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100 Twitter Feeds That Teach You History | Associate Degree - Facts and Information

100 Twitter Feeds That Teach You History

August 19th, 2009

By Rose Jensen

With all the buzz about Twitter being the latest source for breaking news, it may be easy to overlook the fact that Twitter is also a good place to look for information about the past. Whether you are studying history and want a little additional knowledge to support what you are learning in class or are just a history buff, then you will want to check out these Twitter feeds that offer all sorts of historical facts ranging from American history to European history to history of specific places or building to history of families to history in the making.

General History Feeds

These feeds offer a bit of history from several different eras and regions.

  1. @historytweeter. From the Stone Age to Dickens, get interesting history tidbits here.
  2. @Historyday. Learn what happened on this day in history (sometimes as recent as last year).
  3. @WWHistory. Get "today in history" updates on this feed.
  4. @worldhistory. This feed provides lots of historical facts from history around the world.
  5. @history_is_cool. This literary publicist shares great history books alongside historical facts.
  6. @history_geek. The feed from this history professor includes talk of academia as well as fun historical facts such as what Romans used for toilet paper.
  7. @AnswersDotCom. Get birthday and death day anniversaries along with other interesting facts.
  8. @HistoryTweet. From the anniversary of the first signal light to Nixon’s resignation, this feed offers lots of fun historical facts.
  9. @Discovery_News. Among the science news updates here you will also find lots of science history facts.

History with an American Perspective

These Twitter feeds focus mainly on American history.

  1. @kevindmccann. History of Tennessee, baseball, and the Civil War may all show up on this feed.
  2. @HISTORY_Daily. The History Channel tweets about events in history as well as information about their TV station.
  3. @JQAdams_MHS. The Massachusetts Historical Society is tweeting a line a day from John Quincy Adam’s private journal.
  4. @dancohen. Find lots of links to digital archives documenting history on this feed.
  5. @wceberly. Keep up with what happened today in American history with this feed.
  6. @PineyCreekBytes. A chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, this Colorado group updates with historical facts from the American Revolutionary War.
  7. @VHStudio. Get photos and art depicting important moments in American history.
  8. @CAFMuseum. Find important dates in American history, especially as it pertains to air power.
  9. @Presidentfacts. Learn unusual and interesting facts about the American presidents here.

History with a European Perspective

Don’t forget about the rich history of Europe–these Twitter feeds haven’t.

  1. @HistoryTODAY. Get your European history with this feed from the editor of History Today magazine.
  2. @TheHistoryWoman. This journalist’s feed focuses mostly on Germany and the UK, but includes facts from around the world.
  3. @HistoryTimes. With a nice blend of history and its impact on today, this feed offers interesting information with a British accent.
  4. @BBCHistoryMag. Find plenty of fascinating history facts here.

Regional History

These feeds look at the history of a specific geographic region.

  1. @TampaBayHistory. Get a daily dose of Tampa Bay history from this feed.
  2. @LucyDJones. Find interesting facts about Florida history here.
  3. @AASLH. This organization interprets and records American state and local history.
  4. @brooklynhistory. The Brooklyn Historical Society writes this feed all about Brooklyn.
  5. @mightyby. This feed features Alabama history as well as aviation history.
  6. @NZHistorydotnet. Learn about the history of New Zealand here.
  7. @GreenerParks. The San Bernardino County Regional Parks not only give up-to-date information about the parks, but lots of history too.
  8. @mnhs. Find photos and historical facts about Minnesota on this feed from the Minnesota Historical Society.

Museums and Libraries

Museums and libraries have plenty to offer when it comes to history, and their Twitter feeds provide a sampling.

  1. @smithsonian. Keep up with the fun historical facts that this famous museum has to offer on their feed.
  2. @airandspace. This branch of the Smithsonian shares history important to air and space.
  3. @HMSF. The Historical Museum of Southern Florida posts about events at the museum as well as historical facts related to the area.
  4. @TheWomensMuseum. This museum highlights women in history from 1500 to present day.
  5. @amhistorymuseum. From light bulbs made out if Legos and Julia Child, follow this feed for American cultural history.
  6. @GettyMuseum. Art history and other interesting facts are found in this feed.
  7. @librarycongress. Take a peek at some of the collections available at the Library of Congress.
  8. @fordstheatre. Find out what is happening at this historic theater with their feed.
  9. @portableant. From the British Museum Portable Antiquities ICT advisor, this feed offers tons of links to photos and information.
  10. @logcabinvillage. This log cabin village in Fort Worth, TX provides information about log cabins and life from that era.
  11. @NYHistory. Learn about memoirs, exhibits, and more from this museum that features New York history.

History and Preservation of Structures

Old structures hold much history in them. These feeds share the history of buildings and other structures across the US.

  1. @handsonhistory. This organization preserves historical buildings and shares their work on this feed.
  2. @Historianizer. This feed features information about historical buildings and structures around the US.
  3. @HistoricShed. This company offers advice and products to help preserve historic homes.
  4. @OldHouseWeb. People who love old houses will find lots of fun facts here.
  5. @ForgottenChi. Find links highlighting forgotten architect and structures around Chicago in this feed.
  6. @tenementmuseum. Written from the perspective of this 5-story tenement built in 1863, this feed features historical facts relevant to the structure as well as current events happening there.

Cultural History

History doesn’t have to be only about battles and politics, as these feeds attest, but can also provide insight to popular trends and fun facts.

  1. @HistoryOfAll. Find lots of entertaining historical tidbits such as when women started shaving under their arms and when stainless steel was invented.
  2. @LemelsonCenter. Invention and innovation are the subjects mentioned here and frequently feature fun moments in the history of innovation.
  3. @emailfwds. This feed provides lots of random information, much of it historical in nature, such as the fashion of drinking chocolate with your alcohol in the 17th century.
  4. @trainstoday. This train-loving Twitter feed often features photos and other historical facts about trains, railroads, and bridges.
  5. @auldmags. Famous quotes, sports history, and more will show up in this feed.
  6. @dayinhistory. From the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to the death of Anton Chekhov, this feed provides lots of cultural history.
  7. @johnabartram. This archeologist shares ancient history and archeology’s impact on today.
  8. @historicaltweet. If famous historical figures could use Twitter, here is what they would be saying in 140 characters or less.
  9. @nbclearn. This educational arm of NBC tweets fun historical facts here.
  10. @history_book. Get information about history books on the day they are published with this feed.
  11. @trexblog. Learn what this T-Rex has to share about popular history when you follow this fun feed.
  12. @whatexactly. This feed provides interesting and odd facts, some historical and some not.
  13. @oldnews. This feed relates old news stories from the 20th century.

K-12 History Teachers

What better place to learn about history than from those teaching it to youth in schools. Here is a sampling of their Twitter feeds.

  1. @russeltarr. This history teacher posts historical facts along with teaching resources.
  2. @ushistorysite. Both history facts and resources for history teachers are on this feed.
  3. @ernieeaster. Find links to resources such as cartography maps and more.
  4. @robcrawley. Get fun days in history facts with this American history teacher.
  5. @activehistory. Find history facts and worksheets for history teachers.
  6. @IanS1974. This British teacher shares lots of ideas when school is in session.
  7. @bcondesso. History resources and current education policy both feature here.
  8. @woodenmask. Teaching, parenting, and history are the subjects of this Twitter feed.
  9. @a_armstrong. Find lots of resources for history teachers and learners here.
  10. @Oralhistorybuff. History sites, social studies pages, and other helpful resources are posted on this teacher’s feed.
  11. @AmerHistTeach. This teacher shares links to history resources, technology for the classroom, and much more.


Learn about the rich history hidden among each family’s ancestors with these feeds that provide resources and history for those interested in genealogy.

  1. @FamilyStories. Genealogy and history get equal billing on this feed.
  2. @benotforgot. Get genealogy resources as well as historical information here.
  3. @rootstelevision. This feed is from RootsTelevision.com and offers great family history information.
  4. @michaelhait. A professional genealogist, Michael Hait shares tips and resources for finding your family history.
  5. @geneabloggers. This feed features information and stories about family history.
  6. @genealogynews. Find genealogy resources as well as actual famous family trees here.
  7. @genseek. Get tons of resources and news about genealogy with this feed.
  8. @MyHeritage. This international company shares resources and more to help you find your family.
  9. @lagenealogy. If you had or have family in Louisiana, then you will want to check out this genealogy feed.
  10. @dickeastman. Updates from Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter are features here.

Politics and History

Politics is an important part of history. Take a look at these feeds that touch on politics of the past as well as today.

  1. @Micah24601. This political science student offers frequent historical facts, usually politically oriented.
  2. @sklopfer. Civil rights and cold cases are the specialty here with some real-time politics mixed in too.
  3. @executedtoday. This feed highlights famous executions throughout history along with current death penalty news.
  4. @whitehouse. Follow this official Twitter feed from the White House to see what is happening in American politics.
  5. @FreedomMuseum. Freedom and first amendment rights are the topics here with a few pieces of historical information thrown in as well.
  6. @DrSeanForeman. This political science professor comments on politics with an aim to speak on Republican, Democrat, and Independent stances.
  7. @prof_gabriele. This professor of medieval studies tweets about current politics.
  8. @Klmarcus. Kenneth L. Marcus is a public affairs professor, constitutional lawyer, and anti-Semitism expert whose feed will keep you current with what is happening in the world of politics.
  9. @SenJohnMcCain. Find out what the Republican senator and former presidential candidate has to say here.
  10. @TheElders. This group of international leaders is headed by Nelson Mandela and posts about important global news and events.
  11. @algore. Politics and climate change are the focus of Al Gore’s Twitter feed.
  12. @ClintonNews. This unofficial feed provides news about the work being done by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Historical Figures Tweeting

History is always in the making. Take advantage of the opportunity to hear from these famous people while they are alive and creating history.

  1. @therealBuzz. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin tweets about space and what he is doing now on this feed.
  2. @lancearmstrong. Follow this world-class athlete and cancer survivor as he makes history.
  3. @StephenHawking. This feed posts quotes from Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist and mathematician.
  4. @JohnCleese. The legendary British actor and comedian tweets with his trademark humor here.
  5. @yokoono. Famous artist and wife of John Lennon, Yoko Ono tweets in this feed.
  6. @zappos. Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, has become wildly famous for both his smart business practices as well as his customer relations and social media participation.
  7. @drewbrees. This football quarterback is not only known for his amazing skill on the field, but also for the charitable activities he and his wife have supported.

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