30 ene. 2006

AJA releases KONA 3 video capture card

Macworld: News: MWSF: AJA releases KONA 3 video capture card: "AJA Video announced KONA 3, its new top-of-the-line video capture card. The company states the new card offers 40 percent more power than its predecessor the KONA 2.
The KONA 3 is an uncompressed capture card for SD, HD and Dual Link 4:4:4:4 HD for PCI Express (PCIe) Apple G5 Power Macs and Apple Final Cut Pro. KONA 3 makes its worldwide debut this week at Macworld Expo at the AJA booth (booth #1449). The new card will ship worldwide on Jan. 30, 2006.
KONA 3�s all new extensible architecture features a 4-Lane PCI-Express bus interface with integrated AJA QuickTime drivers that work with the new Apple Power Mac G5s and Final Cut Pro designed for power and workflow efficiency. Supporting any uncompressed SD or HD format, including Dual Link, KONA 3 captures and plays back uncompressed 10-bit and 8-bit digital video and 24-bit 48kHz digital audio. KONA 3 also includes a variety of 10-bit broadcast-quality features, such as hardware-based up-and-down-conversion to and from HD-and adds a live hardware keyer for compositing bugs, live clips, and other elements over video."

Transfer de peliculas a DVD y Alta Definicion

Transfer peliculas: "Transferencia y conversion profesional de peliculas cuadro por cuadro a video digital de alta definicion
Digitalizacion cuadro por cuadro de peliculas antiguas y modernas de 8, super 8 mm, 16 mm, fotografias antiguas y modernas, restauracion de film y peliculas para universidades y bibliotecas, telecine profesional para comerciales"

26 ene. 2006

"Film Look" Use 35mm film lenses on your digital video camcorder

redrockmicro - "Film Look": "The Elusive Film Look for Digital Filmmakers"

Con el advenimiento de la alta definicion los cineastas independientes se han dedicado a lograr ese elusivo look del cine
Estos adaptadores son el avance mas logrado
"La imagen digital es mas brillante, mas aguda, los colores son mas claros y la imagen mas estable," sostiene Patrick von Sychowski, analista de Screen Digest, una firma britanica de investigacion de medios.

"Film Look": http://www.video.com.mx/links/filmacion_Mini_35_DV.htm


Use 35mm film lenses on your digital video camcorder to achieve better images in HDV or MiniDV format.
Depth of field, focus and angle of view are virtually the same as with a 35mm motion picture camera.

"Film Look": "The Elusive Film Look for Digital Filmmakers"

25 ene. 2006

24p HD VariCam CineAlta Camera High Definition 2005 Year Report

24p HD VariCam CineAlta Camera - Equipment Rental Sales - Fletcher Chicago: "2005 Year End Numbers:

276 Digital Cinema installations worldwide. Link

An estimated 8.9 million units of HDTV were sold in 2005. The Consumer Electronics Association estimates the total HDTV households at the end of 2005 to be at 20 million. Link


Disney acuerda comprar los estudios de dibujos animados Pixar por 7,400 mdd

Sentido Comun - Negocios, Econom�a, Mercados: "Disney acuerda comprar los estudios de dibujos animados Pixar por 7,400 mdd

por Alex Armitage
Bloomberg News

24 de enero Walt Disney, cuyas ultimas peliculas de dibujos animados han sido un fracaso en taquilla, acepto pagar 7,400 millones de dolares en acciones para comprar Pixar, el estudio cinematografico de animacion por computacion del empresario Steve Jobs.
Jobs, a raiz de la transaccion, se unira al consejo de administracion de Disney.
Disney, la segunda compana de entretenimiento mas grande de Estados Unidos, pagara 59.78 dolares por cada accion de Pixar, dijeron hoy las companas en un comunicado de prensa. Esto representa una prima de 3.8% respecto del precio de 57.57 dolares al que cerro la accion de Pixar el martes.
La compra de Pixar transformara la filial de animacion de Disney, cuyas peliculas recientes de dibujos animados hechas a mano, entre ellas Treasure Planet, no atrajeron al publico como lo han hecho las cintas animadas por computadora. "

24 ene. 2006

Disney close to Pixar deal

Reports: Disney close to Pixar deal | CNET News.com: "Walt Disney Co.'s board of directors has given its approval to make an offer to buy Pixar Animation Studios, the independent studio responsible for hits such as 'Toy Story' and 'The Incredibles,' according to published reports. "

23 ene. 2006

Corona, la marca mas reconocida en AL

El Economista -- Informacion realmente valiosa: "Corona, la marca mas reconocida en AL
De acuerdo a un sondeo de la revista de internet Brandchannel, la cervecera mexicana ocupa el lugar numero uno, seguida de Bacardi Movistar, Havaianas y, en quinto sitio, Cemex."

CBS stations move to high-definition news

Beyond the Headlines - January 23, 2006###: "CBS stations move to high-definition news
Jan 20, 2006 12:20 PM, Beyond The Headlines e-newsletter

CBS O&O�s WBZ, in Boston, and WBBM, in Chicago, will be the first stations to make the switch to Sonys HD XDCAM gear.

CBS News has begun a migration to high-definition news acquisition. In March, the network�s owned-and-operated stations at WBZ-TV, in Boston, and WBBM-TV, in Chicago, will be the first to use Sonys XDCAM HD Professional Disc system for its local programming. The other 15 CBS stations will begin converting to XDCAM HD throughout 2006 and 2007.
HD news is a hot topic on the minds of many in the industry, and it�s critical to have the right technology in place when it�s time to make the switch, said Bob Ross, senior vice president of East Coast Operations at CBS Television. "

22 ene. 2006

Google tops Apple in 2005 brand poll | CNET News.com

Google tops Apple in 2005 brand poll | CNET News.com: "Internet search engine Google has retaken first place in the 2005 global poll of the world's most influential brands, while the eBay-owned Web phone service Skype makes its debut at No. 3.
The annual survey compiled by online branding magazine brandchannel.com often throws up controversial results, such as in 2004, when Arabic TV station Al Jazeera was voted the world's fifth most influential brand (down to 25th place this year).
But this year, the 2,528 branding professionals and students who voted came up with more conventional and--perhaps unsurprisingly for an online poll--tech-heavy answers when asked 'Which brand had the most impact on our lives in 2005?' "

The Attention Economy: The Natural Economy of the Net

The Attention Economy: The Natural Economy of the Net: "We are living a temporary attention economy in miniature right at this moment."

Internet promueve la cultura del regalo

weblog: "la cultura del regalo como modelo de autoría en el sXXI

Diseñados para un mundo predigital, las leyes y modelos de negocio que rigen las relaciones entre autores, editores y consumidores de cultura ya no sirven. En la Red regalar y permitir la copia es la mejor manera de triunfar.
Ponencia presentada en el IGC 2004, Barcelona."

20 ene. 2006

But Carl Zeiss Camera makes available Nikon F mount Lenses

Carl Zeiss Camera/Cine Lenses: "For the first time Carl Zeiss offers lenses which directly fit a world leading 35 mm SLR system, the one that, for half a century, has been the premier choice of demanding photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, all over the world: Nikon F. Analogue and digital!

In addition maybe even more important ZF is leading Carl Zeiss to a major change in its photo lens business plan: For the first time, Carl Zeiss will set up its own distribution organisation instead of delegating the selling of Carl Zeiss lenses to camera manufacturers. We are at the beginning of a very interesting future! "

2006 The year of death for Consumer film business

Press release details | KONICA MINOLTA: "Konica Minolta Announces Withdrawal Plan for
Camera Business and Photo Business
Konica Minolta has long been a leading company in photo imaging business covering wide range of imaging from input to output. In addition, we have provided inspiring products and services by fusing our unique technologies. "

Konica-Minolta quits photo business


Nikon quits film for all consumer cameras:


19 ene. 2006

Transfer Cine Video TELECINE FILM VIDEO Transferencia Peliculas de 8mm Super 8 a Video DVD

Transfer Cine Video TELECINE FILM VIDEO Transferencia Peliculas de 8mm Super 8 a Video DVD

Help | VideoCodeZone.com - your source for music video codes

Help | VideoCodeZone.com - your source for music video codes

Cine Alta Technology for $19K

Sony Business Solutions & Systems - Featured: "The concept of the CineAlta system is to provide digitally, to the degree possible, many of the wonderful imaging attributes of 35mm motion picture film while adding expanded creative flexibilities that are indigenous to digital acquisition and post production. The '24' refers to the image capture rate of 24 frames per second, which fully emulates the globally popular 24-frame picture capture rate of motion picture film.
The 'P' stands for 'Progressive' scanning, which also replicates the way that film is exposed, with the entire frame representing a single instant in time. In addition to bringing the 'look' of this new digital medium closer to that of film, the 24P system expedites the post processes of transferring to or from motion picture film. 24P empowers directors and cinematographers on the camera set - offering unprecedented and exciting real-time creative capabilities while shooting - to realize the innovative imaging aspirations of digital production."

Sony introduces 1/2" HD XDCAM for $20K

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Jan. 18, 2006 - The next generation of Sony's XDCAM Professional Disc system - a line of high-definition optical camcorders and decks unveiled today - offers cinematographers, broadcasters and video professionals a complete toolkit of flexible, digital production options.

The Sony XDCAM HD family of optical products includes two camcorders and two decks. The same Professional Disc media used in the standard definition version of the XDCAM system is also compatible with the new HD version. Now, professional users can record up to two hours of high definition content on the versatile optical media, maintaining their workflow continuity by combining HD resolution with the same IT-based benefits made possible by XDCAM technology since its initial launch in 2004.

"The introduction of a high-definition version of our XDCAM system marks the continuing evolution of optical technology as users shift from standard definition production," said Alec Shapiro, senior vice president of Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Production Systems Division. "This new XDCAM line-up rounds out Sony's range of HD production tools, filling an important niche between Sony's entry-level and high-end formats."

With the introduction of the XDCAM HD system, Sony is extending its CineAlta family of cinematic, broadcast and professional production systems by giving these new products the CineAlta brand.

The two XDCAM HD camcorders - models PDW-F330 and PDW-F350 - both offer the production features that professional users need, such as true 24P recording in SD or HD, interval recording, and slow shutter.

The PDW-F350 additionally offers true variable frame rate recording capabilities; also commonly known as "over-cranking" and "under-cranking" or "slow-motion/fast motion" functionality.

"This is a much-desired and often critical feature for cinematographers and directors of photography who need the flexibility of changing frame rates to create unique `looks' for their productions or to create special effects," said Robert Ott, vice president of optical and network systems for Sony. "For digital cinematographers, the ability to shoot at slower or faster frame rates than playback gives them the great motion effects often seen in film cinema."

The PDW-F350 enables variable frame rate recording at a range of frame rates from four frames per second (fps) to 60 fps in one frame increments. For example, when viewed at 24 fps, four fps yields motion six times faster than normal. In comparison, 60 fps yields motion at 40 percent normal speed. These effects can be played back in the camera or on a Sony optical deck, without the need for any additional special processing through a non-linear editing system or converter.

The PDW-F350 also enables true 24P, 25P and 30P image capture, without any additional conversion required.

The XDCAM HD products offer the flexibility of recording 1080i video in three data recording rates: 25 Mbps, plus 35 Mbps and 18 Mbps. The system records high-definition content to Sony's existing Professional Disc single-layer media using an HD MPEG-2 Long GOP video compression codec.

The camcorders use three half-inch CCD 1.5 megapixel imagers with a variety of lenses from major manufacturers available.

The PDW-F70 and PDW-F30 decks enable high-speed data transfer between compatible nonlinear devices. Both decks up-convert XDCAM standard definition content recorded in the DVCAM format to 1080i high definition at output, and all XDCAM HD camcorders and decks can down-convert HD material to standard definition in anamorphic, letterboxed or 4:3 format.

"We are also continuing to develop our alliances with 30 leading manufacturers of compatible products to further strengthen the adoption of an optical workflow by a broader audience of customers," said Ott.

Based on blue-laser technology, the XDCAM system's Professional Disc media offers unique benefits in terms of split-second random access to footage in the field or during the post process, and multi-format flexibility and flexible record times (approximately 120 minutes or more of HD content at 18 Mbps or 85 minutes of SD DVCAM at 25 Mps).

The Sony Professional Disc media is re-usable up to 1,000 read/write cycles and up to 10,000 read/write cycles in ideal conditions, based on Sony's own testing. The greater number of repeat recordings possible with the XDCAM Professional Disc allows a production crew to re-use it more often than a videotape and without experiencing degradation after multiple uses of the media.

Additional features of the new XDCAM HD products include:

Expand function - takes a clip that has been initially tagged as a thumbnail and divides it into 12 even time intervals. Each interval also contains its own thumbnail for easy identification. This expand function can be applied up to three times, making it easier to search rapidly for scenes within a long clip, and also allows an operator to drill down into a clip and quickly locate the desired editing point.

Freeze mix - enables a videographer to switch seamlessly between pre-recorded material and live footage by showing these images on the LCD screen or viewfinder. This function also helps adjust the camera's position to set the same framing for the next shot.

Slow shutter -allows a maximum of 64 frames to be accumulated. In low light levels this produces clear and noiseless video, and provides a "fantasy" video effect with a ghost image.

Since 2004, the standard definition version of the XDCAM system has been adopted by news organizations, videographers and for television production, especially in the reality TV genre. Corporations, educational and government facilities, houses of worship and major sports teams have also implemented Sony's optical technology.

The following XDCAM HD products are planned to be available in March 2006, with suggested list pricing of:

PDW-F350 camcorder: $25,800

PDW-F330 camcorder: $16,800

PDW-F70 deck: $15,990

The PDW-F30 deck is planned to be available in June, with a suggested list price of $9,500. The PFD-23 Professional Disc media is available for approximately $30 per disc, with a capacity of 23.3 GB per disc.

Source: Sony News & Information

18 ene. 2006


Combination of Proven Optical Disc Technology with HD Resolution Puts Powerful New Production Tools in the Hands of Cinematographers, Broadcasters and Video Professionals
PARK RIDGE, N.J., Jan. 18, 2006 - The next generation of Sony's XDCAM� Professional Disc� system - a line of high-definition optical camcorders and decks unveiled today - offers cinematographers, broadcasters and video professionals a complete toolkit of flexible, digital production options. "

Blackmailers try to black out Million Dollar Homepage | CNET News.com

Blackmailers try to black out Million Dollar Homepage | CNET News.com

12 ene. 2006

Gates Forecasting Huge HD Sales from Xbox

HD Notebook: "Date posted: 2006-01-11
CES2006: Gates Forecasting Huge HD Sales from Xbox
According to published reports of Bill Gates' annual ritual of addressing the CES, the world's richest known human is apparently counting on Microsoft's recent Xbox 360 game console release to do what sitcoms and the Super Bowl have not done yet--make owning an HD monitor a must for young consumers.
Microsoft reportedly released some internal survey data in Las Vegas that linked likely purchases of HD sets directly to the new Xbox. The company said about 90 percent of new Xbox 360 owners 'either own an HDTV or plan to buy one in the next six months.' (That always seems to be the catch in these surveys, i.e., the 'plan-to' crowd, so time will tell....) Gates also said about 90 percent of those same Xbox owners say the game console itself is the main factor in their decision to upgrade to HD. "

Hispanic Market Business: Mexican Coke: How Sweet It Is Hispanic Market

Hispanic Market Business: Mexican Coke: How Sweet It Is Hispanic Market: "Mexican Coke: How Sweet It Is
Chicago Tribune - Behind the counter at El Tecolote Mexican restaurant, one fridge sits fully stocked with cans of American Coca-Cola. Next to it, a refrigerator with frosted glass bottles of Mexican Coke is half empty. 'It was full this morning,' said Mari Rodriguez, a waitress at the restaurant. 'It outsells American Coke five to one.'
Up and down Chicago's West 26th Street, where ranchera music thumps and street vendors hawk pork rinds called chicharrones from gallon pickle jars, residents take nearly as much pride in their imported Coca-Cola as they do in flying red, white and green national flags.

The neighborhood is one of the nation's largest consumers of Mexican Coke, a sweeter - some say - version of the American soft drink shipped north in heavy glass bottles. The U.S. Coca-Cola Co., which does not make money from Mexican Coke, has taken notice and is trying to win over soda pop drinkers in this economically bustling area known to locals as la Villita."

la Coca-Cola mexicana genera problemas a Coke

la Coca-Cola mexicana genera problemas a Coke Mercados: "La sed en EUA por la Coca-Cola mexicana genera problemas a Coke

por Chad Terhune
Dow Jones Newswires

10 de enero La semana pasada, el anaquel medio de la sección de refrescos de Las Tarascas, un supermercado latino en Lawrenceville, Georgia, estaba vacio. Pero el gerente de la tienda, Erik Carvallo, no podia llamar a la embotelladora local de Coca-Cola para pedir mas productos.
Carvallo se habia quedado sin Coca-Cola en botellas de vidrio, estampadas con la leyenda Hecho en Mexico. Estas llegan a este suburbio de Atlanta a traves de una cadena de suministro informal, que desconoce el tradicional "

11 ene. 2006

The WIT > News los programas mas vistos

The WIT > News: "01CSI: Crime Scene Investigation [10 Nov. on CBS]
29.55 million viewers
US police series

02Desperate Housewives [13 Nov. on ABC]
25.93 million viewers
US drama series

03NFL Monday Night Football [28 Nov. on ABC]
22.64 million viewers
US football match

04Lost [16 Nov. on ABC]
21.87 million viewers
US drama series

05Without a Trace [17 Nov. on CBS]
21.66 million viewers
US police series

06Grey's Anatomy [20 Nov. on ABC]
20.33 million viewers
US medical series

07CSI: Miami [28 Nov. on CBS]
19.77 million viewers
US police series

08Survivor: Guatemala [24 Nov. on CBS]
19.54 million viewers
Adventure game show

09Cold Case [27 Nov. on CBS]
19.37 million viewers
US police series

10CSI: NY [9 Nov. on CBS]
19.23 million viewers
US police series "

Aprendiendo a Mirar Television

Aprendiendo a Mirar Television: "Aprendiendo a Mirar Television
...el frances Francois-Bernard Huyge, amigo de Regis Debray, de acuerdo al reportaje señala que 'habria que enseñar a ver television',...
...Aunque no explica la manera en que los pequeños demonios la definicion es de Homero Simpson pueden lograr que sus maestros les enseñen algo que esos maestros no entienden, Huyge agrega otras afirmaciones...

MipTV featuring Milia - The World's Audiovisual and Digital Content Market

MipTV featuring Milia - The World's Audiovisual and Digital Content Market: "QUE S EL MIPTV?
La principal feria mundial del contenido audiovisual
Reunio de los impulsadores y responsables mundiales del mundo de la televisio
El acontecimiento anual que refleja todos los aspectos que conforman la televisio de hoy en dia
Un marco ideal para negociar derechos de programacio, coproducciones y alianzas "

Cable vs Cable Television por Internet

Television por Internet: "Cable vs. cable
En el analisis sobre los acontecimientos mas destacados de 2005 que realizamos en la newsletter Private Advisor el mes pasado, anotamos la aparicion de un fenomeno relativamente nuevo que puede modificar sustancialmente el perfil de la industria de la television por cable en un futuro cercano: la posibilidad de acceder a programas de television a traves de Internet."

NATPE 2006 Latin American Deals

NATPE: "Natpe 2006: Latin American deals speed up
Natpe 2006 will be held on January 24-26 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This meeting and the L.A. Screenings are considered the two most important trade gatherings referred to Latin American television.
Once again, the powwow is divided between the Convention Center at the Mandalay Bay and a tower known as THE Hotel, sought by those that choose dealing from a hotel suite instead of a booth. The distribution is alike what was seen in 2005, with a slight strengthening of the floor part of the show.
Hollywood majors Sony-MGM, NBC Universal, Fox and Warner are at booths, while Buena Vista and CBS Paramount have suites. The balance changes a bit when you consider the international sales displays: Fox has a suite, turning it into 50% and 50%, And, the Latin American distributors like better the suites, a choice shared by the main format players, domestic or international. The European and U.S.-based independent distributors are mostly at booths, while the smaller Latin American favor suites."

10 ene. 2006

Google goes Video

About Google Video: "You've found the world's first open online video marketplace, where you can search for, watch and even buy an ever-growing collection of TV shows, movies, music videos, documentaries, personal productions and more. "

Aunque muchos analistas no lo perciben esto es el inicio de una nueva revolucion mediatica, y el principio de la democratizacion de los medios masivos de comunicacion audiovisual

Macworld: Intel-based Macs built for speed | Tech News on ZDNet

Macworld: Intel-based Macs built for speed | Tech News on ZDNet: "The new iMacs will go on sale today, Jobs said. He also said Apple will transition its entire product line to Intel chips during this calendar year.
Fresh from demonstrating the Intel-based iMacs, Jobs started talking about the status of software for Intel Macs. He noted that his demos of the new iLife were all done on Intel-based Macs.
Microsoft Mac Business Unit General Manager Roz Ho came onstage and announced that Microsoft is moving ahead with efforts to create an Intel-based version of Office for Mac. "

Shoot CinemaScope on the HVR-Z1U for Film-Out

Lumiere Media - Director of Tomorrow is Today on Film & Video Magazine: "Shoot CinemaScope on the HVR-Z1U for Film-Out
Tomorrow is Today
If you get a really good cinematographer to work with, what the HVR-Z1U camera is able to do with the three CCDs and the lens it comes with is unbelievable. You still need to take care of your lighting� control your highlights, contain your environment. In our tool kit we had three ND filters and a sky filter. But with 1920 x 1080, you essentially have amazing real estate. We did something that we hadn�t seen done with HDV before� we shot preserving for 2.35:1 Cinemascope. We felt that it would showcase the beauty of the Jersey Shore, which is a principal character in our story. Because Cinemascope is much wider than 16:9, we did the old trick of putting two pieces of tape on the viewfinder. In post we clipped the top and bottom."
Frederic Haubrich
Lumiere Media, Doylestown, PA
Recent HDV Project:

8 ene. 2006

Super8site Das Online Fanzine for Super 8 Fans

Super8site Das Online Fanzine for Super 8 Fans: "Jeurgen Lossau
Whenever one hears the name Nizo, one thinks of quality and design. Nizo�the noble German trademark, as far as movie cameras are concerned. Nizo owes this honor primarily to the fortunate twist of fate of being sold in 1962 to Braun AG. It was at that point that technological quality was merged with excellent design.

In 1934, Nizo´s Munich plant was making 10 movie cameras a day. In 1973, at the apex of the Super-8 boom, it was making 300, by the end of 1980, 205. In a year it could never make more than 69,308 devices, as many as the Japanese manufacturer Chinon was producing in a month. But quantity does not always mean quality. Today Nizo is a legend, and Chinon has long been forgotten."

Super 8 Magazines & Forum

Super 8 Today Magazine
Small Format Magazine
Small Format Super 8 Forum
Super 8 in Japan

1 ene. 2006

SMALLFORMAT La revista mundial de Cine super 8


OH Boy It was a pleasure receiving the 1st issue of small format magazine. Like all your excellent books you exceeded all expectations. The magazine is superb and I would say that the decision of making it in English was correct because it allows many people around the world to access all your info.

Ing. Jose Maria Noriega Fernandez, Director, Atizapan, Mexico

La revista SmallFormat publicada por Jurgen Lossau el mejor editor del mundo en lo relacionado a cine super 8 es una verdadera joya excelentemente impresa y con informacion actual acerca de la realidad del cine en super 8
Muy recomendable para cualquier cineasta y por supuesto para estudiantes de cine

Straight 8 Cortos de Super 8 Short at Cannes

Cortos en Super 8 en Cannes Cannes: Filmar en super 8 con Kodachrome 40 le da una cualidad eterea a las producciones Straight 8 es un festival en donde se filma con un solo rollo de super 8 sin edicion adicional
Puedes registrarte en el sitio para tener informes del programa 2006

super 8 durante 2005

super 8 and small film news blog onsuper8.org: "With the New Year fast approaching, the team here at onsuper8.org thought we'd have a quick look back at some of the happenings from 2005 (cue dreamy flashback music)..."

Diferencias entre las peliculas de super 8 y 8 mm

Peliculas de 8mm y super 8 telecine a DVD

Telecine super 8 8 mm y 16 mm a DVD

Sistema de Telecine digital 3 ccd de Peliculas super8 mm y 8 mm a DVD

Transferencia Digital de Cine a DVD

Durante la temporada de fiestas de 2005 transferimos profesionalmente miles de pies de peliculas caseras de 8mm y super 8 al nuevo formato digital de DVD
Con la adquisicion del sitema aleman de transferencia digital, la calidad que se obtiene en el telecine permite volver a disfrutar los recuerdos familiares con la comodidad de verlo en la television utilizando un reproductor comun de DVD