9 mar. 2009

Why Twitter's for young people...

A week ago, give or take, I read an article (or was it a column?) by TIME Magazine's own Lev Grossman entitled "Why Facebook is for Old Fogies". And I must admit, it absolutely convinced me. Specially, point number 1: Facebook is about finding people you've lost track of . But the point that really caught my eye was number 9: We don't understand Twitter. After chewing on it for a while, I came up with 5 reasons why old fogies don't understand Twitter (unless you explain it to them) and why more young people should use Twitter. With or without Lev Grossman's permission, I hereby give you

5 Reasons Why Annoying Teenagers and Such actually LIKE Twitter

1- We love Everyone to know what we did/do: You know it. We know it. If you got drunk at Haley's party on Saturday, be sure everyone at school shall know this by Monday. Twitter allows us to extend this communication power beyond anyone's imagination. Twitter allows us to tell everyone, in real time, what really is happening at Haley's party. And we love it!

2- 1337: Twittr g1v3s u5 y37 an07th3r r3a50n t0 w4173 7h15 way

3- Facebook's too complicated: With all those apps, information, "Wall", albums, etc, Facebook needs a manual. I'm all for RTFM, but at times, I like to sit on my desk, open my Explorer (or Chrome, for those of us Google fans ;) ) and just write what I'm doing at the time.

4- Twitpic: Flickr is soooooo 2004

5- Twitterific: Imagine doing ALL of the above, from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Yes, I know you can also download Facebook for iPhone/iPod. But, the name sucks. We love Twitter!!!