29 dic. 2010

Canon EOS Rebel T2i – The Perfect DSLR For Beginners Photographer

Canon introduced a new DSLR camera in amateur classes EOS T2i. This innovative digital SLR camera perfect for producing high-quality images, even in large prints and supported also by resolution video recorder features Full High Definition (Full HD). that is not found in DIGITAL SLR cameras except Canon brand.

The key strength of the EOS Rebel T2i can be found on the processor chip DIGIC 4 and APS-C CMOS sensor resolution of 18 megapixels with gapless microlens array technology, which makes the colours more accurate and detailed pictures with a lower noise level.

This digital camera is also loaded 63 dual-layer-zone metering sensor as embedded in the Canon EOS 7D, so this type of color and AF data can be helpful to calculate the optimal lighting style settings with high precision for all shooting conditions.

Canon EOS T2i offers video recording feature for the resolution of Full High Definition (Full HD 1920 x 1080), Canon add this technologies inside the EOS T2i with a range of 24p, 25p and 30p fps. As for the format of 1280 x 720 HD and SD formats 640 x 480

In addition to changing the quality and frame rate per second, users can also manually modify the light in Movie Mode. Additionally, an external stereo microphone is also placed on this camera to record movie with stereo audio resolution much more leverage.
3-inch wide-screen monitor that comes with the Canon EOS Rebel T2i has a resolution of 1.04 million pixels, so end users feel convenient to view detailed images and video taken or at the time of it’s acquisition.

With many features typically only found in top-class dslr dslr camera Canon EOS T2i comes in, making this dslr camera is unbeatable in its class. For the beginners as well as professional photographers who wish a sophisticated but still compact cameras, Canon T2i is the option

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