3 sept. 2008

TiVo HD XL DVR: 150 hours of HD recording, $599.99, available now

Aw, snap. Not even 24 hours after we learned that a new DirecTV HD TiVo was on the way, in flies word from Denver that a new standalone TiVo is hitting even sooner -- like, today. The TiVo HD XL will become the flagship unit in TiVo's line by offering up 150 hours of high-def recording space, THX certification, a Series3 premium backlit remote and a bundled HDMI cable. As with the TiVo HD, this one boasts dual tuners for recording two HD programs simultaneously and a pretty similar design, but unlike the TiVo HD, this one will set you back a full $599.99. Those unaffected by the price tag can order one today from TiVo's website, and we're told to expect the box at various other retailers "as early as next week."