11 ene. 2006

NATPE 2006 Latin American Deals

NATPE: "Natpe 2006: Latin American deals speed up
Natpe 2006 will be held on January 24-26 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This meeting and the L.A. Screenings are considered the two most important trade gatherings referred to Latin American television.
Once again, the powwow is divided between the Convention Center at the Mandalay Bay and a tower known as THE Hotel, sought by those that choose dealing from a hotel suite instead of a booth. The distribution is alike what was seen in 2005, with a slight strengthening of the floor part of the show.
Hollywood majors Sony-MGM, NBC Universal, Fox and Warner are at booths, while Buena Vista and CBS Paramount have suites. The balance changes a bit when you consider the international sales displays: Fox has a suite, turning it into 50% and 50%, And, the Latin American distributors like better the suites, a choice shared by the main format players, domestic or international. The European and U.S.-based independent distributors are mostly at booths, while the smaller Latin American favor suites."