26 dic. 2005

A key to Hapinness

My good friend Larry Niemer founder of the International Student Film Festival from Carpinteria, California started a train of thoughts about the key to happiness, I am grateful he made me think about it

Here are my thoughts
Happiness is a warm gun....
The Beatles :)

Is a Christmas dinner with your family talking with your nephews and sons about the importance of the study of philosophy and llterature
....and then realize that the really important thing is just listen to them...:)

Being able to to have expectations and realize them
and if they dont it really does not matter that much :)

A path with heart is good path
"The teachings of Don Juan" Carlos Castaneda

I feel so happy most of the time because I realize that just being able among billions of atoms to have conscience, that this fact is an inextinguishable source of joy

Happiness is the way to happiness as love is the way to love

Happiness is as elusive and brief as a sunset and it will come again tomorrow to be grasped

Happiness is the tear under yor eye when you feel alive just that is enough to be happy ---sometimes

Happiness is your son coming out from the womb of your wife

And is also the exhilaration to win ...anything, sometimes just a parking space

Or having a place in paradise looking at the flowers
...in your garden

Or the clouds painting a sunrise to start again

Or feeling safe again after being kidnapped

Or buying a black Cadillac

Or an icecream in a hot summer

Happiness is a customer calling you for a new job

And the same customer telling you the job was great

Happiness is a gourmet meal with wine and friends

Or a hotdog and a coke after a hard day work

A stroll in the city without a wristwatch

A cellphone call from your wife

A google search gone right

and your 20 year old car purring like a cat

A nice night sleep

And an early wake up to see the sun rise

Happiness is to catch the train on time

Or arriving home at night

To feel sad sometimes and also to relieve your pain

Happiness is to give and also to receive

To love and be loved

To hear Beethoven and Coldplay

and dance some salsa in a good party

rembember and old love and not feel pain anymore?

or sushi on sundays after a good movie

A book at night

A song in the a traffic jam

An interesting mail at 6 am to answer on christmas :)

Life is hapiness

A Merry Christamas Larry

And a HAPPY new year