8 ene. 2006

Super8site Das Online Fanzine for Super 8 Fans

Super8site Das Online Fanzine for Super 8 Fans: "Jeurgen Lossau
Whenever one hears the name Nizo, one thinks of quality and design. Nizo�the noble German trademark, as far as movie cameras are concerned. Nizo owes this honor primarily to the fortunate twist of fate of being sold in 1962 to Braun AG. It was at that point that technological quality was merged with excellent design.

In 1934, Nizo´s Munich plant was making 10 movie cameras a day. In 1973, at the apex of the Super-8 boom, it was making 300, by the end of 1980, 205. In a year it could never make more than 69,308 devices, as many as the Japanese manufacturer Chinon was producing in a month. But quantity does not always mean quality. Today Nizo is a legend, and Chinon has long been forgotten."