11 ago. 2006

21st Century 3D: 3DVX3

21st Century 3D: 3DVX3 Press Release: "21st Century 3D Introduces Uncompressed
4:4:4 Stereoscopic Camera System - 3DVX3
San Jose Convention Center January 18, 2006
SPIE Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference
Today, 21st Century 3D announced the introduction of the 3DVX3, the latest in their line of digital stereoscopic motion picture camera systems. The 3DVX3 represents 21st Century 3D's most significant advance in stereoscopic camera technology to date. This newly developed 3D camera-recorder features numerous evolutionary advances over previous 3DVX models, while maintaining the compact form factor and self contained design that has been a distinctive feature since the first generation. "