10 ene. 2006

Shoot CinemaScope on the HVR-Z1U for Film-Out

Lumiere Media - Director of Tomorrow is Today on Film & Video Magazine: "Shoot CinemaScope on the HVR-Z1U for Film-Out
Tomorrow is Today
If you get a really good cinematographer to work with, what the HVR-Z1U camera is able to do with the three CCDs and the lens it comes with is unbelievable. You still need to take care of your lighting� control your highlights, contain your environment. In our tool kit we had three ND filters and a sky filter. But with 1920 x 1080, you essentially have amazing real estate. We did something that we hadn�t seen done with HDV before� we shot preserving for 2.35:1 Cinemascope. We felt that it would showcase the beauty of the Jersey Shore, which is a principal character in our story. Because Cinemascope is much wider than 16:9, we did the old trick of putting two pieces of tape on the viewfinder. In post we clipped the top and bottom."
Frederic Haubrich
Lumiere Media, Doylestown, PA
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