22 feb. 2005


HDV@Work#1: "HD Distribution Using D-VHS

Steve Mullen

Ask most folks in the video industry �what is D-VHS?� and you are likely to get a puzzled look. This lack of knowledge is especially prevalent among those buying Sony�s FX1 or Z1 cameras. These folks are often convinced they have only two distribution options -- use the WM9 HD encoder or wait until high-definition DVD recorders arrive late this year.

Ask a home theater aficionado what D-VHS is, and you�ll get a far more knowledgeable answer. D-VHS is well known because some buy D-Theater pre-recorded movies in the 1080i format with Digital Dolby 5.1 soundtracks. D-VHS also allows those with i.LINK-equipped HD set-top boxes to record clones of HD programming. "