24 oct. 2005

The ProHD Approach

By Steve Mullen

Though not a format unto itself, JVC´s ProHD pushes HDV forward by capturing PCM audio and true 24p.

ProHD Motion Smoothing
JVC´s first ProHD camcorder, the GY-HD100 can record 720p HDV at 24p with PCM audio.
At NAB 2005, JVC introduced its new HDV camcorder, the GY-HD100. This camcorder records to videotape in the HDV format, yet it is described as a ProHD product. ProHD is not a format unto itself, nor is it a sub-format of HDV. According to Dave Walton, JVC's general manager for corporate communications, ProHD is JVC's approach for delivering affordable HD products. It is also used to describe a family of bandwidth-efficient professional HD models