26 jul. 2005

Hispanic Television

[B&C/MCN] Hispanic Television Update Newsletter - June 14, 2005: "Hispanic Population, Ad Spending, Rise in Unison
New statistics emerged last week that show a continuous increase of ad expenditure on Spanish-language television. The news comes on the heels of a new U.S. Census report that states that the U.S. Hispanic population -- which now stands at 41.3 million strong -- is growing three times faster than the general population."

22 jul. 2005

Tim Berners-Lee - El Inventor de Interenet

Tim Berners-Lee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Tim Berners-Lee
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sir Tim Berners-LeeSir Timothy John 'Tim' Berners-Lee, KBE, FRS (TimBL or TBL) (born June 8, 1955) is the inventor of the World Wide Web (along with Robert Cailliau) and head (president) of the World Wide Web Consortium, which oversees its continued development."

19 jul. 2005

Nuestro Equipo de Producción de Video Film y Televisi�n


Venta de equipo profesional HDV Sony HVR-Z1U video de alta definicion HDV

Venta de equipo profesional HDV Sony HVR-Z1U video de alta definición HDV: "Alta definición profesional en VIDEO HDV 1080i
La nueva cámara HVR-Z1U y el VTR HVR-M10U forman la base de un sistema de adquisición y reproducción HD de nivel de entrada, diseñados a proveer a los cineastas y videógrafos profesionales con una ruta de migración de costo razonable, desde video de definición estándar a un nuevo mundo en expansión de alta definición.
Sony expande su línea de opciones de video profesional con la introducción de un sistema de producción completo de alta definici�n.
$4900 dólares
Puesta en México mas IVA
En stock
Tiempo de entrega 1 día hábil a partir de la recepción de tu deposito
video@video.com.mx 5343 5650 / 044 551342 6033"

18 jul. 2005

Film To Tape Tape to film Latitude: Your Misundersood Friend

Latitude: Your Misundersood Friend: "Latitude: Your Misunderstood Friend
From HDcolorist�

The question of latitude and exposure in digital imagery comes up frequently, yet there is seldom an informed discussion surrounding it, so it remains cloaked in mystery. Fortunately, it's not too mysterious at all, if you understand how the values in your image files are arranged, and how to use them to your advantage."

16 jul. 2005

Convergent Design, experts in SD, HD, and HDV

Convergent Design, experts in SD, HD, and HDV: "About HD-Connect LE

Coming Soon!
HDV (over 1394) ? HD-SDI (with embedded audio and time code)
720p and 1080i Support
50Hz and 59.94Hz compatible
Transmission of MPEG2 Stream over DVB-ASI
HDV Deck Control via RS-422 ? 1394 translation
Simultaneous SDI, AES and LTC outputs
SD or HD Reference Input
Gamma Correction
Size= 7.5'(L) x 4.25' (W) x 1.0'(H)
MSRP= $1995, 3 year warranty
Available Summer 2005 "

HDV:What You NEED to Know!

HDV:What You NEED to Know!: "HDV�What You NEED to Know '
Over 130 pages of HDV tech-talk, illustrations, standards, and information about how High Definition can be used by any video professional.
'Douglas Spotted Eagle and Mark Dileo have charted a new course for video aficionados of all types with their new book, HDV: What You NEED to Know. With the HDV revolution bearing down upon the video world at full speed, these trusted gurus are there to lead the way, explaining all about the equipment and techniques that will get you up and running with this new HDV format right away. Offering up-to-the minute information from lens to screen, this book truly does tell you exactly what you need to know in a logical and easy-to-understand format. All the currently available HDV camcorders, software, hardware, monitoring, and even the upcoming high definition DVDs are covered in this essential guide to the theory and practice of shooting, editing and distributing HDV.'"

HDV to HD-SDI workflow

ProMax Systems KnowledgeBase: "HDV to HD-SDI workflow

One of the less obvious workflow possibilites for the new HDV format involves taking the signal from an HDV camera or deck and bringing it into your edit system using your favorite HD-SDI capture card. The new Sony HDV camcorders and deck incorporate an analog component output for either SD or HD. For our purposes, we want to stay in HD to feed the HD-SDI converter box needed for this workflow, be it from Blackmagic Design, AJA Video, or Convergent Design. Any of these devices will give you an HD-SDI signal to feed into your HD-SDI capture card, such as the AJA Kona 2 or the DeckLink HD Pro.

As far as timecode goes, you can change your capture settings to DV device control and control the camera or deck via firewire. This also allows timecode data to flow between computer and firewire device, allowing for batch lists and captures. For audio, you will need a Flying Cow or similar device to convert the analog audio signal to digital AES/EBU or SPDIF for input into your capture card. Depending on your application and platform, you will need to choose an appropriate codec.

Converting to an HD-SDI-based format means a more data intensive codec, ranging from DVCPro HD on up to uncompressed HD. DVCPro HD becomes appealing as, at 15-20MB/sec, you can still stay within budget on your storage. Uncompressed HD is an option, but really bumps up the price of storage as you need it to be faster, and you need lots more of it- to the tune of 10 times the amount you would need for Prospect HD from Cineform, for example. This workflow will actually provide one of the best quality post production workflows and maintain the highest quality from your HDV source material. Please consult one of our expert sales representatives for more information on how this works, or for a quote on a system of this type."

Canopus Adds New Realtime HDV to HD-SDI Conversion Feature to EDIUS HD

Canopus Adds New Realtime HDV to HD-SDI Conversion Feature to EDIUS HD: "Canopus Corporation today announced that it has added realtime HDV to HD-SDI conversion capabilities to EDIUS HD, the company's high-performance realtime HD workstation. This realtime HDV to HD-SDI conversion capability speeds up the process of integrating 1080i HDV content into the HD-SDI workflow.
EDIUS HD lets editors transfer directly from 1080i HDV camcorders and decks to HDCAM, DVCPRO-HD and other HD-SDI equipment with embedded audio and the original HDV timecode. Copying footage in realtime removes time-consuming two-stage capture-then-output processes and preserves quality through a completely digital signal path, ensuring the best quality transfer.
This new HDV to HD-SDI conversion capability is available in EDIUS HD workstations beginning today. Current EDIUS HD users can add this capability through a software upgrade available directly from Canopus Corporation."

Straight answers to frequent and seldom-asked film and video questions you will not find answered anywhere else RonDexter.com

RonDexter.com: "RonDexter.com

Excellent website for video producers
Straight answers to frequent and seldom-asked film and video questions you will not find answered anywhere else "

15 jul. 2005

JVC Unveils Affordable Professional HD DVD Player

JVC Unveils Affordable Professional HD DVD Player: "JVC Unveils Affordable Professional HD DVD Player
SRDVD-100U decodes a variety of media formats and offers remote file playback capabilities
(June 09,2005)

JVC 's SRDVD-100U ProHD DVD player
JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY revolutionizes the high definition viewing and distribution process with the introduction of the SRDVD-100U, ProHD media player. The SRDVD-100U provides an economical way of viewing and distributing true HD recordings in a variety of file formats including HDV 's MPEG -2 and Windows Media Video.
Unlike advanced disk formats still under development, the SRDVD-100U utilizes a standard red laser DVD player combined with a decoding engine compatible with several popular HD file formats. MPEG -2 files created with HDV camcorders can be saved onto a common recordable DVD disk using any commercial DVD recorder , and then played back on the SRDVD-100U.
�The industry isn't going to wait for blue laser players. The onslaught of high definition programming brought about by HDV cameras and recorders demands a readily available disk playback system now,� said Tim Tokita, product marketing manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. �The SRDVD-100 is the perfect complement to our new ProHD lineup of cameras and recorders. JVC is proud to deliver an innovative product that meets the demands of the professional market.�

link missing between HDV and the HDTV broadcast

NAB2004 Daily News Online: "Miranda Merges HDV-HDTV Gap
By Geoff Poister
Miranda Technologies, a provider of solutions for the broadcast and post-production industries, has set its sights on HDV as the next wave.
However, there is a link missing between HDV and the HDTV broadcast realms that needs to be mended. HDV is an MPEG-2 format that doesn't interface easily with the existing HDTV formats.
'That's basically what Miranda does,' said Michel Proulx, senior vice president of product development. 'We find problems in the broadcast industry and develop solutions.'
The main solution of the day for Miranda is the HD-Bridge DEC, an unassuming little box that solves a big problem. That is, it converts the HDV format into HD-SDI and also allows a 1080i/720p conversion. The simple conversion is particularly helpful given that the Sony HDV camera records 1080i, while JVC cameras record 720p.
Proulx described several ways the conversion box merges the gap between HDV acquisition and editing and distribution.
One application is to run an IEEE-1394 cable from the camera, pass through the HD-Bridge DEC and go directly to disk storage as HD-SDI with embedded audio and timecode.
Another solution overcomes one of HDV's current weaknesses - the somewhat cumbersome MPEG-2 editing. Using Miranda's HD-Bridge DEC, one can transfer footage captured on an HDV camera and send it uncompressed into and HD-SDI uncompressed editing system. Once in the HD-SDI form, existing editing systems will handle the material as HD-SDI, with full real-time capabilities.
And, for editing in the native HDV format, the final edited video can be outputted to an HD VTR in HD-SDI for distribution in any existing format.
Finally, the box can be used by broadcasters to send HDV material directly to on-air playout."

HDV to HD-SDI decoder - Miranda Technologies

HDV to HD-SDI decoder - Miranda Technologies: "HD-Bridge DEC �� HDV to HD-SDI decoder
Product picture Documentation

On-set HD-SDI Capture

Ingest HDV into HD-SDI Editing /Compositing systems

HDV Editing

HDV to HD-SDI On-air Playout

Functional Diagram

datasheet (586K)


demo request

need more information

Miranda`s HD-Bridge DEC provides high quality HDV to HD-SDI 1080i/720p conversion with embedded audio and Time Code, along with multiple digital and analog video/audio outputs.
Miranda`s HD-Bridge DEC is a neat and affordable desktop interface which addresses multiple HDV interfacing tasks.
The interface accepts HDV via an IEEE-1394 (iLink, Firewire) conection, and outputs HDSDI at 1080i/720p with embedded audio and Time Code. Dual HD-SDI outputs provide one clean feed, and one feed with Time Code and Graticule Markers. The interface also provides HD component video plus AES and Analog audio outputs.
The HD-Bridge DEC has an internal cross converter allowing the conversion of 1080i HDV material to 720p, and 720p material to 1080i.
The interface can be used for broadcast distribution and playout, with edited HDV material converted into HD-SDI for direct playout into an HD-SDI infrastructure.
HD-Bridge DEC can also be used to convert compressed HDV into "

Convierte video HDV a HD-SDI 1080 i/720 p con audio embebido y código de tiempo

TVyVideo: Informacion para la industria de la television en America Latina: "Posproducción
Convertidor de HDV a HD-SDI
Apropiado para generar contenido desde locaciones difíciles

El HD-Bridge DEC, de Miranda, convierte video HDV a HD-SDI 1080 i/720 p con audio embebido y código de tiempo. Este cross converter le permite al usuario hacer conversiones entre 720p y 1080i sin mayor esfuerzo.

“El HD-Bridge DEC contribuirá de manera significativa a la adquisición electrónica de material HD –afirmó Michel Proulx, vicepresidente de desarrollo de productos de Miranda Technologies–. El HD-Bridge DEC y las cámaras HD no requieren el mismo nivel de inversión que otras cámaras de HD o de cine”.

La combinación de este dispositivo con cámaras HDV permite obtener contenido HD-SDI a menos de la décima parte del costo de una cámara HD o de cine. El HD-Bridge DEC es una interfaz de escritorio, muy accesible, que resuelve múltiples tareas de interfaz HDV. Acepta HDV a través de una conexión FireWire y provee salidas HD-SDI en 1080 i o 720 p con audio embebido y código de tiempo. La doble salida HD-SDI brinda una salida limpia y otra con código de tiempo y marcas de gratícula. La interfaz también provee salida analógica HD, AES y salida de audio analógico.

Esta interfaz puede usarse para distribución y playout en broadcast con materiales HDV editados convertidos en HD-SDI para emisión directa en una infraestructura HD-SDI. También puede ser usado para convertir HDV comprimido en HD-SDI sin compresión para edición sin pérdida.

“Si bien se cree que HDV será utilizado principalmente por noticieros locales y para documentales simples, este formato no sólo es de interés para canales pequeños y productores de bajo costo –dice Gilbert Besnard, director de producto en Miranda Technologies–. En el extremo opuesto del espectro de producción, habrá un interés real por parte de los grandes nombres en noticias, especialmente para generar contenido HD desde lugares demasiado impredecibles o peligrosos para arriesgarse mandando cámaras costosas de HD o cine.”"

Selling Promotional Products

Selling Promotional Products: "Selling Promotional Products
Advertising Specialty sales can be very rewarding. The tips and sales methods shown here are specifically designed for the promotional products business."

12 jul. 2005

Yellow is Number One

Yellow is Number One: "Yellow is Number One
by Tim Manners
Breaking the color code
'Yellow wakes me up in the morning. Yellow gets me on the bike every day. Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice. Yellow makes me suffer. Yellow is the reason I am here.' -- Lance Armstrong
Much of the world may not know exactly why 'yellow' does all that for Lance Armstrong (it's the color of the Tour de France winner's jersey), but just about everyone is aware that he has parlayed it into marketing juggernaut. Originally, Nike manufactured a grand total of 5 million LiveStrong wristbands, but Lance thought they had made a mistake. 'I figured we'd be shooting them at each other for years,' he told USA Today."

11 jul. 2005

Flip4Mac Products WMV Components for QuickTime Applications

Flip4Mac Products: "WMV Components for QuickTime Applications
Until now, it hasn't been easy for Mac users to import, export or play Windows Media files on their Macs. Telestream's Flip4Mac WMV Components for QuickTime are changing all of that"

6 jul. 2005

Taller de cinematografía

Cambio de Michoacán - Morelia Lab, con respaldo nacional e internacional: "Taller de cinematografía
Morelia Lab, con respaldo nacional e internacional
La iniciativa tiene el propósito de apoyar la formación y profesionalización en la producción de cine

Más de una docena de grupos e instituciones nacionales e internacionales, entre las que se encuentran el Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia (FICM), el Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (Imcine), la SOGEM, el Festival de los Tres Continentes/Produire au Sud, las embajadas de Francia y Estados Unidos en México, Cinépolis, el gobierno de Michoacán, el Ayuntamiento de Morelia, el Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) y el Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC), han organizado el taller Morelia Lab para jóvenes productores, con el propósito de apoyar la formación y profesionalización en la producción de cine, así como difundir la actividad fílmica del país.

5 jul. 2005

ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme Digital Film High Definition from Germany

ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme: "The ARRIFLEX D-20

Over the last century cinematographers, innovators and equipment manufacturers have created a set of sophisticated tools for visual storytelling. At the heart of these tools is a 35 mm film camera with certain characteristics, including the size of the aperture, a large variety of lenses, a bright optical view- finder, the ability to run at variable speeds, simple to use controls, robust and ergonomic construction and an extensive array of specialized accessories. Video cameras, on the other hand, have been based on the 2/3� chip standard and have been designed for Electronic News Gathering, making them less than ideal for narrative film making. The ARRI Group, a world wide supplier of the highest quality motion picture film equipment since 1917, has introduced a camera concept combining the handling, functionality and creative options of film cameras with the immediacy of digital cameras, making it ideal for TV oriented applications where turn-around time and costs are key issues.
The ARRIFLEX D-20 is film style digital camera. Because of its single, Super 35 sized CMOS sensor, the D-20 uses the same lenses as 35 mm film cameras and has the same depth of field as 35 mm film. It has an optical viewfinder, is capable of variable frame rates and is compatible with ARRI film camera accessories. It outputs either an HDTV signal in Video Mode or the raw sensor data in Film Mode."

1 jul. 2005

GY-HD100U Offers Interchangeable HD Lenses, Shoulder Style Stability

JVC Professional Press Releases page: "JVC announced today the world�s first truly professional, affordable high definition camera recorder with true 24p capture and recording in JVC�s ProHD product line-up. ProHD is JVC�s approach to its affordable HD solution, which utilizes the HDV� format adopted by JVC, Sharp, Sony and Canon. JVC�s ProHD product line-up features timecode and audio capabilities for professional use. The GY-HD100U is a full resolution HD progressive camera recorder. A result of extensive market interviews since Affordable HD was first announced by JVC, its outstanding performance is exceptional in its price range. Features and ergonomics are optimized for Digital Cinematographic use. "


PROHD FROM JVC: "The consumer electronics industry is poised for one of the largest increases in TV sales in history, with an expected 20 million digital television sets to be sold in 2005, and a meteoric rise in sales of HDTV-capable flat panel displays. 1 Content providers are clamoring for quality HD programming. Broadcasters, cable and satellite companies nationwide are expanding their HD offerings. It's no wonder that Apple's chairman, Steve Jobs, proclaimed 2005 as �the year of high-definition video.�
However, HD programming has been in short supply because professional production tools have been prohibitively expensive for most content creators. The current products are able to deliver a return on investment only at the very high end of the production chain. At NAB 2004, JVC announced its Affordable HD vision and previewed several new prototype products, along with demonstrations of real-world applications using its JY-HD10U professional HDV� camcorder. "