25 jun. 2008

WALL-E Craze

OK, I guess you've all seen WALL-E's trailer: The little robot who continues picking trash long after the human race leaves planet Earth (Disney string section. WALL-E is released Friday, for those of you who don't yet know, thank you.

So I decided I'd feature two WALL-E related things today.

The first one is an NXT based WALL-E. The robot scans the ground looking for litter, then lifts it, and places it in it's belly. The instructions are here. It was created about a year ago, taking inspiration from a leaked WALL-E picture.

The second one is WALL-E. Again. Made from paper. Origam-E if you wish it that way. I know, this is supposed to be a technology blog, not a traditional japanese paper flexing art blog. But look at ORIGAM-E!!!! It's small, it's made of paper, and it is based on a robot from a Disney movie. Can it get any more adorable???? Doesn't it make you want to throw the Swashbot out the window? The piece is made by Brian Chan, who's also made a Robert Downey Jr... sorry, Iron Man, out of paper using origami. You can see his page here.

We hope this whole WALL-E craze is worth it. Although, I have no reason to doubt from a Disney/Pixar movie. Speaking of which, I think Brian Chan should get to work on making an origami Buzz Lightyear.