edecanes, Video Expo PYMES Centro de Exposiciones Banamex Octubre 3-7 2005 CD de Mexico

Inauguracion EXPO PYMES Stand FEESA


Stand FEESA Botarga Stand Video Edecanes

Mercadotecnia y Publicidad Integral Organizacion de Eventos

Realizacion de Stand FEESA Botarga Stand Edecanes Video
www.video.com.mx www.comda.com.mx www.signal.com.mx

Centro Banamex Exposicion FEESA
www.video.com.mx www.comda.com.mx www.signal.com.mx

Mercadotecnia y Publicidad FEESA Exposicion PYMES OCTUBRE 3 al 7 Construccion de Stand
www.video.com.mx www.comda.com.mx www.signal.com.mx

Filmacion de Videoclip Pachuca Hidalgo

Filmacion de Videoclip Pachuca Hidalgo
www.video.com.mx www.comda.com.mx www.signal.com.mx

Filmacion de Videoclip Pachuca Hidalgo

Filmacion de Videoclip Pachuca Hidalgo
www.video.com.mx www.comda.com.mx www.signal.com.mx

Tonos imagenes y Logos para Celular Ring tones Celulares phone logos ringtones

Tonos imagenes y Logos para Celular Ring tones Celulares phone logos ringtones: "Tonos, melodías imágenes y logos para tu Celular
Ringtones Melodías y Logos para celulares de todos los paises del mundo"

Sony Corporation ha firmado un acuerdo como Socio de la FIFA

FIFA.com El Sitio Oficial de la F�d�ration Internationale de Football Association: "Sony Corp. firma primer patrocinio global como Socio de la FIFA de 2007 a 2014

La FIFA se enorgullece en anunciar que Sony Corporation ha firmado un acuerdo como Socio de la FIFA en la innovadora y extensa categor�a de producto 'Digital Life' de 2007 a 2014, en uno de los mayores acuerdos de patrocinio en la historia del deporte, que consiste en el pago en efectivo de la suma record de USD 305 millones, además del apoyo a diversos actos y competiciones de la FIFA. Al mismo tiempo, esta es la primera vez que Sony Corporation pacta un acuerdo de patrocinio global de esta magnitud.

Los jugadores mexicanos celebran la obtención del Campeonato Mundial Sub-17 de la FIFA

FIFA.com El Sitio Oficial de la F�d�ration Internationale de Football Association: "Campeonato Mundial Sub-17 de la FIFA
M�xico hace historia, Holanda celebra el tercer puesto

Los jugadores mexicanos celebran la obtención del Campeonato Mundial Sub-17 de la FIFA Perú 2005 tras vencer a Brasil por 3-0 en el partido decisivo.
Mauro Alfieri

(FIFA.com) 03 oct 2005

Por primera vez en su historia futbolística México ha ganado un Campeonato Mundial de la FIFA. Los mexicanos vencieron en la final a los favoritos de Brasil por un claro 3-0. La auriverde, en cambio, sufrió la primera derrota en la final de un Campeonato Mundial Sub-17 de la FIFA desde el 2-3 frente a Ghana en Guayaquil (Ecuador 1995). "

30 sept. 2005

Microsoft, Intel join HD DVD - CA6260800

Video Business Online - 9/29/2005 - Microsoft, Intel join HD DVD - CA6260800: "Microsoft, Intel join HD DVD
UPDATE: Move puts pressure on both camps for unification
By Paul Sweeting 9/29/2005
SEPT. 29 | Having already split the Hollywood studios and the consumer electronics industry, the battle between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD to become the next-generation optical disc format is now dividing the computer and information technology business.
Microsoft and Intel, the twin pillars of the �Wintel� platform that powers most of the world�s PCs, last week announced their support for HD DVD.
In a statement, Microsoft corporate VP media and technology convergence Blair Westlake said �[A]fter looking at the core advantages to the PC ecosystem and how it would benefit the consumer, it is clear that HD DVD offers the highest quality and is the most affordable and highly flexible solution available.�"

Microsoft, Intel join HD DVD

Video Business Online - 9/29/2005 - Microsoft, Intel join HD DVD - CA6260800: "Microsoft, Intel join HD DVD
UPDATE: Move puts pressure on both camps for unification
By Paul Sweeting 9/29/2005
SEPT. 29 | Having already split the Hollywood studios and the consumer electronics industry, the battle between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD to become the next-generation optical disc format is now dividing the computer and information technology business.
Microsoft and Intel, the twin pillars of the �Wintel� platform that powers most of the world�s PCs, last week announced their support for HD DVD.
In a statement, Microsoft corporate VP media and technology convergence Blair Westlake said �[A]fter looking at the core advantages to the PC ecosystem and how it would benefit the consumer, it is clear that HD DVD offers the highest quality and is the most affordable and highly flexible solution available.�

The two companies cited HD DVD�s embrace of �managed copy� (a technique for allowing users to copy their discs onto a computer hard drive for use in a home network), its low-cost manufacturing, the availability of �hybrid� discs that will hold a regular DVD on one side and an HD DVD on the other and the format�s �superior capacity� compared with Blu-ray."

All Movie Cameras ever made

atoll medien | home: "The International Guide by Juergen Lossau. A book with 80 chapters about the formats, all former companies, the best designers and their models.

A catalog about all ever built 3,350 models: 16mm, 9.5mm, 8mm, Single 8, Super 8 and Double-Super-8 formats. From Ansco, Bell & Howell, Chinon, Fairchild, GAF, Geyer, Konica, Mamiya up to Revere, Ricoh or Wollensak. The first and only complete guide.
US-$ 119.00 including shipping. "


smallformat magazin: everything about small format Super 8 Film

filming in Super-8 or 16mm?then you should test smallformat!For 57 years, “schmalfilm” magazine has been published in German. Now, it’s out in English and it’s called smallformat.Take a look at our first issue: It’s got everything you want to know about the international Super-8 scene, new products, tips for better filming, tests, labs, film material, the history of camera brands, a collector’s marketplace, and portraits of interesting groups and films – worldwide. And it’s got stories on cameras, projectors, splicers, and covers details about every format: Super-8, Single-8, 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm.

28 sept. 2005

Movie Making Manual/Cinematography/Cameras and Formats/Table of Cameras - Wikibooks

Movie Making Manual/Cinematography/Cameras and Formats/Table of Cameras - Wikibooks: "Movie Making Manual/Cinematography/Cameras and Formats/Table of Cameras
From Wikibooks
< Movie Making Manual | Cinematography | Cameras and Formats
This Module is part of the Cinematography section of the Movie Making Manual"

For E-Mail Marketing, What's the Best Day?

For E-Mail Marketing, What's the Best Day?: "For E-Mail Marketing, What's the Best Day?
Published: September 27, 2005
(After October 05, 2005, this article will only be available to eStat Database subscribers.)

Monday has been thought to be the optimum day for commercial e-mail messages, but a new study says that might not be so.
Last year, two separate studies found that Monday was probably the best day to send commercial e-mail. Return Path found that e-mails sent on Monday had delivery rates markedly above average. The delivery rate on Friday was slightly below average, while the Saturday and Sunday rates were significantly below. Saturday was the worst day to send an e-mail in terms of delivery rate.
Another study, this one conducted by eROI, suggested that not only delivery rates, but also open and clickthrough rates were better on Mondays.
But a new report by ExactTarget asserts that there is no 'best day' to send commercial e-mails. If anything, the latter part of the week may be better. According to ExactTarget data, over 97% of campaigns are sent Monday through Friday. Wednesday is the peak day. "

Blu-ray.com - What is Blu-ray?

Blu-ray.com - What is Blu-ray?: "What is Blu-ray?

Blu-ray Disc

Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD) is the name of a next-generation optical disc format jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a group of the world's leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers (including Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson). The format was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD), as well as storing large amounts of data. A single-layer Blu-ray Disc can hold 25GB, which can be used to record over 2 hours of HDTV or more than 13 hours of standard-definition TV. There are also dual-layer versions of the discs that can hold 50GB.

While current optical disc technologies such as DVD, DVD�R, DVD�RW, and DVD-RAM use a red laser to read and write data, the new format uses a blue-violet laser instead, hence the name Blu-ray. Despite the different type of lasers used, Blu-ray products can easily be made backwards compatible through the use of a BD/DVD/CD compatible optical pickup and allow playback of CDs and DVDs. The benefit of using a blue-violet laser (405nm) is that it has a shorter wavelength than a red laser (650nm), which makes it possible to focus the laser spot with even greater precision. This allows data to be packed more tightly and stored in less space, so it's possible to fit more data on the disc even though it's the same size as a CD/DVD. This together with the change of numerical aperture to 0.85 is what enables Blu-ray Discs to hold 25GB/50GB.

With the rapid growth of HDTV, the consumer demand for recording HD programming is quickly rising. Blu-ray was designed with this application in mind and supports direct recording "

Blu-ray.com - IFA Berlin 2005 report

Blu-ray.com - IFA Berlin 2005 report: "Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA)

We started out at the joint booth of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), where a lot of BDA member companies were showcasing their products. We were impressed by both the number of products on display as well as how advanced the prototypes are becoming, with support for interactive features, online content, networking, etc. As you will see in this report there was a wide range of Blu-ray players, recorders, drives, writers, media and software on display, which quite clearly shows how broad the industry support for Blu-ray Disc is. Overall everything seems to be coming along nicely. "

History of Blu-ray Disc

History of Blu-ray Disc: "History of Blu-ray Disc
When the CD was introduced in the early 80s, it meant an enormous leap from traditional media. Not only did it offer a significant improvement in audio quality, its primary application, but its 650 MB storage capacity also meant a giant leap in data storage and retrieval. For the first time, there was a universal standard for pre-recorded, recordable and rewritable media, offering the best quality and features consumers could wish for themselves, at very low costs. "

Produccion de Infomerciales

Infomerciales: "El Infomercial es la unión del telemarketing y la publicidad masiva en televisión para lograr ventas espectaculares de productos masivos exitosos
Podemos ofrecer un servicio total integral desde el guión y script, la producción en cine o video digital de alta definición hasta la venta final a tu consumidor con servicios de telemarketing y ventas de respuesta directa en infomerciales de respuesta directa en Televisión RDTV

Blue-ray y HD DVD a fondo

Blue-ray y HD DVD a fondo: "La guerra para suceder al DVD parece no tener fin. Dos candidatos, el Blue-ray y el HD DVD, y las más importantes compa�as a nivel mundial en cuanto a tecnologia, hardware, entretenimiento y demás dejan entrever lo intenso de este conflicto.
A falta de un año para que se empiecen a distribuir los primeros discos Blue-ray en los Estados Unidos, desde Xataka hemos querido recopilar información de ambos formatos, así como analizar y sopesar qué va a suponer que haya dos formatos en el mercado, incompatibles entre sí y con una misma función.
El Blue-ray es un formato de disco óptico pensado para almacenar vídeo de alta calidad y datos. Para su desarrollo se creó la BDA, en la que se encuentran, entre otros, Sony o Phillips.
El modelo básico, de una cara y una capa, podrá almacenar unos 25 GB, mientras que uno de doble capa podra llegar a los 54 GB. Incluso TDK ha presentado un modelo de 4 capas, el cul llega a los 100 GB.
Desde 2.003 ya se pueden encontrar en el mercado nipón grabadoras de este formato y en el 2.004 se introdujeron en Estados Unidos, aunque no con mucha aceptación. El próximo gran paso será cuando salga a la venta la PlayStation 3, los juegos de la cual estarán en este formato de almacenamiento.

Blu-ray Disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blu-ray Disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a next-generation optical disc format meant for storage of high-definition video and data. The Blu-ray standard was jointly developed by a group of leading consumer electronics and PC companies called the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), led by Sony and Philips. As compared to the HD DVD format, its main competitor, Blu-ray has more information capacity, 25 instead of 15 gigabytes, but may initially be more expensive to support.
Blu-ray gets its name from the shorter wavelength (405 nm) of a 'blue' (technically blue-violet) laser that allows it to store substantially more data than a DVD, which has the same physical dimensions but uses a longer wavelength (650 nm) red laser."

Busqueda de blogs de Google

Busqueda de blogs de Google: "Busque blogs sobre sus temas favoritos

23 sept. 2005

27 aniversario de Ocho Columnas Mayté Noriega:

27 aniversario de Ocho Columnas: "Mayté Noriega:
en la búsqueda constante de la verdad
Se trata de una mujer de enorme trayectoria cuyo trabajo lo ha desempeñado por el bien de México y que este año recibirá el Galardón Nacional por su gran desempeño periodístico

Laura Gutiérrez

María Esther Noriega Fernández nació en el Distrito Federal. Estudió Periodismo y Comunicación Colectiva en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, así como un posgrado en la Universidad de Navarra en España. Además, realizó un seminario de Historia del Arte en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
De 1997 a la fecha funge como Directora de Noticias de PCTV y es conductora del Noticiario TVC Noticias y del programa «Respuestas». Cuenta con una enorme trayectoria profesional, donde desde luego destaca su participación en el año 2000 como moderadora del debate de seis candidatos a la Presidencia de la República, aparte de que ha sido maestra de guionismo televisivo en la Escuela de Escritores de la SOGEM.
Ha escrito más de 300 guiones de televisión, por lo que se ha hecho acreedora a sinnúmero de reconocimientos, entre ellos en 1981 el Premio Nacional de Periodismo del Gobierno Federal al programa «Así fue la Semana», del que fue guionista y conductora. En 1994 recibió el Premio Nacional de Periodismo que otorga el Club de Periodistas, y en el 2004 el Premio de la Asociación Nacional de Locutores, Micrófono de Oro, entre otros..

HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: And the Winner is...

HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: And the Winner is...: "HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray: And the Winner is...

Barry Braverman

Sep 22, 2005 10:08 AM

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The high-resolution DVD format war continues to rage unabated with plenty of vitriol spewing from the lips of proponents and detractors on both sides. Unresolved, the outcome will likely benefit neither player as consumers, paralyzed by the competing formats, will simply opt out of the technology altogether. This is what happened a few years ago in the case of DVD-Audio vs. Super Audio CD, and it looks like we�re setting up for a similar debacle in coming months."