13 jul. 2012

Filming at the Dracula Castle and Film Festival Schedule

Brasov International Film Festival & Market (July 19-29)

(nonviolent Film Festival organized in partnership with the City Hall of Brasov)

For immediate release: 

Brasov (Romania) July 13, 2012

On Tuesday July 10 at 12:30 PM, at the Sala Mica of the Dramatic Theater Sica Alexandrescu in Brasov, the artistic consultant of the Brasov International Film Festival & Market international film director Bruno Pischiutta presented to the press:

                - The complete Screening Schedule of films presented by the Festival (date, time and location of each screening). 

All films will be in English language OR with English subtitles (they will not have Romanian subtitles).

Here is the general schedule and location of the screenings:

1:00 pm (films out of competition) – at the Dramatic Theater “Sica Alexandrescu”

9:00 pm (films in competition) – at the Dramatic Theater “Sica Alexandrescu”

9.30 pm (films out of competition) – in Piazza Sfatului (open air)

All the screenings are FREE.

                - The final Official Poster of the Festival has been provided to the media in digital form. The artwork of the poster was created by Irina Birt, from Liceul de Arte 'Hans Mattis Teutsch' and the graphic design of the poster, has been created by Gabriela Boboc of Mediagraf.

                - Festival’s Jury member names (in alphabetical order):

Actress Ms. Alexandra Epure (Romania), Screenplay Writer Ms. Elisabetta Errani Emaldi (Italy), Professor Emeritus and Daytime Emmy Judge Ms. Susan Johnston (USA), Journalist and Writer Mr. Doru Munteanu (Romania) and Film Director, Writer and Producer Mr. Bruno Pischiutta (Canada)

                - Filming at the Dracula Castle:

On July 1st, Brasov Film Center has concluded the filming of the documentary BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE  WORLD (directed by Bruno Pischiutta). The last shooting day took place at the Dracula Castle. The Castle was presented in the documentary by actresses Elena Paraschiv (from Germany) and Bogdana Ross (from Russia).


Actress Elena Paraschiv and actress Bogdana Ross, have been introduced to the attending media at the conference by Director Bruno Pischiutta. Five minutes of the Documentary (the part shot at the Dracula Castle) has also been shown during the conference. The shooting was done by Marius Damian, Director of Photography.

The attending members of the media  applauded at the end of the screening; some of them said that the documentary BRASOV: PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE  WORLD, that will soon be distributed worldwide, is definitely the most important artistic and cultural creation the city ever had. The documentary is targeted to the American viewers and is already making Brasov more known than ever in America and in other parts of the world.

We include hereunder the list of Festival Sponsors and Partners.

Brasov Film Center S.R.L.

Brasov International Film Festival & Market 

Website: www.rollywood.org

Errani Emaldi Elisabetta

E-mail address: errani.emaldi@alice.it



Festival Sponsors and Partners 2012:

City Hall of Brasov

Dramatic Theater 'Sica Alexandrescu'

Liceul de Arte Hans Mattis Teutsch

Procter & Gamble



Maurer Imobiliare

Klopman International

Kasho Club

Tarom Airline

Simply Travel Tour

New Media Film Festival

Maalouf Ashford & Talbot

Pro Hermes

Film Finance Awards 2012

Global Film Studio


Rambus International

Toronto Pictures

Ambasador Restaurant

Downtown Club

Cerbul Carpatin

Ramada Hotel Brasov

Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest

Count Kalnoky's Guest House

Tourist Transfer


Media Graf


Transport Taxi

Fashion TV

Inside REEL

Daria! Magazine

Radio TV Transylvania (RTT)

Mix TV

24 Fun

Nova TV

Transilvania Expres

Monitorul Expres






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