25 oct. 2005

KODAK:40th Anniversary of Super 8 film

KODAK:40th Anniversary of Super 8 film: "Super 8 film is alive and well, and serving a vital segment of today's filmmaking industry.
Eastman Kodak Company remains committed to providing Super 8 camera users a range of products and creative choices. As such, Kodak has added a new color reversal film to its Super 8 portfolio-the super-saturated, fine grain KODAK EKTACHROME 64T Color Reversal Film 7280 will be available in August of this year.
'Introduced in 1965, Super 8 film has found new life with each new generation of filmmakers that continue to embrace the format,' said Bob Mayson, general manager and vice president for Image Capture products, Entertainment Imaging division at Eastman Kodak Company. 'Forty years after its introduction, this small-gauge film still provides an easy, inexpensive way for students and enthusiasts to work at film resolutions and color depths as yet unmatched by the latest digital technologies.'"