29 jun. 2008

It's not normal seeing someone angry at Steve Jobs. Come on, let's accept it, the guy's as hateable as YouTube's sneezing baby panda. Or at least, that's the way it was, until now.

For example, and this comes from Gizmodo, canadians are a tad angry at Jobs, because of Rogers Communications, the only carrier with contract to sell the phone, data plan $75 a month that comes with a mandatory 3-year contract, 100 text messages, 300 weekday minutes, and a 750MB cap on 3G usage. The letter can be found here.

Another example is this one, from a young man from Mexico, or Spain, or England. He has posted this video on YouTube, asking "everyone" to "boicot Apple" by "not buying the iPhone 3g", which, in his own words is "slightly crazy". Up to this moment, the video has received 474 viewings and has 14 comments (it's sad but true: almost every comment in the video has an offensive word in it...) The reasons he gives to boicot Apple's 3G are this ones: The cost to maintain the iPhone would be much too expensive, added to the fact that the iPhone would have to be bought in $30 a month plan, with mandatory 2 year contract ( I haven't confirmed this last thing, though). Oh, and he also let free that part of us that's angry with Bill Gates by saying: "this is something i'd have expected from Microsoft".

Here's the video:

Give me a day or to to add subtitles.