12 oct. 2006

The largest live interactive global media event in history for the Yahoo! brand.

Yahoo has created the Yahoo Time Capsule, the “first-ever electronic anthropology project” to document human life in 2006.

Yahoo, on Tuesday 10 began collecting text, images, audio, video and photo submissions from interested parties to be included with a message that will be digitized and beamed into space as part of the company’s “Time Capsule” effort to communicate with alien life,

The submissions are supposed to provide an accurate portrayal of human life, and they are to be beamed into the heavens on Oct. 25 via laser after being digitized, according to Reuters.

The Mexican Pyramid of the Sun at the Teotihuacan archaeological site outside Mexico City will serve as a “launch pad” for the digital information capsule

In addition to the data being shot into space, some chosen submissions will be projected onto the side of the 216-foot-tall pyramid for spectators and other Web surfers to view via a real-time, global Web broadcast,

You can learn more at Yahoo Time Capsule site, including how to submit your items in digital format by clicking on the “contribute” link at the top right.

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