31 dic. 2005

Do it yourself telecine

super 8 and small film news blog onsuper8.org: "Whilst pro-telecine is always the best option for getting the most out of your Super 8 and small film images, there are occasions when being able to Do-It-Yourself has advantages in terms of both time and flexibility. With this in mind, we published our own DIY telecine guide earlier this year based on a converted Eumig 610d, which we've been successfully using for own projects."

MAKE: Blog

MAKE: Blog: "Makers: Reviewed on Slashdot
James Alguire has a review of our new book Makers on Slashdot - 'Makers: All Kinds of People Making Amazing Things In Garages, Basements, and Backyards by Bob Parks, and published by O'Reilly, celebrates the basic human desire to create, to nail together two things that have never been nailed together before and see what it does. "

30 dic. 2005

The Marketing Video Film DVD & TV World Aztec Weblog

El Blog de noticias y links de mercadotecnia publicidad video film y television The Marketing Video Film DVD & TV World Aztec Weblog

Servicios Produccion Video Film DVD y Televisi�n en Mexico

Servicios de produccion, edicion y postproduccion de video, DVD, multimedia, film y television: "Para el año 2006, tenemos nuevos servicios de produccion de video en alta defincion, hemos invertido en equipo aleman de transferencia digital de peliculas a video y DVD de alta definicion, en el área de cine, contamos ya con las mejores camaras de cine en super 8 para estudiantes y camaras de cine de 16 mm, tambien invertimos en equipo de cine digital de alta definición y en la reproducción masiva de DVD y Televisión en Mexico Servicios de producción, edición y postproducción de video, DVD, multimedia, film y televisión

Million dollar boy - Student - Times Online

Million dollar boy - Student - Times Online:
Alex is 21. He's an ordinary middle-class undergraduate: lives in messy student digs, has spiky hair, drinks a lot of Coke. And is on his way to his first million. Meet an internet whiz-kid
Gana miles de dolares con los nuevos tonos de celular

26 dic. 2005

A key to Hapinness

My good friend Larry Niemer founder of the International Student Film Festival from Carpinteria, California started a train of thoughts about the key to happiness, I am grateful he made me think about it

Here are my thoughts
Happiness is a warm gun....
The Beatles :)

Is a Christmas dinner with your family talking with your nephews and sons about the importance of the study of philosophy and llterature
....and then realize that the really important thing is just listen to them...:)

Being able to to have expectations and realize them
and if they dont it really does not matter that much :)

A path with heart is good path
"The teachings of Don Juan" Carlos Castaneda

I feel so happy most of the time because I realize that just being able among billions of atoms to have conscience, that this fact is an inextinguishable source of joy

Happiness is the way to happiness as love is the way to love

Happiness is as elusive and brief as a sunset and it will come again tomorrow to be grasped

Happiness is the tear under yor eye when you feel alive just that is enough to be happy ---sometimes

Happiness is your son coming out from the womb of your wife

And is also the exhilaration to win ...anything, sometimes just a parking space

Or having a place in paradise looking at the flowers
...in your garden

Or the clouds painting a sunrise to start again

Or feeling safe again after being kidnapped

Or buying a black Cadillac

Or an icecream in a hot summer

Happiness is a customer calling you for a new job

And the same customer telling you the job was great

Happiness is a gourmet meal with wine and friends

Or a hotdog and a coke after a hard day work

A stroll in the city without a wristwatch

A cellphone call from your wife

A google search gone right

and your 20 year old car purring like a cat

A nice night sleep

And an early wake up to see the sun rise

Happiness is to catch the train on time

Or arriving home at night

To feel sad sometimes and also to relieve your pain

Happiness is to give and also to receive

To love and be loved

To hear Beethoven and Coldplay

and dance some salsa in a good party

rembember and old love and not feel pain anymore?

or sushi on sundays after a good movie

A book at night

A song in the a traffic jam

An interesting mail at 6 am to answer on christmas :)

Life is hapiness

A Merry Christamas Larry

And a HAPPY new year

21 dic. 2005

Rumor: 200 de 350 concesiones de radio y tv. para la Señora Marta

2740nora.htm: Cuando el rio suena agua lleva "Rumor: 200 de 350 concesiones de radio y tv. para la Señora Marta"

El poder se llama Televisa

2740felix.htm: "Ya lo advertia Jesús Reyes Heroles
El poder se llama Televisa
Por: Felix Fuentes"

Film Looks with different stock DVD

Silver Halide is a company that is dedicated to giving film enthusiasts fair and honest products. We believe in giving our clients natural results, and don't feel a need to glamorize or polish the finished product. This will give filmmakers a truthful portrayal of what to expect before having to buy or shoot their first role of film. We have been there before and realize how expensive and tedious it is to rent equipment and buy film just to see our final product come out something less than we had imagined. It always felt even worse to realize what we could have done to correct the problem beforehand. We hope to make filmaking a less expensive more enjoyable art-form for years to come

20 dic. 2005

Google, Time Warner strike $1 billion deal for AOL

Google, Time Warner strike $1 billion deal for AOL | CNET News.com: "Google will invest $1 billion for a 5 percent stake in Time Warner's America Online unit as part of a partnership that expands their existing search engine deal to include collaboration on advertising, instant messaging and video.
Google also is offering a $300 million credit that AOL can use to buy keyword-based ads from Google, the companies announced Tuesday. "


Initiative to Encourage Production of HD Content by Putting Equipment and Information within Reach of Public Television Stations "

14 dic. 2005

The Kubrick Site

The Kubrick Site: "The Kubrick Site has been established as a non-profit resource archive for documentary materials regarding, in whole or in part, the work of the late American film director and producer Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999). We'd like to thank the literally thousands of readers and participants in the Usenet newsgroup alt.movies.kubrick, many of whose contributions appear in these pages. "

stanley kubrick : inside the mind of a visionary filmmaker

stanley kubrick : exhibition details: "If the moving image emerged as the greatest artform of the last century, the films of Stanley Kubrick are among its most outstanding achievements. Visionary and endlessly inventive, their images are among the most unforgettable in the history of cinema. "

Paramount To Purchase DreamWorks In $1.6B Deal

Paramount To Purchase DreamWorks In $1.6B Deal: "Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom Inc., has signed a definitive agreement to acquire DreamWorks SKG for $1.6 billion in cash and assumption of debt, the studio announced Dec. 11.

The deal brings Paramount all of DreamWorks' current projects in development; an ongoing production partnership with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, two of DreamWorks' co-founders; an exclusive, worldwide distribution agreement with DreamWorks Animation beginning in 2006; DreamWorks' live-action library; and DreamWorks' television division and its properties."

HD DVD Delayed

HD Notebook: "HD DVD Delayed; Sigma Designs, Pioneer Team Up on Blu-ray
Sigma Designs will work with Pioneer Corp. on jointly developing what the companies call a 'full-featured' Blu-ray DVD player using Sigma's SMP8630 media processors. Pioneer plans to introduce the new Blu-ray DVD player in the first half of 2006. "

10 dic. 2005

JVC Professional HD ProHD High definition Video from JVC

JVC Professional Europe :: X-treme Performance: "ProHD Hardware"
An anthology of user stories, practical guidance, industry reviews, technical explanations and other information relating to JVC's new concept in bringing progressive HD to a broad base of professional video users and producers.

THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

Cinema Village - Movie Information: "The IFP presents Adam Curtis' THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES: THE RISE OF THE POLITICS OF FEAR, the acclaimed and controversial three-part BBC documentary that suggests that the 'official truth' that we are threatened by a centrally led international terrorist network could be an illusion.

An Official Selection at this year's Cannes International Film festival, THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES was also shown at the San Francisco International Film Festival (where it received the Golden Gate Persistence of Vision Award) and Tribeca Film Festivals to much praise."

8 dic. 2005

JVC Professional GY-HD100U

JVC Professional Features page: "The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC's GY-HD100U opens a new area of digital cinematography, letting you unleash your creative potential with results that are nothing short of spectacular."

Panasonic rolls out AG-HVX200 camcorder

Panasonic rolls out AG-HVX200 camcorder
The AG HVX200, scheduled to ship for $5,995 ($6,995 with with two 4GB P2 cards, $9,995 with with two 8GB P2 cards) can capture images in 21 video formats, including such formats as HD 1080i and 720p, 1080/60i, 30p, 24p, 720/60p, 30p and 24p; 50mbps DVCPRO50, 25Mbps DVCPRO, and DV. The camera features a pair of P2 card slots, with cards currently available in 4GB and 8GB configurations. Depending on the mode the camera is set to shoot at, sample recording times range from four minutes per GB in DVCPRO format, to one minute per GB in DVCPRO HD720p.

Verizon Wireless to deliver CBS to phones | CNET News.com

Verizon Wireless to deliver CBS to phones | CNET News.com: "Verizon Wireless plans to start sending clips of popular CBS shows 'CSI,' 'Survivor' and 'Late Show with David Letterman' to mobile phones, marking CBS's first foray into wireless video. "

7 dic. 2005


ALTA DEFINICION HDV: "Por ello las cintas de video digitales que existen en el mercado hoy en día, pueden usarse para grabar bajo la norma HDV, que además soporta la calidad de sonido de un CD de audio.
Los equipos HDV proporcionan casi el doble de resolución que los formatos NTSC, PAL y SECAM. Por eso se producen imágenes definitivamente vívidas y nítidas, que visualizadas en pantallas rectangulares con proporciones 16:9 (16 partes de ancho por 9 de alto

5 dic. 2005


PARK RIDGE, N.J., Dec. 5, 2005 - The Shoah Visual History Foundation, an organization founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg dedicated to preserving and sharing its massive archive of Holocaust survivor and witness testimonies, this year completed digitization of 52,000 videotaped interviews from 57 countries in 32 languages.

The foundation now owns about 125,000 hours of digital footage totaling more than 15 petabytes of uncompressed data, and more than 150 terabytes of compressed data in MPEG format.

Cowparade en Mexico

Cowparade en Mexico

2 dic. 2005

Y Apple no se queda atras el Ipod video es un Exito

Las noticias sobre el video sobre demanda VOD nos hacen reflexionar sobre las oportunidades que existen ahora para todos en la creación de contenidos digitales, la era de los grandes "networks" unilaterales se empieza a mover hacia una democratización del uso del video y la televisión por parte de mas y mas personas a través de las nuevas tecnologías como el podcasting y el videoblogging

Finding harmony among iPod rivals | CNET News.com: "Hoping to loosen Apple Computer's grip on the digital music player market, Microsoft is rallying consumer electronics companies to form a common link.
The software maker is part of a working group launched last week by the Consumer Electronics Association to develop a standard port for connecting gadgets like music players to audio systems in homes and cars"

Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers

La Television empieza a cambiar con los nuevos media players a partir de ahora podras ver la television desde cualquier lugar

Portable Media Centers put all of your favorite video, music, and pictures at your fingertips wherever you are. Take digital entertainment from your computer with you on the go, including recorded TV shows, downloaded videos, home movies, music, and photos. With Windows Mobile software that features an easy-to-use, familiar Windows XP Media Center Edition interface, Portable Media Centers let you enjoy immediate access to all of your favorite entertainment anytime, anywhere

1 dic. 2005

Fox sees Blu-ray DVDs gaining edge

Fox sees Blu-ray DVDs gaining edge | CNET News.com: "Fox Filmed Entertainment sees the Sony-led Blu-ray high-definition DVDs winning the next-generation DVD technology battle on the back of widespread Hollywood support and the release next year of the PlayStation 3 video game console. "