27 oct. 2005

CitiDISK HDV I/O firewire disk for HDV Cameras

Shining Technology, Inc: I/O Device Leader.: "CitiDISK HDV - FireWire
Ready to Save Shooting Time? Plug into CitiDISK HDV
Time is money. And since you can't re-capture time, the CitiDISK HDV is a highly effective tool, eliminating the time consuming process of re-capturing HDV/DV footage from HDV/DV camcorder tapes into non-linear editing (NLE) systems.
CitiDISK HDV is powerful, lightweight, portable and, with its internal rechargeable battery, it connects directly to HDV/DV camcorders and captures HDV/DV footage to its miniature high-capacity hard drive and to tape simultaneously - directly from the camera's FireWire port into your choice of file-formats (.M2T, .MOV, .AVI, .DV and others). When done shooting, set your camcorder to VCR mode to 'QPLAY' the last scenes on the viewfinder or simply plug it into your computer's FireWire port and edit/play directly on the digitized video at anytime.

Optimized For Video Professionals
With its small form-factor, high-capacity and rugged design, CitiDISK HDV is ideally suited for broadcast and video professionals in the field. Typical applications include event video, cooperate video, wedding, ceremony and etc. "