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Arriflex 416, First Look

Arriflex 416, First Look: "Arriflex 416, First Look

by Tim Carroll

Got a chance to play with the Arriflex 416 this past week at NAB and talk with Klemens Kehrer, the 416's design engineer and Marc Shipman-Mueller, its product manager. Here's what I found out.
ARRI began work on the camera in late 2004 because of the resurgence in Super 16. The indicators were; increased sales of the SR3 Advanced cameras, increased footage sales of Kodak Vision2 16mm film stock, the scarcity of camera rental stock as the cameras were continuously rented out, the introduction of the new Cooke and Canon lenses, the refinement of the DI process allowing Super 16 capture and 35mm release, and the leap forward in film scanning brought about by the introduction of the Spirit telecine and the ARRISCAN."