20 oct. 2008

ARRI Camera Accessories for Handheld HD Cameras

Arri's new MMB-1 Matte Box, MFF-1 Follow Focus and MBP-1 Baseplate are designed specifically for the new generation of lower cost, lightweight HD cameras such as the EX-1 HVX-200 and upcoming EX-3X

1 oct. 2008

Google 2001

Remember those days, when the Google logo was, let's accept it, crappy, and when you typed words like MySpace, or Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube on your browser, and nothing would show up? Or maybe when Wikipedia was still lodged on the Nupedia.com domain.

Yahoo ruled, and Google was the rookie. The world was simpler. HD was still a work in progress, and digital cameras barely reached 3 megapixels, or were VGA-based. Social networking sites were in experimental phase (remember TheMakeOutClub?). Oh, and loading Games and other Flash-based internet applications would consume at least 10 minutes of your time.

Yep, those good days. You can live them again. To celebrate 10 years of existence, Google has launched a special page featuring the Google 2001 index, the oldest one they were able to dig. It even features the crappy logo, and the now-pathetic statement "Search 1,326,920,000 web pages"

Have fun searching for pages that didn't even exist in those days. Then look at the Google Chrome
 and Picasa 2 iconslodged in your Dashboard or quick-access bar, and ask yourself: 
"Damn, has it really been that long???"