20 sept. 2006

Sony Introduces HVR-V1U and HDD Unit in US - Pro News - News - Professional Camcorders - Camcorderinfo.com

Sony Introduces HVR-V1U and HDD Unit in US - Pro News - News - Professional Camcorders - Camcorderinfo.com: "September 19, 2006 - Today, at an event in their New York headquarters, Sony announced the release of the HVR-V1U, the first 3-CMOS professional camcorder. This model, which offers true 1080/24P recording, uses the same imaging system as the recently announced prosumer camcorder, the HDR-FX7, with a number of professional upgrades, including XLR inputs and more external controls. A 60GB hard disk recording unit, the HVR-DR60, was announced in conjunction with the camcorder.
“Because of the flexibility when combined with the HDD, the battery life, and everything else, we see documentarians going after it; we see electronic field production people going after it, and the wedding market,” said Bob Ott, Vice President of Marketing for Pro Audio, Video, and Optical Networks.
The HVR-V1U is nearly identical to the HVR-V1E, the European version announced two weeks ago at IBC. The US version conforms to NTSC standards and preferences, recording in true 1080/24P, 1080/60i, and 480/60i. The European version uses PAL standards, offering 25P and 50i recording. The fact that Sony chose to adopt true 24P rather than Cineframe or 24F may indicate that Sony is trying to edge out the Canon XL H1, XH G1, and XH A1, which only offer 24F shooting.
“I think the camera is going to find that niche with people who want to want to make movies and want to have that film look,” said Ott. “The nice thing with this camera is that when you play the 24P originated footage back, you get the 24 frame look without having to do any external adjustments on the computer.” "