12 oct. 2006

HMD Head Mount Display The future for personal Video

The new personal video display technnologies are made for high growth digital consumer electronics. An Israeli Firm Mirage Innovations is at the forefront of this new technology
Mirage says its NanoPrism technology will alter the price/performance of personal displays while solving the problems plaguing traditional personal displays, which include unacceptably large weight and form factor.

The company's technology is based on the principle of transforming a thin transparent plate into a complete wearable personal display system. The diffractive planar optics is combined with a microdisplay source, such as micro LCD, LCOS or OLED, to provide the users with a color video image equivalent to a 40-in. screen viewed from a distance of 7 feet.

Picture of video glasses Credit: Mirage Innovations Ltd.

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