4 sept. 2008

What are Vectors Graphics?

In physics, Vectors are defined as a concept, characterized by a magnitude (or quantity) and a direction. In simple terms, an arrow, with a starting point and a finishing point (A->B)

But for design and media geeks, a vector is the name given to Object-Oriented Graphics. OOGs use points, lines, curves, and shapes, all made by computer calculations that represent images. OOGs are the opposite of raster graphics, which are made by groups of pixels.

The use of vectors, being equations, makes it easy for them to be easily modified. Since the image is not composed by even smaller images, one can twist it, color it, stretch it, change it's shape. Basically, what someone does with standard drawing software, is change variables, like length, direction, width and color. Thus, the traditional concept of what a vector is, is still applied to OOGs.