15 jul. 2009

Twitter The Zeitgeist application

Zeitgeist is the german word for the "spirit of the time"

Twitter reflects the brilliant caos of thoughts, links and micro musings of millions of people, and because of this, the world is obsessed with this microblogging tool.

With Twitter, users update their web audience with frequent messages of 140 characters or less. These millions of Twitts represent a world barometer of trends thoughts, anxieties, popularity and knowledge of all the people involved.

The above graphic from Applicant.com show us some of the most interesting functions you can pull and push with Twitter

Customer Service
Business Management

Twitter is in the frontline of the battle for the interactive world because it appeals both parties the Twitterers and the Twitter Followers

For Celebrities, Sport Stars and common normal people, Twitter lets us speak on our own terms.

>>St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson, one of football's prolific tweeters.
says "It's going to be useful during the season, because after a game, I'll be able to say my piece instead of just allowing different media outlets to portray me how they want to portray me," >>

>>Talk to any athlete or coach about the benefits of Twitter, and they'll put message control at the top of the list. "In this world we live in now, everybody becomes media," said Shaquille O'Neal, whose enormous following of more than 1.6 million has fueled Twitter fever in sports.

>>Psychologists note that sports permit people to "bask in reflected glory." In other words, I associate with a winner, so I'm a winner. Twitter tightens this bond, even if it's imagined. "It's not really personal, but it feels kind of personal," said Indiana psychology professor Edward Hirt, who has studied fan behavior.>>

Time Magazine just put it on their cover page and has published in depth articles like:

Teens Don't Twitter (And Other Faux Lessons)

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business

Top 10 Celebrity Twitter Feeds

The Sport World From Shaq to Serena Williams to Stewart Cink, athletes are atwitter about Twitter

Twitter is a very friendly community, a social tool of communication and interaction, and a great way to stay in touch.

So even if at first you dont know how Twitter works, give it a try you may like it ¡¡¡ But be warned it’s addictive. So learn how to use it with a console or dashboard web app like Hootsuit or say goodbye to your productivity ! ¡¡

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