26 ene. 2005

NASB to Host DRM in Mexico City

IBOC Update � Jan. 26, 2005: "NASB to Host DRM in Mexico City
The National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB) will be hosting a DRM symposium along with the High Frequency Coordination Conference (HFCC) in Mexico City, Feb. 7-11. The HFCC coordinates the transmission schedules of about 60 organizations worldwide, and promotes the efficient and economical use of HF broadcast spectrum worldwide.
The upcoming HFCC is a biannual event that provides an opportunity for representatives of world broadcasting organizations and the Mexican government to learn more about DRM specifications for IBOC digital broadcasting on frequencies formerly reserved for AM services. Mexico is said to be evaluating both DRM and Ibiquity's HD specifications and performance before making any formal policy decisions concerning MW domestic IBOC digital broadcasting.
According to Doug Garlinger, president of the NASB, the conference was scheduled in Mexico City after rejecting Miami as a potential venue due to U.S. Visa restrictions on attendees from some of the HFCC's member nations. Garlinger noted that the conference has only been held in the America's twice before, the first being in Mexico City in 1948, and more recently in Montreal.
Those interested in the conference can learn more at: www.hfcc.org "