26 jun. 2005

Lumiere HD - Edit HDV on Final Cut Pro - Complete Workflow

Lumiere HD - Edit HDV on Final Cut Pro - Complete Workflow: "Recommended Lumiere HD Workflow
The following workflow will insure a smooth and streamlined process when capturing, editing and printing HDV back to tape with Lumiere HD. It will also allow you to edit your HDV footage in real-time without rendering the Final Cut Pro timeline everytime you make a cut! You will be able to enjoy your creative freedom while editing HD content on a DV workstation. (This workflow is also compatible with any HD codec such as Apple's HDVCPRO HD codec)
Finally, you will encode your masterpiece into a format readable by HDV devices without ever compromising the original quality of your High Definition footage."

Reel Stream 4:4:4 DV uncompressed digital video

Reel Stream: "The Reel Stream Andromeda is your solution to gaining uncompressed digital video from your miniDV Camcorder. Next generation data processing technology allows for the professional to gain access to the digital purity inside the camera.

The new form of Andromeda is pictured to the left. The only physical change to the camera is a mini USB 2.0 output. Say goodbye to the box and hello to no change in the already pristine ergonomics.

Interested in how it all works? Click here for a graphical explanation"

24 jun. 2005

Hollywood seeks iTunes for film | CNET News.com

Hollywood seeks iTunes for film | CNET News.com: "Hollywood seeks iTunes for film
Published: March 30, 2005, 5:22 PM PST
By Stefanie Olsen
Staff Writer, CNET News.com

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SANTA MONICA, Calif.--Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment is trying to develop and own the next iTunes--but for films.
'We want to set business models, pricing models, distribution models like (Apple Computer CEO Steve) Jobs did for music, but for the film industry,' Michael Arrieta, senior vice president of Sony Pictures, said at the Digital Hollywood conference here.
'I'm trying to create the new 'anti-Napster,'' he added.
To that end, Arrieta said, his group plans to digitize Sony Pictures' top 500 films and make them available for the first time in various digital environments within the next year. He said the distribution for films like 'Spider-Man 2' will go beyond just Movielink, the video-on-demand joint venture of Sony Pictures and several other major studios, which to date has hosted a limited library of Sony's movies."

23 jun. 2005

Authoring Guide for Windows Media High Definition Video DVDs

Authoring Guide for Windows Media High Definition Video DVDs: "Authoring Guide for Windows Media High Definition Video DVDs
Video producers can now use Windows Media� technologies to produce a true, high-definition video DVD that can be played on suitably equipped computers.

The Microsoft� Windows Media High Definition Video (WMV HD) DVD ROM specification defines a collection of playback components and encoding requirements that enables content providers to create DVDs with true high-definition video (720p or greater, at 24 frames per second) and multi-channel audio (5.1 or 7.1). The WMV HD DVD ROM specification also includes a digital rights managment (DRM) specification that enables content owners to protect their files by using Windows Media DRM technology.

The WMV HD DVD specifications do not rely on any new software. All discs produced should be readable on a computer using only Microsoft components installed by default with Microsoft Windows� XP or Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004; this includes Internet Explorer 6 and Windows Media Player 9 Series."

WMV HD Content Showcase

WMV HD Content Showcase: "High Definition Quality with Windows Media Video 9

Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series is a breakthrough set of codecs that enables multichannel audio and high definition (HD) video at resolutions up to 1080p. See high definition in action for yourself with these downloads. To deliver ultra-high quality, these clips were encoded at 24 frames per second (fps), and at the resolutions noted of either 1280 x 720 (720p) or 1920 x 1080 (1080p). (Resolutions vary per clip.) "

Cine SpeedCam - Digital High Speed by Weinberger

Cine SpeedCam - Digital High Speed by Weinberger: "Introducing the Cine SpeedCam, the premiere true high-speed digital camera system designed for HD cinematography. Whether shooting green screen, tabletop, action sports, documentary, music videos, or narrative, Cine SpeedCam captures slow-motion widescreen jump-off-the screen images.

1000fps High Definition
Featuring a prismless 1536 x 1024 CMOS imager, Cine SpeedCam captures up to 1000 fps at full resolution or 10,000 fps at lower resolutions. Images are rendered as uncompressed TIFF sequences or AVI formats. Output is simply imported into HD editing and computer graphic systems.

Film-style Camera
The Cine SpeedCam includes a compact Weinberger progressive-scan HD camera that accepts PL mount 35mm or Nikon B-mount lenses. The film-style camera is fully compatible with a Chrosziel Mattebox, Follow-Focus, Preston Zoom control, and top-mounted monitor/finder. The system includes a separate capture station that runs under Windows 2000."

Walker Mangum's Kodak Collector's Page

Walker Mangum's Kodak Collector's Page: "The Kodak Collector's Page."

Movie Making Manual-Cinematography - Wikibooks

Movie Making Manual-Cinematography - Wikibooks: "Movie Making Manual-Cinematography
From Wikibooks
This Module is part of the Movie Making Manual"

Movie making manual - Wikibooks

Movie making manual - Wikibooks: "Movie making manual
From Wikibooks

Welcome to the wiki book on movie making. This book is a manual intended to be a practical guide to filmmaking.

This is a collaborative effort, and you are welcome to participate. If you see anything that needs to be changed or added to, just click the edit tab on the top of any page and feel free to make changes. For some more detailed information on what you can do, see: how you can contribute
Join the discussion space (http://groups-beta.google.com/group/moviemakingmanual) for this wikibook.
List your company in the Movie making directory."

Sony Qualia 002 (Q002-HDR1) con HDV (FayerWayer)

Sony Qualia 002 (Q002-HDR1) con HDV (FayerWayer): "Sony introdujo una nueva cámara de video de alta resolución (HD) a su línea de productos de alto precio, Qualia. La Qualia 002, conocida entre sus amigos como la Q002-HDR1, es muy parecida e incluso basada en la HDR-FX1 HDV, pero tiene la gran diferencia de ser mucho más resplandeciente y cara. Esta cámara de 3CCD graba video en HDV con resolución 1080i y tiene una pantalla LCD de 3.5' , El microfono, aparte de ser un simbolo fálico impresionante para resaltar la masculinidad del camarógrafo al tener una mini cámara, tiene un sistema de reducción de rudio especial. La Sony Qualia 002 está disponible hoy a un precio de US$ 5,325. Solo en Japón.
Link: Sony Qualia 002: HDV Digital Video Camera (I4U) " http://www.i4u.com/article3222.html

The QUALIA 002, Sony´s high-end HDV video camera - Engadget - www.engadget.com

The QUALIA 002, Sony�s high-end HDV video camera - Engadget - www.engadget.com: "Sony has added a high-def video camera to its QUALIA line of high-end, ultra-expensive electronics. The QUALIA 002, or Q002-HDR1, is essentially a pricey version of their already expensive HDR-FX1 HD video camera, so how is it different/better/worth a couple of grand more? It must be the endless prestige and raised social standing Sony promises from owning a QUALIA product, because apart from a �revised video codec� and some other �additional functions�, the Q002 seems about the same as the HDR-FX1: both support HDV, have 3CCD sensors, and can record in 1080i."

22 jun. 2005

Full High Definition (HD) progressive recording at 24 frames per second

JVC Professional Features page: "AVAILABLE JULY 2005!
The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC's GY-HD100U opens a new area of digital cinematography, letting you unleash your creative potential with results that are nothing short of spectacular.

Full High Definition (HD) progressive recording at 24 frames per second
Compact shoulder style for stability, comfort and mobility
Three newly developed 1/3-inch CCDs with 1280 x 720 (square) pixels
Interchangeable lenses with standard 1/3-inch bayonet mount
Rugged die-cast body
16X Fujinon newly developed ProHD lens included
HD Focus Assist makes focusing faster and more precise
Live 720/60P analog component output
Dual Media option (record to disk and tape simultaneously)
XLR Audio inputs (x2)
Extensive user adjustable parameters can be stored on SD memory card
Spectacular standard definition performance, too! � records on MiniDV tape
HDV�/DV Format

20 jun. 2005

JVC ProHD High Definition and 24p

[JVC ProHD] Professional, Affordable, Versatile: "High-definition pictures
With the HD Progressive (720p) format, you can capture both high-quality moving pictures and crystal-clear stills. Progressive scanning assures flawless reproduction so create and view true high definition programs. Real 24p supported
Ideal for DVD production and widely used in electronic cinematography, real 24p matches the 24-frame-per-second rate of conventional film enabling you to produce DVDs with film-comparable quality. "

14 jun. 2005

Algunos comentarios sobre la nueva producción en Alta definición Foro ACTV

ACTV: "La verdad es que la tecnologia de HDV es FANTASTICA hoy estuvimos haciendo pruebas lado a lado (sencillas nada que pudiera considerarse un benchmark en forma) en la EXPO de Cine y Video en Mexico y ten�amos lado a lado una Panasonic Varicam divina con toda la parafernalia del cine digital, ya sabes Follow Focus salida a Disco a traves del downconverter Miranda, Monitor HD, Matte Box Chrosziel etc en fin TODO el Kit que cualquiera quisiera tener, al lado estaba una hermosa y sencilla HDV de Sony (la z1) "

Foro en español de Alta Definición ACTV


13 jun. 2005

HDV@Work#1 New codec from APPLE

HDV@Work#1: "HDV@Work

Jun 13, 2005 3:45 PM

What is H.264 Encoding?
Steve Mullen

Those shooting HDV are desperately looking for solutions that allow them to distribute HD productions. We have months to wait for Blu-ray, so folks have been using D-VHS and Windows Media 9. The other formats one that has been waiting in the wings is MPEG-4.
Until Apple introduced H.264 in QuickTime Pro and FCP 5, most of us did not need to understand MPEG-4. MPEG-4 H.264 (AVC) is MPEG-2 on steroids. Like WM9, it is a very bit-efficient codec. There are many new concepts that enable H.264 to be more bit-efficient.
H.264 benefits from increased precision in motion estimation, which is the key process of reducing redundant data across a series of frames. By expressing information to 1/4-pixel resolution as opposed to 1/2-pixel resolution as do most other codecs, H.264 represents both fast- and slow-moving scenes more precisely. Thus, objects in motion are more crisply reconstructed during decode, providing a better representation of the source material.
During motion estimation, other codecs process frames at the macroblock level (16 pixels by 16 pixels). H.264 can process segments within a macroblock that can range in size from 16x16 to 4x4, which helps encode complex motion in areas of high detail. "

Los Precios de produccion de video y programas de televisiòn en Mexico

Los Precios de produccion de video y programas de televisi�n en Mexico: "VideoWorld es una empresa productora especializada en producción de películas, cortometrajes, telefilms, programas de televisión, anuncios, infomerciales, videos musicales, videoclips y video corporativo de promoción motivación y entrenamiento
EFP Servicios de corresponsalía, EPK electronic press kits , ENG noticias, news gathering, entretenimiento entrevistas y especiales de TV
Nuestras producciones de cine, video DVD y televisión proporcionan un entretenimiento más rico en interacción con el público y más información relevante en los programas, Realzamos la visión tradicional de la TV con la interactividad de testimonios y entrevistas creativas que pueden ampliarse con una presencia a través de la red de Internet. Nuestra programación incluye testimonios verdaderos estilo 'reality' documental o 'docu-reality' con una edición moderna, gráficos más ricos, y vínculos a sitios de la red de Internet, promovemos la comunicación de la televisión con otras formas de comunicación masiva, como el comercio en línea, manejo de mensajes de celulares y la participación de conductores y artistas, las mejores cadenas de televisión del mundo como MTV, NBC, KBS, FOX y otras utilizan nuestros servicios de corresponsalía y edición. Producimos también de manera independiente programas culturales y documentales para empresas, revistas y disqueras.
Programas de Televisión Programas de Video y DVD

Video Film Television DVD Production and Postproduction Directory Mexico

Video Film Television DVD Production and Postproduction Directory Mexico

10 jun. 2005

Alta Definición Panasonic combina cinta y tarjetas en la nueva AG-HVX200

V�deo digital: Panasonic combina cinta y tarjetas en la nueva AG-HVX200: "La revolucionn del P2
De momento, la capacidad máxima de las tarjetas P2 no supera los 8 GB, lo que puede traducirse -según el fabricante- en 32 minutos de video DV o DVCPRO, en 16 de DVCPRO50, o en 8 en 1080/60i 720/60p. Pese a ello, la evolución tecnológica en este campo es constante y la marca espera que las cifras aumenten progresivamente en los meses venideros (Panasonic especula con tarjetas de 64 GB para el 2007).
Al mismo tiempo, es importante destacar que los dos puertos P2 de la AG-HVX200 pueden cargarse y descargarse 'en caliente', es decir, mientras se están utilizando. Su formato de archivo, además, permite el acceso directo desde un equipo informático convencional vía puerto PCMCIA. "

High Definition Panasonic for less than $6000 Dollars AG-HVX200 unleashed!

"Panasonic has announced the AG-HVX200, and it is obvious that they are playing for keeps. They want to win it all. With this camera they have combined some of the most-sought-after features of the two most popular digital cinematography cameras, the $70,000 VariCam and the $100,000 CineAlta, kept all that was great about the DVX100, and packaged it into a $5,995 wunderkam that does it all!"DVXuser.com : AG-HVX200 unleashed!:

7 jun. 2005

DigitalCamera@101reviews � Canon Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D

DigitalCamera@101reviews � Canon Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D: "DigitalCamera@101reviews
definitive source for latest digital camera reviews & news"


Reel Stream: "The Reel Stream Andromeda is your solution to gaining uncompressed digital video from your miniDV Camcorder. Next generation data processing technology allows for the professional to gain access to the digital purity inside the camera. "

6 jun. 2005

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

Marketing In Praise of the Purple Cow

In Praise of the Purple Cow: "In Praise of the Purple Cow
Remarkably honest ideas (and remarkably useful case studies) about making and marketing remarkable products. "

Marketing Blog Seth's Blog

Seth's Blog: "Small is the new big only when the person running the small thinks big.
Don´t wait. Get small. Think big."

Marketing Blog NotBillable: They threw the book at me

NotBillable: They threw the book at me: "A blog with no unique selling point, from an advertising person who should know better."

Marketing Blog Diva Marketing (Blog)

Diva Marketing (Blog): "Diva Marketing (Blog)
An approach to marketing that´s fun, bold and savvy but always strategically aligned with your brand´s objective."

marketing Blog Decent Marketing

Decent Marketing: "Decent Marketing
Decent (adj.) - 1. Respectable, worthy. (Away with marketing that is interruptive, self-absorbed & sometimes downright awful!) 2. Kind. (Here's to marketers who really do put the consumer first. Who try to create a relationship, to forge a mutually beneficial bond.) C'mon fellow marketing people! Get tough. Get smart. Get nice. Get DECENT."

Marketing Blogs Cup of Java

Cup of Java: "1. First acknowledge that strategy is what you are selling. Not an ad. Not a logo. Not a list of public relations tactics. These are only executions and that makes them commodities to be evaluated subjectively, or worse yet, based on price of execution.

2. Tell the truth. Suppress your excitement at having a revenue-potential client at the table and focus on the truth about product reality, competitive strengths and weaknesses and organizational problems and issues. CEOs have trouble determining truth from myth because everyone around them has an agenda to sell. To stand out, tell the truth.

3. Throw out your factory -- the daily special on the menu -- to offer what the customer wants, not what you have in inventory. You must solve the client's business problem, not go in with your CFO's cost structure of how you have to utilize the specialized resources on your payroll.

4. Focus on the client�s customer. Avoid the product attribute discussion that your client wants you to execute. Building a great strategy begins with an understanding of customer needs. And too often execution panders to internal audiences versus a strategic insight about the end-user.

5. Hire people who think strategically. Now this may sound just plain dumb, but how many of you have recruiting policies in place where you go and visit Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Swarthmore, etc. in the spring to find the smartest, most imaginative minds in the world? How can you expect your organization to grow with the best talent if you don't have a program in place to find them?"

Adverblog: passion for advertising

Adverblog: passion for advertising: "Marketing & advertising blogs"

Marketing Blogs Adrants Advertising News, Commentary and Gossip

Adrants � Advertising News, Commentary and Gossip

1 jun. 2005

Video digital de Alta Definición: Sony reafirma su apuesta por el formato HDV con la nueva HVR-Z1

V�deo digital: Sony reafirma su apuesta por el formato HDV con la nueva HVR-Z1: "Sony reafirma su apuesta por el formato HDV con la nueva HVR-Z1

La lucha por el acercamiento a la producción profesional de alta definición y bajo presupuesto no ha hecho más que empezar. Y Sony ya ha hecho su apuesta para esa cuota del mercado, bautizando con los nombres HVR-Z1 y HVR-M10 a sus dos últimos productos de formato HDV: una videocámara profesional Sony HDR-FX1, presentada a principios de septiembre, y un magnetoscopio compacto con pantalla LCD a color de formato 16:9 incorporada. la HVR-FZ1 implementa bastantes mejoras respecto a la HDR-FX1, todas ellas relacionadas con el tipo de uso más exigente Sony HVR-Z1"

V�deo digital: Panasonic combina cinta y tarjetas en la nueva AG-HVX200

V�deo digital: Panasonic combina cinta y tarjetas en la nueva AG-HVX200: "Panasonic combina cinta y tarjetas en la nueva AG-HVX200