21 oct. 2005

Television and Video now in your cellphone

Beyond the Headlines - Oct. 16, 2005#: "New iPod represents competition for broadcasters

Apple´s new technology opens a wide door to the entry of video podcasts, a new video-on-demand service that lets anyone produce and distribute video at a low cost.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, gave broadcasters no advance notice last week that he had targeted television for the next generation of his iPod MP3 player. As a result, the news left many shaking their heads, wondering what impact this revolution in technology might bring.
For the first time, hit prime time TV shows can be purchased online the day after they air, said Robert Iger, the new CEO of the Walt Disney Co., as he stood beside Jobs at a news conference in San Jose, CA.
Some of ABC´s most popular television shows, such as Desperate Housewives, and Lost, and the new drama series Night Stalker will be available 24 hours after their TV premiere, without commercials, for $1.99 per episode through Apple´s iTunes. Two shows from the Disney Channel, That´s so Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody will also be available.
Even if iPod users don´t choose to purchase prime time television programming, the new technology opens a very wide door to the entry of video podcasts, a new kind of video-on-demand that anyone can produce and distribute at a very low cost."